Travelers or visitors need to know about the seasons of particular country where they are planning their vacation trips. Similarly, if people are preparing their next trip to Nepal, they need to know about the Best Time to visit Nepal so that they can prepare well according to the season.

Seasons in Nepal:
Nepal has basically four major climatic seasons: Autumn, Spring, Winter and Summer or Rainy.

Thus, Autumn falls between Sept-Nov, Spring March-May, Winter Dec- Feb and Summer June-Aug.

Autumn ( Sep-Nov):
Autumn in Nepal is the most pleasant season. It is considered to be the best time of the year to make any kind of trip in Nepal. The autumn has mild and perfect temperature. The atmosphere is magnificent. The sky is so clear and mountain views are breathtaking. There is no rain in Autumn.

Even the mountain roads are okay and the remote and restricted trekking also can be done. Autumn is the finest trekking seasons in Nepal. In Autumn, the entire country goes in festive mood. Two major festivals of Nepal: Dashain and Tihar fall in Autumn. Trekkers also can observe festivities during Autumn. Thus, try your best to make your Holidays to Nepal in Autumn.

Spring ( Mar-May):
It is universally accepted idea that spring is loved by everyone. Spring is considered to be the queen among the seasons. Same thing happens in Nepal during Spring. The new migratory birds begin to appear in the nature. Similarly, new blossoms begin to appear in the trees. The entire environment is so pleasant with lush greenery and melody of chirping birds. The sky looks so deep and the rhythmic creeks please our heart and the mind.

Spring is considered to be the second most popular season for trekking in Nepal. The most significant splendor of Spring is flowering rhododendron covering the entire trekking trails and hills. The combination of flowering rhododendron and the snow-fed mountain panorama will be astounding to experience while making a trip in Nepal in Spring.

In spring, Nepal and its mountain region, sometimes, receives rainfall but not massive. Relatively, the temperature is hotter but not too hot during Spring in Nepal. So, it is suggested to the travelers who are planning to visit Nepal, first go with Autumn, if not possible go with Spring to make your Holidays to Nepal memorable.

Summer ( June-Aug):
Summer in Nepal is hot. The Terai belt of Nepal is hotter that Mountain region. Nepal receives heavy rainfall during summer and so this may obstructs trip. People seldom choose to travel in Nepal in Summer. The landslides, flood and massive rainfall block the rural roadways so that people feel complicated to travel from one to other place.

However, the rivers of Nepal swell during summer due to heavy rainfall. The adventure lovers find the swelling rivers best for experiencing the thrills of river rafting. Otherwise, summer is not considered to be good season to travel in Nepal.

Winter (Dec-Feb):
In Winter, Nepal’s mountain receives heavy snowfall. Winter is freezing cold in the mountain. The trekking trails are covered with snow in the mid of the winter in Nepal. If we are preparing to travel in Nepal, we need to make a good preparation to resist weather extremes.

The temperature in the mountain region gets below -5. Sometimes, we have to give up our trekking due to cold and snowfall. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t do any kind of trekking or tour in Nepal during Winter. Still, we can do some shorter trekking and city tour during winter in Nepal. But, for those who love snow, winter will be the best time to make trekking in Nepal.

When is the best time to visit Nepal?
The perfect time which we recommend to visit Nepal is from October to December. During this time, you get the crystal clear  Nepalese sky due to dry air all around. And it is highly responsible for making your mountain views breathtaking as well as spectacular . Also, you’ll be having a perfect weather conditions(neither very freezing nor very sunny) during this season.


In conclusion, Autumn and Spring are regarded as the best trekking seasons in Nepal. Plan your Holidays to Nepal in these seasons for better experience. Also, you may read: 12 questions to ask before Nepal Trekking.