Eco Holidays Nepal is fully committed to responsible tourism in Nepal. It‘s fundamental objective is to enhance sustainable tourism.

We value every individual traveler regardless their nationality and social status. We equally value the money paid by each tourist and try our best to make one fully satisfied. We assure you that we never devalue the cost you pay to us.

Our entire team of Eco Holidays Nepal is highly experienced, professional and responsible toward their duties and responsibilities. They work round the clock until they accomplish their responsibilities. So, Eco Holidays Nepal is distinctive from other counterparts.

We train our team including guide and porter to preserve environment. We do not disturb any natural process. We try our best to maintain ecosystem. We protect flora and fauna. It means, we worship nature. Nature is god to us. We help the local people to conserve natural phenomenon.

We also want our clients to protect nature as our team does. We always tell them to leave only footprints while trekking in the mountain and the memories while trekking in the cities. We humbly request our guests not to litter the place where they go.

We always prioritize local resources while operating our trips. We employ local guides and porters to impart the best information about local culteure and the people. We suggest our clients to use local products so that we can enhance local tourism which finally contribute mainstream tourism.

We treat each member of our team equally regardless of gender and qualification. We do not exploit them treating them as workers. The owners and the workers are so intimate and we consider the workers as parallel to the owners.

We promote local culture and civilization, art and architecture with creative reformation. Preserving local identity and root, we help them to adopt the change according to the time. We view that no flame of modernization and capitalization should illuminate local identities.

  Thus, Eco Holidays Nepal assures you all that every tour and trekking is operated without harming nature, culture and the team. We find mountain sacred and the guests, our god.