With the aim of providing  better travel services in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan, Eco Holidays Nepal started it’s work following rules and regulations of Nepal government. In accordance with government rules, we are also commited to Eco friendly tours for which we are appreciated by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

Though government of Nepal doesnot have any data protection rules and regulations, we are always aware of GDPR(General Data Drotection Regulations). With more than 25 countries tied to GDPR and our customers from these nations too, we  are  always aware of proecting data of natural persons belonging to these countires.

So, for the people following GDPR,we must make clear what we do with the data that we receive. The data we receive are during your trip inquiries, newsletter and trip booking.

Data Collection:

Personal data collected like Emails, Phone number, Age, Country of residence, Passport photocopy and number. Some other data are  collected(regarding food preferences of travelers) and they are self provided(we donot require).


The collected data are necessary for trip inquires and booking the trip for TIMS(Trekkers information management system). We only use data for preparation of necessary travel documents. And these data are not further processed for any business means and neither transfered to another country. We donot use any tracking  services like using cookies.

But the data we receive are not deleted for 1 years. Since, in some cases we need to return travel amount based on terms and conditions. And on this condition we also require Bank account number (IBAN) and some information. We use this data only for returning the amount and are not further processed and stored.

Our newsletter services only require email address to signup and the collected emails will receive the new news publishes on our site. Those we donot want to recieve news can easily unsuscribe. And processing of these things are automatically done.

Deletion, restriction, transfer, transport of data are done within one week upon the request made by actual person. For this we ask additional information to identify the real person. You can use contact us form for these activities.

Processor and controller:

We are the sole company which does processing activities mentioed above. Your data are not provided to other processer and controller for any means.

So, Eco Holidays Nepal is fully commited to protecting personal data. The data we received during inquiries and booking of our trip packages are not processed further for any business purposes. We are aware of protection of personal data and following the GDPR.

If further information is required about your data, then use contact us and we will reply within one week upon receivng your request.