Why Tibet Tour?
‘Adventure on world highest, largest plateau enriched with cultures and amazing scenery’

Tour in Tibet takes you on top of world’s highest and largest plateau enclosed by high windswept terrain and giant Himalayan peaks, where tour leads you to its famous cities of great delights and interest.

Tibet a vast country annexed with People’s Republic of China, although many networks of highway and road has been built with modern cities, but still retains its old history and glorious as it was thousands of years.

The tour to Tibet  takes you to fabled city and capital of Tibet which is famous for its magnificent Potala Palace. Also this exciting tour in Tibet leads you to explore other impressive sites including major landmarks.

The visit to Tibet will truly fascinates you soaking with old Tibetan cultures of Buddhism and visiting its famed monasteries of Drefung, Shera and Sameling with majestic Potala Palace the winter home and royal seat of many Dalai Lama, now turned into a national museum with masterpiece artifacts and colorful religious painting.

Tibet Tour also takes you its second largest Shigate city, home of many holy Panchen Lama which is second head of Tibet after His Holiness Dalai Lama, visit of its beautiful golden roofed Tashilumpo monastery with huge Buddha image and its colorful markets of great interest.

Our Tour in Tibet continues adding with North Everest Base Camp and Rongbuk monastery within world high Mt. Everest(you can read our blog: Where is Mount Everest located) a scenic country within traditional Tibetan farm villages and Yak country, for interested travelers where Tibet journey also takes you at holiest of all holy place at Mt. Kailash and scared Manasarovar Lake within Far South West Tibet.

Most of tours  starts and ends from Kathmandu Nepal either taking air journey or by overland then travelers can enjoy and taking options either return back to Nepal or carry on towards mainland of Tibet to China by Trans Himalayan Train Journey or taking scenic flights to respective port of call.