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    Shivapuri Day Hiking

    Shivapuri Day Hiking

    • Destination
    • Durations
      1 days
    • Max. People
    • Areas of Walk
      Beyond Kathmandu Valley Rim on Northern hills.
    • People and Culture
      High Hill is populated by Newar and Tamang people that surround Kathmandu valley . In the city, you will find mixed religion and culture people like Brahmin, Cheetri, Magar and more.
    • Mode of transport
      Short drives both ways.
    • Duration of Hike
      From 3 hrs to 4 hrs.

    Shivapuri Day Hiking 1 days

    Shivapuri is the second-highest station in Kathmandu after Fulchowki. Day hiking at Shivapuri is very common among hikers in Nepal. The journey starts from Buddhanilkantha. There are several routes that you can take during your hike. Not only is Shivapuri one of the best hiking spots in Nepal, but it is also the source of water and a home for flora and fauna in the Kathmandu valley. And there aren’t many places that have these qualities as the Shivapuri National Park.

    Similarly, you can easily see the Langtang Himalayan range from here. Ganesh Himal, Langtang-Lirung, and Dorji Lhakpa are other mountains that you can clearly see during your day hike in Shivapuri. Though anyone who is not used to hiking can complete their hike here, it is not the easiest hiking trail you will come through.

    The day hike at Shivapuri starts at Muhanpani. You can also visit Nagi Gompa on your way through the hike. Many monks do their readings in this monastery. Close to the Shivapuri peak, there is a place known as Baghdwar. This is the source of water for the Bagmati river, which also flows through the holy pilgrimage Pashupatinath temple. Make sure to read till the end of this article to know all you need to know about Shivapuri day hiking!

    Things to remember during Shivapuri Day Hiking

    Things to remember during Shivapuri Day Hiking

    Shivapuri National Park is a very common hiking destination for not just adults but also children. However, it is always important that you keep yourself carefully balanced during your trek. The peak of Shivapuri is somewhat risky for children, so it is always wise to keep the hike limited to the lower parts of the national park to avoid any dangers.

    Further, Shivapuri is also one of the most preferable and convenient hiking destinations for anyone in Kathmandu Valley. The day hike usually ranges from 5 to 6 hours depending on how skilled of a hiker you are. However, it is preferable for just anyone to go slow and steady as the trails are not as long and difficult, and the hike can be completed in a span of the given hours without much difficulty.

    There are no shops inside the national park. Hence, you should carry along your own food and water during the hike. Since there is a good amount of moisture due to the trees and altitude of the national park, you never know when it is going to rain. So, take along an umbrella or a raincoat just to stay on the safer side. You cannot go to the national park after a certain hour because the entry closes at around 11 a.m. or 12 a.m. while the national park closes by 5 p.m. Entering the national park at 7 a.m. is perfect. Fridays and Saturdays are very often crowded. You are likely to come across monkeys and other birds during your hike.

    Best time to go on Shivapuri Day Hiking

    Best time to go on Shivapuri Day Hiking

    The best time to go on Shivapuri day hiking is during the spring and autumn seasons. Summers for hiking are not quite the best, as hikers tend to feel uneasy and hot during this season. Moreover, since hiking requires lots of walking, it is almost impossible to climb the peak without complications, especially if you are a beginner. Likewise, winter is not as favorable either. The Shivapuri peak is likely to get chilly, and sometimes, the conditions of the area just might get to extremes.

    On the other hand, Shivapuri day hiking during spring and autumn is perfect. There is no excessive rainfall during this season. You get to experience the beautiful scenario while also dedicating yourself to immersing in the natural beauty along the trail. It is neither too hot nor too cold during either of the seasons.

    Shivapuri Day Hiking Cost

    Shivapuri- Baghdwar hiking

    If you are in need of a guide during your hike, you will find guides who are fluent in English in the national park itself. For non-Nepalese visitors, the cost of the permit inside the national park is Rs.1000 per head. You will have to pay for a personal vehicle and transportation that is going to pick up and drop you from and to the national park.

    Similarly, given that you are going with the help of your traveling agency, the agency will not bear the costs of permits, food, water, bar bills, other such personal expenses, travel insurance, donations, tips for the crew, etc.

    Popular Shivapuri Hiking Routes

    Popular Shivapuri Hiking Routes

    The most popular hiking routes in Shivapuri are:

    Budhanilkantha – Check Post – Nagi Monastry – Shivapuri.

    This is possibly the most convenient route that lots of hikers take. You can visit the Nagi monastery from this route. The stairs are present, but taking stairs from this route is not as difficult as those from other routes.

    Budhanilkantha – Check Post – Shivapuri

    Though this route is a tad bit more difficult than the one above, you will save a whole hour when you go through this route. The trails are quite demanding, though.

    Budhanilkantha – Danda Gaun – Bhanjyang

    Hiking from this route will not take you to the peak. The trails from this route are longer than that of the ones we have mentioned above. The route was initially a highway. You will go through peaceful Danda gau and finally reach Bhanjyang from this route.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    SHivapuri day hiking

    How long does it take to hike Shivapuri?

    It takes around 6-7 hours to hike Shivapuri.

    How much does it cost to hike Shivapuri?

    Permit to Shivapuri is around NRS.1000 for a Non-Nepali.

    Where is the starting point of the hike to Shivapuri?

    The starting point of the hike to Shivapuri is Budhanilkantha.

    What is Shivapuri famous for?

    Shivapuri is a famous hiking spot with rich water resources and flora and fauna.

    What are the rules for Shivapuri National Park?

    Shivapuri National Park prohibits the use of harmful chemicals, arms and ammunition, sharp weapons, poison, explosives, arrows, wildlife parts, highly inflammable materials, plants, fruits, high-voltage batteries, and pet animals.

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      Shivapuri Day Hiking Itinerary

      The drive through the national park might take 45 minutes in total. Likewise, the hiking duration is 8 hours maximum and a minimum of 5 hours. You will be driving to the national park from your hotel, and the time span, if your hotel is inside Kathmandu, is likely to take no less than an hour or two. Your transportation, if private, will stop at Muhan Pokhari. You will take a permit from here and start your day hike. The trek to Nagi Gompa starts when you start taking the stairs up the top. From here, the entire hike will take around 4 hours until you reach the top. You can get the perfect view of the Himalayas from the top.


    Cost Details

    What's Included in Shivapuri Day Hiking

    • Both way private vehicle (Hiking starting point and ending point)
    • A professional National park guide with salary and his expenses.
    • Pack lunch

    What's Excluded in Shivapuri Day Hiking

    • Your personal expenses.
    • Entry fee in Shivapuri Park.
    • Tips for guide and driver.
    • All kind of drinks.

    Departure Dates & Price

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