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    Is Nepal a Safe place to travel?

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    Those days are gone when people used to spend their holidays quietly and peacefully at home. Traveling has become a trend in the present days and it does not distinguish between gender, age and other factors. This trend has become so viral that it is seen that everywhere, people plan to travel to different destinations even if for a short duration.

    Now before choosing a destination to travel, it is very much essential to get some basic ideas of the place, the culture and how safe the place is.

    In this blog, I will help you gather this information all at one place including the most important factor…  “How safe is Nepal for travelers?  and Is Nepal safe for Female Travelers?”

    Nepal has been an attraction point for tourists for quite a time now. Every year, tourists from across the globe visit this beautiful place and enjoy to their fullest.Learn why should you plan your holidays to Nepal.

    Having all kinds of things to offer to all stages of people, Nepal has a complete all round destination and is very popular among people.

    Given the fact that Nepal is the Kingdom of High Mountains and snow, it becomes tough and challenging for travelers especially during the rainy season when the ice is wet and slippery. However, it is the challenges and adventures that make a holiday if not perfect, but complete.

    Even though Nepal can become challenging at times, there are various tour and guide agencies/companies that are there just to make those challenges smooth while the tourists still enjoy experiencing those challenges. It is their mission to ensure the safety of the tourists whether the tourists have a great time trekking the high mountains and enjoying the scenic beauty of the Himalayas, or touring the cities.

    Apart from these companies who help tourists with experienced guides, the local people of Nepal are also very helpful and jovial. They never hesitate to offer their helping hand to a tourist in need of help.

    So Yes Considering the fact that Nepal has so many companies with experienced guides and the helpful and friendly local residents, and other facilities which I will discuss later; Nepal is definitely a safe place to travel.

    Is Nepal safe place to Travel Alone?

    Is Nepal safe place to Travel Alone

    Solo travelling can be fun as you would be the sole decision maker of your travel routine and wouldn’t have to rely or adjust with anyone. All you have to do is plan carefully taking your wallet into account and enjoy. But as I said earlier, it’s important to know about your destination especially if you are travelling solo.

    One of the most commonly asked questions about Nepal is about safety. People often wonder is Nepal a safe place for solo travelers and Female travelers.

    Well Yes. Nepal is surely a safe place for Solo travelers. Nepalese still believe in religious dogma. The reason is Nepal is culturally and religiously rich which binds Nepalese to their respective dogma. That’s why they treat foreigners or guests as agents of god. If they find any male/female aliens they start neighboring or respecting them saying like Dai, Bhai, Kaka, Kaki, Didi, Bahini which means Brother, Uncle, Aunty, Sister respectively. Their kindness is one of the factor behind harmony among people and peace across country.

    Similarly, their kindness is beyond your expectation. If you are caught in some problem during your trek and tour and ask help with local people they don’t mind helping you. They will feel themselves proud to help you. They here represents majority of people but be aware their might be people with bad intentions too. Though this bad people are few in numbers.

    Moreover, in remote areas of  Nepal when  local people find foreigners or travelers they cheers them ans show respect and love towards them. That’s why travelling Nepal is  a great honor and moment. You will obviously find yourself changed after your trip to Nepal.

    Due to this reason, I will call Nepal as one of the safest place to travel in world.

    However, there are certain factors which need to be kept in mind which will make this beautiful place even safer for you.

    Travel Insurance:

    It is always advisable to have travel insurance handy just in case of any kind of mishap like losing your wallet or seeking medical care. All hospitals in Nepal have tie ups with the major insurance companies and having a travel insurance will really come handy at situations like this.

    Trekking Insurance:

    If you are an adventure lover, you will definitely go for trekking even if you are solo. It is best if you have this insurance considering the fact that you are trekking in the snowy areas of the Himalayas. You might come across a land slide or even an avalanche and  get injured yourself. Altitude sickness might  cause  you to break your trek or even need emergency rescue by helicopter . In these cases trekking insurance comes to alive.

    Considering the above mentioned factors and facilities available, I can say that Nepal is definitely one of the safe places and is safe to travel alone.

     Is Nepal safe for Female Travelers?

    Holidays to Nepal from UK

    Recently, Females have also started to change the trend of travelling. Be it with Family, Friends, Colleagues or even solo. Females have proved that they are not going to be lagging behind. Starting from romantic places to super exotic places, even ending high adventure areas, female travelers are seen to be rocking every kind of destinations.

    However, in certain cases, it is seen that females, often tend to hesitate or are afraid of travelling alone to unknown areas. The reason can be multiple factors including their own personal safety.

    Now comes the question, Is Nepal safe for Female Travelers? This is also one if the frequently asked questions and is a hot topic of discussion not just by the female travelers but also by their families before a female sets out for Nepal alone.

    Well this is of course a legit and must topic of discussion. Thus, I thought of writing about it, so that female travelers would be free and relieved, if female travelers are hesitating to visit Nepal or have plans of visiting Nepal in near future.

    To begin with no country is free from crimes and scams. There are thugs and scammers everywhere. The crime rate in Nepal is negligible. The Only streams of crime found now in Nepal are pick pockets and scammers. So, as long as you are careful with your wallets or bags in crowded areas and do not trust stranger completely, you should be just fine.

    Apart from the crime factor, there are several other factors female travelers need to consider to remain safe and enjoy their holiday to the fullest in Nepal. Once these factors have been taken care of, Nepal is definitely a very safe place even for  female travelers to travel alone.

    Safety Precautions for Female Travelers

    Holidays to Nepal from Dubai

    The first aspect which strikes the mind of a Female traveler when she thinks of traveling is “SAFETY”. It is not necessary that in order to stay safe in a foreign place, you have to speak their local language. But it is absolutely necessary that the answers related to the safety of the place and the travelers own safety must be found first before setting out on the journey.

    Here is a list of 14 Must Follow Safety Tips applicable for every tourist but especially applicable for FEMALE TRAVELERS when they set out on a journey to NEPAL.

    Safety Travel tips in Nepal for Women :-

    Female Travelers in Nepal

    1.Research your Destination:

    It is important that the Female travelers should get to know Nepal.Know things like, culture of Nepal and other relevant factors such as famous tourist places, crime rates etc through Google. This will give you a general idea about Nepal and will also be helpful in a lot of ways.

    2.Crime awareness :

    Crime awareness of a place has to be kept on high priority particularly if you are travelling solo and going to spend a considerable amount of days in that place.

    Speaking of Nepal, although Nepal is a country inhabited with very cordial and humble people, still there are instances of crimes reported by other bloggers who traveled Nepal. But they have also mentioned that not all the local residents of Nepal are criminals and that they were very pleased by the overall warm hospitality of the Nepalese.

    Let me pen down a few crime instances that have been reported in Nepal:

    Sexual harassment: Although a few Female travelers have reported that they have faced sexual harassment in Nepal before, this issue has been reduced to a significant rate these days. Now, this particular crime has been subdued but still Female travelers need to stay alert at all times and avoid moving around alone especially during night.

    Pick pocketing and thefts: Theft and picketing are common crimes found in the crowded places throughout the globe and are subject to those people who give opportunities to these antisocial. All you need to do is carry only the important things needed with you. Keep all valuables to yourself and avoid letting others know what you carry. Keep your cash at a safe place, and above all STAY ALERT.

    Scammers: Scammers are also a common species of criminals who are found everywhere. To prevent becoming a target of scammers, you need to be alert at all times and avoid letting others know about the valuables and cash that you are carrying.

    3.Trust your Gut:

    It is very important to trust yourself in each and every phase of your life. As this is what gives you the courage and the will to go for the very thing that you might think as “IMPOSSIBLE” and help you to achieve. What you might think if as scary can turn out to be the most adventurous event of your life.

    Travelling alone and seeking adventure in Nepal is as such. It might seem scary but believe in yourself and go for it. You might come back with amazing and unforgettable memories that you will cherish forever.

    So never doubt yourself and always trust your GUT and INSTINCTS.

    4.Purchase Travel Insurance:

    It is always advisable to have travel insurance handy just in case of any kind of mishap like losing your wallet or seeking medical care. So, before going for next vacation but it is advised to buy travel insurance.

    5.Purchase Trekking Insurance:

    If you are an adventure lover, you will definitely go for trekking even if you are solo.It is best if you have this insurance considering the fact that you are trekking in the snowy areas of the Himalayas. You might come across a land slide or even an avalanche. Be aware of mountain Altitude sickness and your trekking insurance policy.

    6.Be alert all times:

    It is always essential for people especially Females to be alert at all times. And while travelling, you need to be even more alert and analyze your surroundings in order to stay safe from any kinds of danger. Also be aware while talking to  local people. Try to understand their motives,if conversation gets personal then you need to break conversation and walk out.

    7.Keep in Touch:

    It might not be an easy task for solo travelers to stay connected with their family and friends while on the go. Still it is a good practice to stay connected either through calls or through posts on social media sites.

    This will keep a track of your trails and your loved ones will be informed of your where about all the time saving them the worries.

    8.Carry a first-aid kit:

    Normally, trekking in Nepal with experienced guides can be smooth and without any injuries. Still,  carry a first-aid kit with you if you are trekking just in case. But trekking agencies will also send first aid kits with their staffs. To keep confidence with what you have and which medications you are familiar with, you can carry first aid kits.

    9.Solo Travelling to Group:

    Their might be cases when females love to travel alone.If you want to travel alone that is fine but do research about Travel agencies. But  you can also ask company to be included in group,which means joining fixed departure group. The benefit of joining group is not only about safety but lowering trip cost too.

    Don’t worry, if you cannot find or join group before hand of trip.You can find foreign friend even from same country on the travel trail. Most of the time it is likely to meet other travelers while travelling. So, don’t be shy when it comes to making friend.

    10.Avoid flaunting your cash:

    Your cash will be the main reason for thugs and scammers to get attracted towards you. So try to avoid flaunting your cash at all times and do not at any circumstance allow others to know how much cash you are carrying. This will keep you from getting into trouble in Nepal.

    11.Dress like a local:

    Nepal is a place that still clings to its traditions and ancient culture and the people here are conservative. Dressing like a local would be the best option here if you have an inclination to try out different traditions of different places. Otherwise, wearing clothing which covers your body and does not flaunt, is the best option to dress in Nepal.

    Summarizing this point, any kind of short dress has to be avoided as women. Who dress in shorts or wear bold and flaunting dress might be mocked and even be looked with sensual feeling. Thus, might literally be subject of sexual harassment.

    12.Night Life in Nepal:

    Night life in Nepal can be exciting but it is advisable for solo travelers to be in a group to explore the night excitement in Nepal. It is not  strict for Female solo travelers to enter bars and pubs alone during the night time. However, you can always find cafes and restaurants with live music and can visit there alone.

    13.Drink Responsibly:

    Drinking has become a common festive activity now and especially at cold places like Nepal.  However, one must be very careful while drinking and try not to over drink and lose control. Because drinking slows down your sensing abilities and you become prone to thieves and scammers. Loosing control yourself might cause trouble to you.

    14.Carry Emergency Numbers:

    It is always advisable to carry all the emergency numbers of Nepal. Keep phone numbers of  local police, your embassy, travel agency and your insurance provider, both travel and trekking. So that they can be contacted on the event of any kind of mishap.

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    Nepal has always been an amazing host to its tourists since decades without discriminating their origin, age or gender. Every tourist is treated cordially by Nepal and its people. Tourists from different places of the globe have been mesmerized and enchanted by the amazing views of Nepal. Furthermore, they have got back to their countries with many unforgettable memories.

    There are many travel and guide agencies available in Nepal who help the tourists in their adventurers. With the help of  guides and agencies one can make his/her holidays worthwhile.

    Although, as I have said earlier that no place is perfect; we have to be equally careful during our visit and follow the basic rules of travelling. Doing this will keep you alert at all times in Nepal. And you will then realize that Nepal is definitely a safe place to travel even for Solo Female Travelers.

    If you have any suggestion on this  blog article,you can always contact us. Also, feel free to post comments.

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