Eco Holidays Nepal is one of the leading and professional trekking, tour and adventure operator in Nepal. Of course as a trekking and adventure operator, it offers various exciting and adventurous activities for celebrating holidays ensuring safety and luxury. We also maintain a complete balance in ecology while operating any kind of trip.

Offering various services as a responsible trekking and adventure company, we also have stretched our service to providing trekking guide and porter on hire. We consider it is one of the responsibilities of a reliable trekking operator.

In fact, we do not only organize your holiday activities but also provide only trekking guide and porter. Trekkers, sometimes, think that only hiring guide and porter can customize the cost of a trip and we are ready to do it. We are happy to provide the things you want. Customer satisfaction is our priority and  we try to keep our promise,

We employ all local trekking guide and porter who impart best quality service and information about local culture and flora and fauna. These guide and porter we provide to our clients are legally attained their license from government of Nepal. They are authorized to lead and take care of the any foreign and native nationals.

Our trekking guide and porters are professional, well experienced, and literate in particular language basically in English and hospitality. They follow their ethics and they are are serious about responsible tourism. Most of company guides and porters are well insured medically and against accidents while on trekking.

Hiring a grade professional trekking guide costs USD 40 and B grade costs USD 30. Similarly, highly professional porter costs USD 30 and second grade porter costs USD 20. The cost you pay for the trekking guide and porter include their food and accommodation. One porter can carry maximum 20 kg of luggage. And one guide can lead maximum 12 people. So, if you require trekking guide and porter for your Nepal trekking in any region, we are ready to work our according your interest and budget.