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    9 Days Nepal Luxury Tour

    Nepal Luxury Tour

    • Destination
    • Durations
      9 days
    • Max. People
    • Trip Mode
      In Luxury Hotels-Mountain Resort and deluxe Jungle lodge.
    • Areas of Tour
      Around Kathmandu with scenic Pokhara and Chitwan National Park.
    • Mode of transport
      Scenic flights and drives.
    • Beyond Kathmandu
      05 Nights and 06 Days with flight-drives and walks.


    • Comfortable travel experience in domestic flights and private vehicles ride with a professional driver
    • All round trip by professional English-speaking tour guide
    • The exhilarating experience of early morning mountain flight and marveling at the stunning Himalayas
    • City tour of Kathmandu and Pokhara
    • Exploring the local culture, lifestyle, art, architecture, and traditions and sampling the traditional local cuisines
    • Visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu
    • Fantastic mountain and sunrise view from Sarangkot and Nagarkot
    • Experiencing the bustling life of the capital city and visiting historical temples and vantage points across the lively countryside
    • Full-day jungle safari tour in the Chitwan National Park
    • Cultural experiences in different places during the journey
    • Staying in luxurious hotels, resorts, and lodges with modern amenities, high-end services, and hospitality throughout the tour
    • Welcome and farewell dinner with culture show

    Nepal Luxury Tour 9 days

    Nepal luxury tour

    Nepal Luxury Tour is an excellent way of exploring ancient cultural and religious sites, outstanding natural scenery, and amazing wildlife in a very short period of time while enjoying top-tier service tailored to meet your every need and desire. This luxurious trip includes stays in Star Hotels with grand accommodations and exquisite culinary offerings.

    Nepal is popular for its mind-blowing mountain scenery, rich culture, deep-rooted spirituality, and old-age temples and architecture. It is a well-known destination for mountaineering, and no journey is complete without a gaze at the world’s highest, Mount Everest (8,848 meters), either by trekking or a mountain flight. Moreover, Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, has numerous religious and cultural heritage. The valley has seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, with most ancient temples and palaces displaying extraordinary and intricate craftsmanship. Additionally, the lowland forest of Chitwan is home to rare one-horned rhinos and the elusive Bengal tiger. Spotting these endangered wild creatures on an adventurous elephant ride or comfortable jeep is a lifetime experience.

    Nepal Luxury Tour offers travelers an opportunity to explore different incredible destinations in this country with high-end services like first-class accommodations, dining at high-end eateries, and traveling in lavish transportation modes. Nepal Luxury Tours are suitable and enriching experiences for all categories of people seeking adventure and fun, including families with kids and elderly people, friend groups, and people who are constrained by time and fitness yet yearning to explore the wonders of Nepal. The tailored itinerary ensures every person to experience the highlights of the country to the fullest.

    • Day01

      Arrival at the Kathmandu Airport Through Several International Airlines and Transfer to the Hotel

      Kathmandu Elevation: 1,400 meters/4,594 feet

      Once you arrive at the Tribhuwan International Airport by taking an international flight, you can see our airport representative member at the airport terminal, greeting and welcoming you. Our private vehicle will be on standby at your service to transfer you comfortably to the hotel.

      Upon reaching the hotel, our staff will help you with the check-in procedures. After that, you can rest and relax in your lovely hotel room. In the afternoon at our office, your tour guide will brief you about the upcoming journey, the ‘Nepal Luxury Tour.’ He will feed you with itinerary details and information such as food, accommodation, views, encounters, do’s, don't, etc., of the onward journey. This is to ensure that you are well-prepared and informed about the adventure ahead.

      In the evening, join our welcome dinner party and enjoy the warm reception and delicious local cuisine. You can also introduce and socialize with fellow travelers and set a tone for the remarkable forthcoming journey.

    • Day02

      Sightseeing Tour In Kathmandu

      Our Nepal Luxury Tour begins with an enriching and informative excursion to the important cultural and architectural heritages of Kathmandu. Today, we will visit the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the Kathmandu Valley, including Durbar Squares, Swayambhunath, Bouddhanath, and Pashupatinath.

      After enjoying the hearty breakfast at the hotel, our luxurious tour begins with a short and scenic city drive to the historical Durbar Squares (Royal Palaces). We start by visiting Kathmandu Durbar Square, which is also known as the Hanumandhoka Durbar Square. Located in the heart of Kathmandu city, this ancient square is encircled by exquisite architecture, palaces, statues, and courtyards that date back to the Malla and Shah dynasties. This hub for festivals, cultural events, and religious ceremonies used to be the royal residence until the 19th century.

      The Hanumandhoka Palace is adorned with several temples like Tajelu, Jagannath, Aakash Bhairab, and Kumari Temple/Ghar (residence of the living goddess, Kumari). Near Kumari Temple lies one of the oldest structures in the city, Kastha Mandap. Kastha Mandap is a wooden temple believed to be made up of woods of a single tree, which gave Kathmandu its name. This temple was by King Laxmi Narsingh Malla in 1596 A.D. After exploring the wonderful architecture with intricate decorations of Kathmandu Durbar Square, we will continue our excursion to Swyambhunath stupa (monkey temple).

      The Swayambhunath Stupa is one of the oldest and most sacred Buddhist Chaityas, standing atop a hill with a commanding view of the Kathmandu Valley from above. The glorious stupa, with a white dome and golden spire, is decorated with colorful fluttering prayer flags and the eye painting of the Lord Gautam Buddha. The significant height of Swyambhunath rewards you with stunning views of the city and the faraway Himalayas as far as your eye can see.

      Next, we will enjoy a mouthwatering lunch at one of the lavish Boudhha restaurants and drive towards the holiest Hindu temple, Pashupatinath. This ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is said to be the oldest, dating back to the 5th century. The temple is located at the Bagmati Riverbed, where the cremation/funeral rituals are held. The temple has pagoda-style architecture with two golden roofs and four silver doors. After catching a glimpse into Hindu spirituality and religious practices at the Pashupatinath Temple, we will head towards the Bouddhanath stupa.

      Bouddhanath, in eastern Kathmandu, is one of the biggest and most significant ancient Buddhist stupas. The massive white dome of Bouddhanath is adorned with vibrant prayer flags and all-seeing eyes of Buddha. It is topped by a spire and pinnacle, which is also known as Harmika. Take time to explore the Tibetan Buddhist culture and their unique arts and exquisite handicrafts. Afterward, we will visit Patan Durbar Square, the last site of this day’s excursion.

      Patan Durbar Square is an ancient palace in Lalitpur city, packed with medieval temples, courtyards, palaces, and statues. It boasts rich and exquisite Newari architecture with intricately carved wooden windows and entrances.

      After exploring the ancient Patan Palace, we conclude this day of journey and return you back to your hotel.

    • Day03

      Early Morning Mountain Flight, Afternoon Tour of Bhaktapur, and Driving to Nagarkot

      Nagarkot Elevation: 2,175 meters/7,136 feet

      We will start this day of the journey with a breathtaking aerial experience of beholding the gratifying bird’s eye views of the majestic snow-covered mountains. We will board a domestic flight from Tribhuvan International Airport early in the morning as the weather is normally clear during this time. Approximately an hour of scenic mountain flight rewards you with unparalleled panoramic views of iconic mountains such as Langtang Lirung, Ganesh, Jugal, Gaurisankher, Chamlang, Shisha Pangma, Lhotse, Makalu, Cho Oyu, Everest (the world’s highest mountain), and other numerous Himalayas.

      Once we land after an exhilarating mountain flight, we will have lunch and prepare to set out for a drive to the cultural city of Bhaktapur. In Bhaktapur, we will tour the Bhaktapur Durbar Square area. This ancient cultural heritage manifests the graceful medieval Newari architecture dating back to the Malla Dynasty. Nyatapola Temple (a five-storeyed pagoda temple), 55 Windows Palace (Pachpanna Jhyale Durbar), Bhairav Nath Temple, Vatsala Temple, Golden Gate, etc., are some major attractions of the Bhaktapur Durbar Square.

      While touring Bhaktapur city, we will visit the Pottery Square to gain insights into traditional pottery-making techniques that have been passed down through several generations. Next, we will unwind by the picturesque Siddha Pokhari, a rectangular pond encircled by lush greenery and monuments. We will sample the famous JuJu Dhau (King Curd), a traditional yogurt delicacy in Bhaktapur. Additionally, we will taste the popular Newari cuisines like Bara and Yomari. You can leisurely stroll around the narrow alleys of the city, marveling at the symphony of arts, handicrafts, textiles, and more.

      After completing the Bhaktapur excursion, we will drive towards the scenic hilltop of Nagarkot. Nagarkot is a tranquil escape from the bustling city areas to a lovely rural retreat. Nestled at the hillsides of the Valley, it is around 32 kilometers east of Kathmandu. A 1.5-2 hour scenic drive from Kathmandu by following the winding countryside road takes you to Nagarkot, where we reside in a luxurious resort.

    • Day04

      Catch Sunrise View From Nagarkot and Fly to Pokhara

      Pokhara Elevation: 822 meters/2,697 feet

      Flight Duration: 30 minutes

      Today, we will wake up early in the morning in order to catch the striking sunrise view from the Nagarkot hilltop. The magical sight of the first ray of light illuminating the pristine white snow-covered mountains captivates your heart and mind. Moreover, the stunning views of the Kathmandu Valley, surrounding hills, and distant Himalayas from this viewpoint are breathtaking.

      After enjoying a worthwhile moment in Nagarkot, we will descend down the hill, taking in the picturesque scenery along the way. Once we drive back to Kathmandu, we will enjoy a delicious lunch and prepare to head out for the hotspot destination, Pokhara. From the Tribhuwan International Airport, we will take a short flight to this beautiful city. A 25-30 minute scenic aerial adventure will take us to the lake city of Pokhara.

      Upon reaching Pokhara, you can experience the hustle and bustle of its streets and local markets. Take in the vibrant and charming atmosphere of the lovely Pokhara and settle in for the night in the lavish star hotel, enjoying the high-end culinary delights.

    • Day05

      Drive to Sarangkot for Sunrise and Mountain View and Take a Tour of Pokhara

      Sarangkot Elevation: 1,600 meters/5,249 feet

      Today, we will leave the hotel before dawn to drive about 11 kilometers away from Pokhara to Sarangkot. Around 30 minutes of drive from the lakeside area of Pokhara takes us to Sarangkot, a high viewpoint. This is a famous place from where you can witness the stunning sunrise view over the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges of the Himalayas.

      From the vantage point of Sarangkot (Sarangkot View Tower), marvel at the mesmerizing sunrise radiating the snowy Himalayas through its golden-pink hues. Also, take some time, soaking in the glorious sight of captivating Pokhara city, gleaming mountains, and surrounding hills and valleys from Sarangkot before retracing back to the city. In Sarangkot, you will enjoy a hearty breakfast at the outdoor seating of the restaurant, where you can enjoy the food while admiring the scenery.

      After returning to Pokhara, you will enjoy an exciting boat ride on the Phewa Lake, the second largest lake in Nepal. We will also visit the Tal Barahi Temple, situated on a small island at the center of this peaceful lake. Next, we drive to World Peace Pagoda, a Buddhist stupa at the hilltop. After exploring the magnificent views of Pokhara city, hills, valleys, and Himalayas from this stupa, we will tour David Fall (waterfall), Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave, and Bindabasini Temple (dedicated to Bhagwati, a Hindu goddess).

    • Day06

      Drive From Pokhara to Chitwan National Park

      Chitwan Elevation: 100 meters to 815 meters

      Drive Duration: 4-5 hours

      After having breakfast at Pokhara, we will drive towards Chitwan National Park, taking in the picturesque views of the tranquil countryside. On the way, you can enjoy the captivating scenery of beautiful landscapes such as rolling hills, lush green forests, terraced farmlands, and several small settlements of the people. After covering approximately 155 kilometers of distance from Pokhara, you will reach the lowland Terai region with a warmer and tropical climate.

      There are a range of hotels and restaurants in the proximity of the Chitwan National Park area. We will have a lavish retreat at one of the luxurious hotels for the night. These accommodations serve you authentic local dishes, and in the evenings, cultural music and dance performances are held for your entertainment. Before a comfortable sleep, take time to enjoy the serene natural ambiance blending well with the forest environment.

    • Day07

      Full-day Jungle Safari In Chitwan

      Today, we will have a full-day jungle safari in the Chitwan National Park, either on a jeep ride or at the back of an elephant (as per your preference), to spot various wild creatures in this protected area. After having an early morning breakfast in the hotel, we will embark on an exhilarating jungle safari to sightsee diverse fauna like tigers, rhinos, elephants, antelopes, jungle myna, black drongo, etc. Additionally, you can even witness some of the rare wild lives of the region, including the one-horned rhinoceros, royal Bengal tiger, four-horned antelope, pangolin, and golden monitor lizard.

      Next, we will embark on a guided nature walk and bird-watching tour to take in the magnificent natural scenery of the protected region and learn and explore the plethora of birds in the region. Chitwan National Park is a birdwatcher's paradise, with over 500 species of birds. Some of them are Grey-capped pygmy woodpeckers, red-breasted parakeets, lineated barbets, fulvous-breasted woodpeckers, red-vented bulbul, grey-headed fish eagles, Asian openbill, etc. You will be mesmerized by the rich observation of the numerous colorful birds in the region.

      We will also visit the Elephant Breeding Center and observe the baby elephants. Then, we will take a canoe ride on the Rapti River, where you can see crocodiles basking in the sun, fascinating elephant baths, lovely water birds, and several other aquatic beings. We will tour the Chitwan National Park until evening when the sun sets over the grasslands and forests of this sanctuary.

      Afterward, you can visit the nearby villages to interact with the local villagers and learn about their distinctive culture, traditions, and way of life. In the nighttime, we will attend the Tharu folk dance performance and experience their local culture and traditional music.

    • Day08

      Drive From Chitwan to Kathmandu and Transfer to the Hotel.

      Drive Duration: 5-6 hours

      After a wonderful tour of the Chitwan National Park, our Nepal Luxury Tour comes to an end, so today, we will set out for our final drive back to Kathmandu. We will enjoy a delicious breakfast at the hotel in Chitwan and embark on a scenic drive to the valley.

      The distance between Chitwan and Kathmandu is around 150 kilometers. We will drive through the Prithvi Highway, marveling at the mesmerizing countryside scenery along the way. Through the window of a vehicle, you can witness the diverse landscapes changing one after another. As the vehicle winds through the lush forests, terraced farmlands, rolling hillsides, and traditional villages, you can experience the perfect combination of rural charm and awe-inspiring natural scenery. Along the road, you will pass busy towns with a range of eateries, at one of which you can take a soothing break to enjoy local delicacies.

      After a long drive, we will finally return to Kathmandu. One of our members will swiftly transfer you to the hotel, where you can rest and prepare for the next-day flight to your home country. In the evening, you can stroll around the busy streets and markets of Kathmandu city to experience the hustle and bustle of the people. You can visit the narrow alleys with varieties of arts and handicrafts or one of the cultural sites of the city to purchase souvenirs to the home.

      At night, we will hold a farewell dinner party to celebrate a successful journey and bid you goodbye. Enjoy the night with the delicacy of authentic traditional cuisines, cherishing the beautiful time spent during our voyage together.

    • Day09

      International Departure

      Today is your last day in Nepal. As our Nepal Luxury Tour has come to an end, we will manage everything for your comfortable transfer to the airport for your international departure. We will arrange a private transfer to the Tribhuwan International Airport. We will pick you up from your hotel several hours before your flight departure time. This is to provide you with enough time for the airport check-in and security procedures. To avoid any hassles and ensure a seamless departure, we will drop you off at the airport on time. Afterward, have a safe journey to the homeward bound.

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    Cost Details

    What's Included in Nepal Luxury Tour

    • Airport pickup and drop by private vehicle.
    • Three night’s twin sharing 4 to 5 star Hotel in Kathmandu with breakfast.
    • A professional tour guide.
    • All round trip by private vehicle.
    • Flight tickets are include on required sector which is follow by itinerary.
    • One night Resort or 4 star hotel in Nagarkot.
    • Two night 4 to 5 star hotel in Pokhara on BB plan.
    • Two night three days jungle activities with 4 star resort in Full board package.
    • All entrance fee on required.
    • All official documents.
    • Eco Holidays Nepal T-shirt and cap.
    • Well come and Fair well dinner with culture show.

    What's Excluded in Nepal Luxury Tour

    • Meals whilst you are in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Nagarkot (Lunch and dinner).
    • Nepal entry visa fee (you may easily issue the visa on arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport – Kathmandu). $30USD for 15 days Visa.
    • Your Travel and Medical Insurance.
    • International Airfare.
    • Your Personal Expenses.
    • All the alcoholic and nonalcoholic cold and hot drinks on tour (those you choose to purchase along the way and during evenings in the hotels).
    • All desserts sweet things like chocolate, cake, pie, pudding.
    • Extra activities which are not include on package.
    • Extra night Hotel in Kathmandu.

    Departure Dates & Price

    No group joining date available! you can make a request for private date? Enquire Us

    Essential Information

    When is the Best Time to Embark on a Nepal Luxury Tour

    When is the Best Time to Embark on a Nepal Luxury Tour

    The Nepal Luxury Tour is possible and doable throughout the year. Still, for the best experience, you have to seek the best time.

    Monsoon/Summer and Winter

    For easy-going, comfortable travel, the best option is to skip the monsoon season. This is the wet summertime from June to August where the rainfall is heavy and frequent. A thorough observation and exploration of the different tour sites is challenging due to the need to shelter from rain. Slippery paths, poor visibility, and scorching sun can dull the travel experience. The recurrent downpours can even impact your travel itineraries as the possibilities of floods and landslides are common during this period.

    The Nepal Luxury Tour may not be a good experience in winter from December to February due to the atmosphere chill. The weather and temperatures in winter are bitterly cold, requiring you to layer up with heavy clothes. However, if you enjoy the cold climates, winter is still not a bad choice. Chitwan in the lowland Terai region is sweltering during the summer. If you are fond of the hot climate, you can opt to travel in the summer, but if you cannot tolerate the intense heat, you can schedule your trip during the cooler months. So, it also greatly depends on your personal choice and preferences on which time you can enjoy your journey to the fullest.

    Spring and Autumn

    The spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) are popular travel seasons. They offer stable weather conditions and moderate temperatures for enriching outdoor activities. The climate is often dry, with less precipitation and upgraded visibility of the surrounding environment. The sky is clear and sunny, offering the optimum clarity of the breathtaking views during the tour. Days are usually long and bright, facilitating the leisure and thorough exploration of the rich sceneries. The sharp observation of the delightful landscapes will uplift your travel experiences to the utmost during these seasons.

    During the Nepal Luxury Tour, you can experience a lively environment. Beyond the favorable climate, many travelers visit Nepal in spring and autumn due to its natural splendor. Spring is a blooming season with colorful flowers and green vegetation throughout the country. The mesmerizing sight of regenerating nature and landscapes decorated with diverse shades of flora enchants your journey tenfold. Similarly, in autumn, the fall foliage, with a mix of yellow, orange, red, purple, and brown colors, offers a splendid visual feast for travelers.