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    Even many Nepalese don’t know the world’s highest peak. It becomes obvious to alien not to know the tallest peak in World. Many of those who know the highest mountain is Mount Everest do not know where the Mount Everest is located in, which is an irony.

    Thus, this query needs to be resolved for travelers specially those seeking trekking destinations. If anybody is unknown about the tallest mountain in the world then see read the information provided below. In this article, we have also mentioned facts related to Everest.

    Mount Everest Height/ How tall is Mount Everest ?
    The world’s highest peak (measured from sea level) is  Everest. The Mount Everest height is 8848 m (29029 ft). Interestingly, there has been different measurement to know the height of Mt. Everest. With measuring the snow too, height of Mount Everest is 8848 m while the rock height of Mount Everest is is 8844 m.

    Has the height of Mount Everest increased (in reality)?
    Yes, nearly a meter.

    After years of debate between the two countries, Nepal and China jointly announced the official new height of Mount Everest as 8848.86 m on 8th December  2020.

    So, the Mount Everest height has been increased by 0.86 m. Nearly a meter more hard work for mountaineers to reach the apex, isn’t it?

    Exact Location of Mount Everest with GPS Co-ordinates:
    The China’s National surveying and mapping administration provided the exact Location of Mount Everest in 2005. The provided Longitude and Latitude are 86˚55’ East and 27˚59’ North  respectively.

    What continent is Mount Everest in ?
    Mount Everest is located in Asian continent. Infact, it is located in between of two countries of Asia.Those countries  are Nepal and China. Moreover, Everest has separated Nepal and Tibet being located at border. Specifically, Mt. Everest is located in Mahalangur Himalayan range, Khumbu sub-section. Clarifying more, the part of Himalayas from Nepal and Tibet of China incorporates Mahalangur range. As similar, the Tibetan Plateau running in East Asia and Central Asia hosts Everest Summit.

    The mountains surrounding Everest are Lhotse (8516 m), Nuptse(7855 m) and Changtobse(7580 m).

    Being at the border, you can reach Everest summit from both side. The route from South side of Everest summit represents Nepal which is very popular where the north side represents to Tibet.

    Where is Nepal and its Mount Everest Located At?
    Nepal is a small landlocked country situated in South Asia.

    Similarly, Nepal is in the middle of two giant countries India and China.  Thus, India is surrounding Nepal from South, East and West where as China is on the North side.

    The Nepal Mount Everest is located in Solukhumbu district with Sagarmatha National park providing shelter.

    Solukhumbu is 126 km east from capital of Nepal, Kathmandu.

    Where is Mount Everest Located in China?
    Mount Everest in China side is located in Tibet’s Tingri country in Xigaze area. Reaching to Everest from Chinese side is much easier as there is a road to reach Chinese Everest base Camp. So, climbing from this region is always cheaper.

    Only few people climb to Everest from Chinese side because of political restrictions and other factors. One of the reason is that rescue operations are complicated and even helicopters don’t have permission to fly from this side.

    Naming Convention :
    The British surveyor of India in 1865 named Everest after the name of Sir George Everest to honor him. Different names describes Everest based on different locality.

    In Nepali it is Sagarmatha, which means Goddess of the sky.
    In Tibetian, it is known as Chololungma meaning holy mother peak.
    While it is also called peak XV.
    What  Nepalese feel to have Mt. Everest ?
    A small and landlocked country Nepal is world’s second richest country in terms of water. But only thing that lets Nepal to be known in whole world is its greatest mountain Mount Everest. Further, out of 10 highest peaks in world, 8 falls in Nepal. It is pride for Nepal and Nepalese.

    Sherpa’s near Everest call it as their mother. On top of that, Nepalese feel happy and proud when they say Mt. Everest is located in Nepal. Nature gave us such a wonderful gift which keeps our head high.

    In recent years, tourism has got pace in Nepal. The main attraction of tourism sector in Nepal is its Himalayas and hills.

    One of the major section helping economy of Nepal is tourism.  In addition, Sherpa’s, the highlander’s, main income source is trekking to these mountains.

    Combine of topographical structure and geographical composition makes Nepal, one of the best destination in the world for adventure sports like Tour, trekking and mountaineering.

     Best Way to Explore Everest:
    As the number of tourists are soaring, the attraction point has been Everest Base Camp. From many trekking in Nepal destinations, Everest Base camp trekking has also found rhythm and number of trekkers increased.

    There cannot be another best way to explore Everest than Everest Base Camp trek. Trekking adventurers around world have desire to see Mount Everest once in their life time.

    Thus, the best camp trekking which takes to 5360 m height to capture great view of Everest is always a favorable destination.

    Nearly around 30,000 travelers go to Everest Base camp in a year. Which itself proves the value of this trekking.

    Trek to Everest Base Camp is very famous because one can see other mountains which are more than 8000 m high. These other mountains are neighbors to Everest.  Furthermore, one can observe the life style of Sherpa People (Brave), who help you take to Everest base Camp for fulfill your dream.

    Eco Holidays Nepal has designed 16 days package travelling to Everest Base Camp which costs around $1350 per person.

    There are other various options which have attracted a short holiday vacation travelers to see Mount Everest. The 10 days short Everest base camp package which costs $1050 per person joining in a group. Similarly, Everest mountain flight and Everest Base Camp Heli tour are the special trip packages which leads you to see mount Everest just in a single day.

    How old is Mount Everest?
    Before knowing the age of Mount Everest, can anyone tell me: When were Himalayas formed?

    As we all know that, high Himalayas were the result of a massive collision between Indian and Euroasian plates that has said to be happened around 50 million years ago. So, those were the time when high Himalayas including Mount Everest(29029 ft) took birth and started appearing for the entire World.

    So, you might have got your answer now!

    Yeah. The Top of the World, Mount Everest is 50 million years old.

    Is Mount Everest Always Cold?
    Another query in relation to the Mount Everest is how cold Everest, need to be answered.  As we are based In Kathmandu and providing information about Everest Summit temperature, I will say it is always cold. The average temperature is -19 ° Celsius and the worse can be -60 ° Celsius. The resulting temperature vary on months and storm. Thus concluding, it as one of the coldest place in the earth.

    The general reason is being the highest mountain on earth with it’s height of 29029 feet. In accordance, the standard temperature at sea level is 15 ° Celsius and standard lapse rate is -2 ° Celsius per 1000 feet. Thus the standard temperature of  Everest may be -43 ° Celsius based on above information.

    The monthly recorded average temperature at Mount Everest Summit can be found below :

    But there are many factors behind making life difficult at this summit. Atmospheric pressure on this summit is low which results in low oxygen. Since available oxygen is low and even supply from tank would be insufficient to your body. So body functioning level, energy level and metabolism slows due to oxygen lacking. Thus this results harder to be warm in Everest Summit and even a drop of Celsius feels like extreme cold.

    Generally, the temperature on mountains are always cold. Moreover, Everest is near to other tallest peaks which are also snowy. The snows are white and become good source to reflect back the radiation. So, it obviously becomes cold.

    Before going to Mount Everest, you need to pick the right season and time. The climate of Mount Everest changes  frequently. So, knowing the climate of Mount Everest on monthly basis makes it easy to plan your trip.

    Is it hard to climb Mount Everest?

    Before going straight forward to this question give few second to think. Climbing mountains is always difficult than we think where ever we travel.

    If you’re deep interested in climbing a mountain then you should know how to make it successful as well.It becomes tougher when you are in new place with different environment, living style, and weather situation.

    As already mentioned about the weather condition, Mountain Everest is unexpected and cold, it is hard to climb. The difficulty level depend upon the month we are travelling, storm, ice-fall and many more.

    The Everest Mountain expedition takes around 2 months. The oxygen level is low which means artificial oxygen need to be carried. There is high chance for altitude mountain sickness. The heavy clothes you wear to avoid cold also add to make hard to climb Mount Everest.

    The food material you consume during your trek may not meet your expectation. So, disturbance to your food habit might result difficulty during travel.

    Also sleeping in tents for couple of weeks to months in cold temperature results bad  habits.Heavy walks during day,lack of  natural oxygen,improper foods and sleep at nights in cold temperature are dangerous combination. I will rather call sleeping deprivation than disturbance which might result loath to walk next day.

    Summing up height of mountain, snowfall, wind, frostbite, sleep deprivation, food habits, lack of oxygen, trekking duration makes Everest summit trek difficult.

    Better planning, maintaining physical fitness,acclimatization is what matter for climbing Mount Everest. Along with this mental strength, positive  approach  and learning from other adds up to make successful.

    How steep is Mount Everest?
    Generally, we see two faces of Mount Everest and that is the North face and the South face. We see North face from Tibet side whereas South face from Nepal side. From both sides, we see some range of steepness. Now the question comes, which face of the Everest is more hard and steeper?

    Now, if we compare the faces then, we find the North face is more hard and steeper on the basis of climbers experience. There are two different most practiced routes to climb the mount Everest: North Col route and South Col route.

    The North col route is shorter yet more harder as compare to the South col because we find the way a bit steeper from the North side. As soon as after crossing North col (7000 m)or C1, the route steadily gains altitude with one steep section of 60 degrees that will feel vertical. After reaching C2 (7500 m), also the way goes on somehow steep till we reach the summit(8848 m).

    Now, from the South col route, after crossing C3(7160 m), the route is steep with hard ice untill we reach the yellow band. But after crossing this band, the route becomes less steeper till we reach the Geneva Spur. From the top of this spur to the South col, we encounter the steepest climbing. And, comparitively less steeper ways than North col route continues till the summit(8848 m). So, we find more climbers on South col route as compared to North col route.

    How far away is Mount Everest?
    The Mount Everest Base camp is 65 km far away from Lukla airport. Reaching the apex of Everest from Base Camp including acclimatization takes 45 days.  The air distance between Kathmandu to Everest Mountain is approximately 160 km. While mountain Everest  from Kathmandu is approximately 505 km far away when we go travel using roads.

    Where is Mount Everest Located on a Map?
    With the start of 21st century and enhancement of technology,the prospective into world has changed. The start of Google Map in 2005 has made the task of identifying the location of Mount Everest relatively easy. But the question where is Mount Everest Located in Map has caught the attention of people .

    Now, different trekking routes have been identified to reach the top of Mount Everest. But in 1953 when Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reached the summit of tallest mountain, they traversed from Jiri to Everest Base Camp and then Everest summit. Even before them their were many attempts to reach the top. The success story of  Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in National geographic testifies this.

    You can see in the above map, the exact location of Mount Everest. The Mount Everest in map is located in the border of Nepal and China. The front face of Everest that means Everest facing  Nuptse is Nepal, where as the backyard of Everest is China. This image from Google verifies that Mount Everest runs in the border.

    Can you see Mount Everest from Kathmandu?
    If we talk about the air distance between Kathmandu and Mount Everest, then it is approximately 160 kms.

    So, now the question arises, is it possible to see Everest from Kathmandu?

    And the answer is ‘Yes‘. Kathmandu valley seems lucky as its surrounded by high hills because as we climb up the hill, we start getting wonderful mountain views during spring, autumn, winter seasons (and whenever there is a crystal clear sky).

    Among other hills, Chandragiri Hill is the nearest and the perfect destination for mountain views if you’re in Kathmandu. It offers more than 270° mountain views which includes various Himalayan ranges of Nepal including Mahalangur range(the range where Mount Everest lies). So, in a crystal clear day you could be able to see Mount Everest from this place.

     Mount Everest Deaths:
    Technically, it is not very difficult to climb Everest from the standard route that has been designed. But the major issues posing danger for this trek is altitude sickness (Acute mountain sickness).

    Additionally, mercurial weather and high speed forceful wind are the factors behind making it difficult. Moreover,the unpredictable avalanches and Khumbu Ice Falls are another threat that leads to significant number of deaths in Mount Everest.

    So that, Mount Everest deaths rate is between 6 to 7 % of the total travelers who made to Everest summit. As per The Tragic Tale of Mount Everest’s article in BBC, “Without Sherpas, 98% of people who climb Everest couldn’t”. So, it is strongly advisesd to do everest expedition with Sherpa’s.

    Few disaster records are listed below-

    In 1970 disaster- 6 Sherpa died-Khumbu ice fall avalanche.

    In 1996 disaster- 8 died- blizzard.

    2014 disaster- 16 Sherpa Died- Mount Everest avalanche.

    2015 disaster- 18 died- Avalanche caused by Earthquake.

    2019   – 11 died – Exhaustion, Altitude Sickness and more.

    In conclusion, Mount Everest is the world’s highest mountain with height 8848m. It separates Nepal with China. The  Nepal Mount Everest is Located in Solukhumbu district of Nepal. Equally, Mount Everest in China side is located in Xigaze area.

    If you have any queries  related to this blog and planning Holidays to Nepal , you can always contact us.  Also feel free to post comments, they will inspire us.

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