Relatively, getting tourist visa in Nepal is an easy task. In order to get tourist visa for Nepal, we need to follow some rules and regulations.

There are two ways of getting tourist visa for Nepal.

  1. Apply Visa through Nepalese Diplomatic Missions located in your home country

We can apply our visa for Nepal through Nepalese Diplomatic Missions located in your home country. Find the nearest Nepalese Diplomatic Mission and apply your visa for Nepal. You will easily get the visa for Nepal.

  1. Getting on Arrival Visa

Optionally, we can get on arrival visa at the immigration office at Tribhuvan International airport in Kathmandu. It is not a lengthy process. We can obtain on arrival visa within 15-20 minutes.

But in the peak trekking seasons in Nepal (Spring and Autumn), we may have to wait longer to obtain on arrival visa.

Before obtaining on arrival tourist visa, we need to fill up a tourist visa form by providing every detail related to you. If you fill up an online form, you will be given a barcode and we submit it to the immigration office.

After you obtain tourist visa, you can change it for other purposes too at the immigration.

Paying the Visa Charge

Now, we need to pay for the visa. We pay it through bank located at the immigration. How long days do you want to stay in Nepal determine your visa charge.

Different visa charges ‘On Arrival Visa for Nepal’ on days basis

  • 15 days- 25 USD
  • 30 days- 40 USD
  • 90 days- 100 USD

Getting the receipt

On your payment, do not forget to ask and get the receipt.

And, now, in no time or within a few minutes, we get Tourist Visa for Nepal in our hand.

However, there are a few cases where you do not need to pay for Visa in Nepal. There’s a provision of free visa for:

  • Children below 10 years
  • SAARC nationals ( except Afghanistan) for first 30 days of their arrival.
  • Free visa for NRN cardholder issued by MoFA/ Nepalese diplomatic missions abroad
  • Chinese Nationals
  • Officials from China, Brazil, Russia, and Thailand (because of the reciprocal visa waiver agreement)

Extending Visa for Nepal

Sometimes, we do really want to spend more days in Nepal since your purpose is not fulfilled. Or we really want to spend more time in Nepal. It this case, we can extend our Nepal Visa. This process is more convenient that getting Tourist Visa in Nepal. For this, we need to contact the Immigration Office at TIA. We can also get support from the Immigration Office located at Pokhara for extending Tourist Visa during you visit to Nepal.

But to extend other category of visas, there is no other ways except consulting the Department of Immigration, Kathmandu.