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    Manaslu Base Camp Trek

    Manaslu Base Camp Trek

    • Destination
    • Durations
      16 days
    • Trip Difficulty
    • Activities
      Adventure Trekking
    • Vehicle
      Private Transport
    • Max. People

    Manaslu Base Camp Trek 16 days

    There’s no doubt that Nepal is a trekking paradise with abundant hiking trails. It has all kinds of hikes, from easy to moderate and extreme. But Manaslu's uniqueness and element of surprise are nowhere to be found. 

    The trek is something else and in a good way. It has mesmerizing landscapes with imposing hills, gorgeous mountains, cascading waterfalls, and much more. As expected, Manaslu looks like one of those magical places with breathtaking scenery and a scenic vista. 

    It’s as gorgeous as it can be with kush hills and grassy meadows. Visitors will also be delighted to see the fresh-looking Nepalese villages, colorful towns, and beautiful valleys. You’ll also come across many Nepalese cultures, traditions, and values, which is quite astonishing. 

    The adventure doesn’t end here; you’ll also see breathtaking landscapes, streaming rivers, and waterfalls on the trip. Walking down the trail, you’ll see many historical and cultural landmarks, especially after Jagat. 

    We’ll start our journey to Manaslu Base Camp Trek with a scenic drive to Soti Khola via Arughat. From there, we’ll hike Machha Khola and follow the rugged trails to Jagat. We’ll pass several villages and climb the steep slopes before arriving at Samagaon. 

    Manaslu Conservation will also provide us access to wilderness areas and river valleys. It’ll also take us high up to the mountain ridges, which are steep and tough to walk. Hiking Larkya La Pass is probably the major highlight of the Manaslu Base Camp Trek.

    It takes us to the acme, providing a marvelous view of towering snow peaks and sweeping hills. We’ll also explore Manaslu Base Camp during the trek and enjoy the magnificent views before descending the trail to Sagmagaon. We’ll seemingly follow the trail to Besisahar, passing a couple of rural settlements and towns. 

    The itinerary ends after we take a local jeep to ride back to Kathmandu. The journey gives us an impressive view of shimmering mountains and turbulent rivers, including Trishuli. 

    • Day01

       Drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola

      • Altitude: 730 meters 
      • Drive Hours: 6-8 hrs 
      • Overnight at: a Hotel 

      The Manaslu Base Camp Trek gets started with a scenic drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola via Arughat. The journey begins from the city’s capital, traveling along the Trishuli River. The road trip will last for nearly 6 hours, passing the verdant hills surrounded by green forests and mountains. 

      On the way, we’ll see many traditional Nepalese villages and lush green farms, which look quite incredible. We’ll also witness gushing streams and waterfalls while driving on the highway. As we get closer to Soti Khola, the wheels will swiftly take a dirt road and ride it until we reach the village. 

    • Day02

      Trek from Soti Khola to Machha Khola Machha Khola

      •  Altitude: 890 meters
      •  Walking Hours: 6-7 hrs
      • Overnight at: a Hotel

      After rising up early and having breakfast, we’ll prepare for a journey ahead. The trek to Machha Khola begins with a gentle walk, passing the beautiful waterfalls. There may be a few steep ascents on the way, but for the most part, the trail is an easy ride. We’ll travel through Sal forests and walk beside the towering cliff to arrive at Maccha Khola.

    • Day03

      Trek from Machha Khola to Jagat

      • Jagat Altitude: 1,350 meters 
      • Walking Hours: 6-7 hrs 
      • Overnight at: a Hotel 

      Starting into a new day, we’ll head to our next destination, Jagat. It’s a small village in Lamjhung southeast of Chamje. To get here, we’ve to make a long trip, such as crossing the Machha River and walking a forested trail. 

      We’ll spend most of the time walking uphill after crossing a hot spring dubbed Tatopani and arriving at Doban. Below the village flows a rapid Budhi Gandaki River, providing a breathtaking view. 

      However, with the rise in elevation, we’ll witness the change in landscapes as well as the scenery. After trekking for nearly 7 hours and getting verified at the checkpoint, we’ll finally arrive at Jagat. The overnight stay is in a hotel. 

    • Day04

      Trek from Jagat to Deng

      • Deng Altitude: 1,860 meters 
      • Walking Hours: 6-8 hrs 
      • Overnight at: a Lodge 

      After breakfast at Jagat, we’ll get back out on the road to Deng. First, we’ll descend to the riverbed and, minutes later, cross the river to ascend the terraced hill of Saguleri. After trekking a few more miles, the trail drops to Ghatte River and then crosses the Budhi Gandaki River to arrive at Sirish Gaon. 

      From here, the path becomes narrow with many precipitous walks, which are quite tough. But, once we reach the village, the trek will reward us with a spectacular view of lush green hills and beautiful valleys. Tonight, we’ll stay in a lodge at Deng.

    • Day05

      Trek from Deng to Lho

      • Lho Altitude: 3,180 meters 
      • Walking Hours: 8-9 hrs 
      • Overnight at: a Lodge 

      As the journey continues, we’ll follow the trail to Bihi Phedi and Bihi. The trek begins with a short descent and an ascent to Rana Bridge. After hiking through pine forests and crossing a bridge, we’ll ascend the trails to Bihi Phedi. 

      Just around the corner, we’ll see a lot of beautiful mani walls with portraits of gods and goddesses. The trail will also provide us with a magnificent view of glistening mountains and towering hills. 

      From Ghap, we’ll take the lead through rhododendron, oak, and pine forests, cross the suspension bridge, and travel barley fields. Soon our path will move to Lihi Village and cross the stream fed by the Lindanda glacier. On the way to Lho, we’ll pass several villages, including Sho, which provides a glorious view of Simnang Himal. We’ll spend the night in a lodge at Lho.

    • Day06

      Trek from Lho to Sama Village

      • Sama Village altitude: 3,780 meters 
      • Walking Hours: 4-5 hrs
      • Overnight at: a Guesthouse 

      From Lho, we’ll head to Sama Gaun early in the morning. After leaving the village, the trail passes through subtropical forest and heads towards Shyala. Although small, the village is quite pleasing with several agricultural farms and wooden resting places. 

      Its 10.6 miles trail will also take us through charming Tamang villages and dense forests. Several times, we’ll cross the small and big streams, draining the Punggen Glacier, and finally, end up at Sama Gaun. 

      Given the proximity, the village will take us one step closer to Manaslu Base Camp. It also delights us with a series of imposing views with glimpses of Manaslu and Himalchuli. Overnight stay in a Guesthouse. 

    • Day07

      Sama Village excursion

      Today’s more of a side trip and fun outing rather than the actual trek. Simply put, we’ll visit Samagaon to acclimate and enjoy the sightseeing. After breakfast, we’ll embark on the journey, passing some old villages and grasslands. 

      Walking the trails will require 2-3 hours, depending on the effect of higher altitude and climate. Since most of the trails in Samagaon are dusty and full of rocks, you may struggle a little bit. But, once we arrive at the village, your exhaustion will disappear before the mesmeric view of Manaslu and its shimmering glaciers. 

      After spending some time watching the panorama, we’ll head towards Pungen monastery in the south of Samagaon. Hidden in the Himalayas, the pilgrimage is one of the significant religious sites with colorful prayer flags and mani wheels. We may also visit Birendra Tal if any little time is left. 

    • Day08

      Trek from Sama Village to Manaslu Base Camp 

      • Manaslu Base Camp Altitude: 4,800 meters 
      • Walking Hours: 4-5 hrs 
      • Overnight at: a Teahouse 

      After waking up to the first light of day, we’ll have breakfast and then prepare to leave for the Manaslu Base Camp. Although it’s not a long walk, the trek is still difficult with a continuous steep ascent over a rugged hill. It follows the trail through deep forests and gentle slopes before running past the glacial moraine. 

      Like many of our multi-day trips, the trek comes with a scenic view and awesome vistas. The picture gets even better and clearer after we’ve arrived at the base camp. We can see the beautiful Himal Chuli along with Shringi, Ganesh, and Manaslu Himal. 

      It’ll also provide us with a lovely view of glacial valleys and turquoise lakes. After exploring the unique landscapes and mountains in Manaslu, we’ll move to our tent and spend the night there. 

    • Day09

      Trek from Base Camp to Sama Village

      After an amazing day at the camp, it’s time for us to descend the trail and come right back to Sama Village. The expedition begins with a leisurely walk to Pungyen Gompa and a further distance hike to Birendra Tal. The trail will lead us through the forested areas until it rises to the mountain ridge and grassy plains. 

      During travel, we’ll explore an old monastery ruined by a flood as well as a serene lake perched at the base of a glacier. It takes almost 2 to 3 hours to climb down the trail, and we’ll end up at the Sama Village. Tonight, we’ll stay in a guesthouse. 

    • Day10

      Trek from Samagaon to Samdo 

      • Samdo Altitude: 3,860 meters 
      • Walking Hours: 4-6 hrs 
      • Overnight at: a Teahouse 

      This morning, we’ll have breakfast a little earlier than normal. After the meal, we’ll go back to trekking Samdo, which takes anywhere from 4 to 6 hours. Starting off with a gentle descent to Budhi Gandaki and a wide valley, the trail makes for an easy to moderate hike. 

      After some time, it delves into alpine forests and heads downhill to Kerma Kharka. Moving forward, we’ll see Budhi Gandaki River and a rugged trail leading to Samdo. Located at 3,860 meters, the village is a popular stop for trekkers before the Larkya La. There are many teahouses and lodges here, providing accommodation to visitors.

    • Day11

      Trek from Samdo to Dharamsala

      • Dharamsala Altitude: 4,460 meters
      • Walking Hours: 4-5 hrs 
      • Overnight at: a Teahouse 

      After our breakfast, we’ll continue along the path, heading to Dharamsala. Traveling the mountainous terrains and verdant meadows, we’ll advance to Larkya La Bazaar, an old Tibetan trade center. 

      From here, the trail descends to Budhi Gandaki River, providing us with a marvelous view of Larkya La Glacier. After passing Salla Khola, we’ll make our final ascent to Dharmsala on a rocky trail. Overnight stay in a Teahouse. 

    • Day12

      Trek from Dharamsala to Bimthang via Larkya La 

      • Bimthang Altitude: 3,720 meters 
      • Larkya La Altitude: 5,160 meters 
      • Walking Hours: 8-9 hrs 
      • Overnight at: a Teahouse 

      Since Larkya La is the toughest walk in Manaslu, we’ll start the hike at the crack of dawn. The trek is more than 8 hours long, with several steep ascents and drops. The climb of the longest pass in the Himalayas is quite challenging and requires a lot of strength. 

      After reaching the clifftop, the trail descends and runs beside the towering hill. After almost two hours of downhill trek, we’ll arrive at Bimthang. Reaching the highest point in Larkya will reward us with the view of Annapurna II and Himlung. The trail will also offer us a jaw-dropping view of vibrant valleys and lofty hills.

    • Day13

      Trek from Bimthang to Tilije 

      After Larkya La, the trail starts to lose the elevation gained. It now takes a quick drop to the Kechyaku Khola glacier and crosses it. Soon the path makes its way into the rhododendron forest and Yak Kharka, offering an easy walk. 

      After a few hours of trekking, the landscapes will change from alpine to subtropical forests that lead to Karche. We’ll have a quick pit stop on the way for lunch before continuing the journey to Gho. Since the trek is mostly downhill from here, it won’t take us much time to reach the old Gurung Village of Tilije. Overnight stay in a teahouse.

    • Day14

      Trek from Tilije to Besisahar 

      After having our last breakfast of the Manaslu Base Camp Trek and bidding farewell to Tilije, we’ll leave for Dharapani. The trip starts with a descent to Dudh Khola and goes all the way to Marsyangdi Valley. After a few miles out, we’ll take the main trail of Annapurna Circuit Trek that leads to Dharapani. 

      On the way, we’ll have our permits checked, which is before arriving at the village of Tile. Shortly afterward, we’ll hop in a local jeep and drive to Besisahar. We’ll spend the night in the town. 

    • Day15

      Trek from Besisahar to Kathmandu 

      We’ll have a local Nepalese breakfast in the close vicinity of shimmering snow peaks and steep-sided valleys earlier in the day. After that, we’ll get our backpacks ready and take a ride back to Kathmandu. The drive is almost 6-7 hours long, and it’s still fun. You’ll get to enjoy the splendid view of lofty mountains and lush green terrains all along the way. We’ll also pass many villages, including Dumre, Mugling, and Kurintar. After driving alongside the Trishuli River with surrounding green forests, we’ll finally arrive at Kathmandu. You’ll be transferred to your hotel by our staff so that you can rest well.

    • Day16

      Final Departure

      On this day, we’ll drive you to the Tribhuvan International Airport. Our staff will pick you up from the hotel early in the morning so that you can get the flight on time. 

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