Booking with us:   

Before booking any trips, we believe you have read our terms and conditions. If there is any doubt, you can ask us.

A booking is valid and accepted when we send back you confirmation email after we evaluate yours. Then contract between you and company activates and we are bound under company rules and regulation. Company has got right to increase and decrease price before booking is confirmed. Which means before contract or agreement comes into life.

Deposit for Booking a Trip

Nepal trip: Most trip booking for Nepal destinations should be made by two months earlier minimum of two weeks times, so that we arrange necessary details well in advance to avoid disappointment like hotel-domestic airlines booking and as well chartering bus-coach or booking tourist bus tickets ahead before your arrival.

25% down payment is required for booking a trip which you can transfer to Bank Account in Kathmandu, Nepal.  We are reliable customer of Himalayan Bank. Rest of the trip cost can be paid on arrival in Kathmandu before trek / tour departures. Applicable foreign currencies accepted like US $ – UK Pounds, and Euro or Chinese / Indian.

For Tibet and Bhutan at least minimum of one month booking ahead to arrange all logistic and entry permits for neighboring countries with 50% in advance.

Payment options:

You have different options like pay through Bank, Pay by Online Payment method and by western union.

Our Bank Details as follows:  

How to pay your deposit through our Bank Account/ Wire Transfer:

Account Name: Eco Holidays Nepal

Account Number: 01908048080017

Bank Name: Himalayan Bank

Bank Address: Himalayan Bank, Thamel,  Kathmandu Nepal

Swift Code: HIMANPKA

Note: – Bank service charge should be paid by the clients themselves at the time of deposit.

If some unexpected scenario happens like delay or loss during transfer Eco Holidays Nepal doesnot accept responsibility. And if deposited amount and amount we receive vary in any scenario, then Eco Holidays Nepal will notify you and you are bound to pay the amount.

Online Payment method:

If you book any trip packages on Eco Holidays Nepal website via Book Now button, you need to cover your 4% extra booking fee/ credit card charge by yourself. The extra charge is taken by the bank for your secure payment processing. You need to pay the exact amount as shown on that particular trip with 4% booking charge. We think it’s the easiest way to book your preferred trip package and hence we recommend and highly encourage you to book online because it saves your precious time wasting on going to bank, etc.

So, for your ease, we have included two booking buttons in every trip.  If you want to book for fixed departure then you should fill up form that pop up when you click the booking button in the fixed departure section. But if it is new booking/ not fixed departure booking then you should click the booking button included outside of the fixed departure section.


If you’re in Nepal and would like to pay by credit card(or other cards), then we accept the credit card payment as well by using swapping machine. But, the Card processing charge/ levy(i.e 4%) should be handled by yourself.

Paying using Western Union:

When you opt to pay or deposit through bank then you should send us reference slip or payment slip.  You should deposit amount in this detail:

Name/Company owner: Dhruba Prasad Dharel

Citizenship number: 7/72

Mobile Number: +9779851136074

Booking in Last Hour:
We accept your last hour booking in the eve of trip departure with 100% payment (07 days) prior to tour starting date only for Nepal Trips. This excludes trips to Tibet, Bhutan. For these country at least 3 weeks in advance prior to trip departure.