Why  Annapurna Region Trekking?
‘World’s most scenic destinations for all types of walks in the Annapurna region’

Annapurna region trekking is probably the best holiday destinations that one could choose and plan for in Nepal. Trekking in Annapurna is an experience to get close of high Himalayan peaks. In accordance, it will lead in the amidst harmony of local culture and age-old custom of great interest. Annapurna Trekking is one of the major destination for  Trekking in Nepal.

The Annapurna region offers wide range of delightful and exciting walks from few days to more of a week/s . Adding-more, treks in the Annapurna  include list of astounding areas. And trek continues as per interest and duration of trekking days.

Further, Annapurna region trek leads you to exciting and overwhelming places with never a boring moment. The ever present views of high Annapurna chain of peaks  such as Annapurna I,II,III,IV  makes this best destination for travelers. Similarly, in the comfort of nice and cozy mountain, lodge rooms faces dramatic views. So,one can enjoy the trip.

Annapurna Himalaya region includes varied range of destinations from leisure-moderate to adventurous or challenging walks.The Annapurna region trekking best time is around March to May when wild flowers are in full bloom which makes the whole place a paradise.

Some of the areas are heavily wooded by rhododendron tree lines regarded as world’s largest natural garden. Besides world deepest gorge of Kali-Gandaki,the trip  aim is to climb first ever 8000 m and high mount Annapurna. To know more, this was conquered three years before Mount Everest.

Annapurna Himalaya trekking offers you great walking holidays in our wide range of available programs. Furthermore,the most famous program in this region is short/Annapurna Base Camp Trekking.  With similar, Poon-hill trek and Mardi Himal Trek are getting  a lot of tourist now a days.  The best selling  Annapurna trekking we have is Poon-hill Trek- 3 Days.

The sloppy land  in the palm of peaks in Annapurna circuit is  another astonishing factor for photography and trip. Adding further, the Annapurna conservation area includes myriad of  flowers, plants with animals like snow leopards and blue sheep.

Best Season for Annapurna Region Trekking:

There are mainly two season which are best for  Trekking in Everest. Spring,  the months from March-May is  regarded as best due to clear natural views. Similarly the Autumn season that runs from  mid-September- to mid- November is also regarded as another best season. Apart from rainy season/Monsoon(mid-June to Mid-August), trekking can be done. That means there are many trekking season in Nepal.

Annapurna Region Trekking Package(s)