“Explore hidden corners of Nepal”

Except the most popular regions like the Everest, the Annapurna and the Langtang, Nepal has  got other trekking regions too.  As similar with these popular regions, these other region trekking also leads you to explore the hidden sites of Nepal  along with famous trekking destinations. So, this is also an exciting part of trekking in Nepal.

The reason behind naming it other regions trekking is – you will be exploring in different regions of Nepal. Sometimes you will be trekking  with us in the rim of Kathmandu valley,  sometimes to the Manaslu area and sometimes to other destination.

With this trekking option you can choose from a short trekking holiday of 3-5 days to  a longer program of 27 days. Pick your own once choice of package and enjoy your holidays to Nepal. The most selling trekking packages in this region are Manaslu Circuit Trekking, Kathmandu Rim valley Trekking and Upper Mustang Trekking.

Trekking in the other parts of Nepal will always fascinate with natural wonders that encapsulates mountains, landscapes, green hills, forests, flowers.  Apart from this , you will also be trekking in the Upper mustang area- the arid country near  Tibet. It is just a magnificent place for photography.  Visiting  around former Kingdom, palace, Buddhist Gompas and enjoying cultures and tradition are the highlights of Upper -Mustang trekking.

Explore the hidden parts of Nepal. Enjoy culture, tradition with overnight stay in different parts of the country. Talk with local people, learn about their lifestyles and customs while  trekking in these areas.

Different from easy to moderate trekking- you can choose  a different destination with challenging and difficulty trekking. The likes of Makalu High Pass Trekking-27 days and Kanchenjunga  Base camp trekking- 24 adds little favour to normal trekking.

So, the other region trekking is  just a mix of normal trekking of short duration to moderate trekking of 2 weeks programs extending to challenging trekking of 27 days.

Other Region Trekking Package(s)