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    Rara Lake Helicopter Tour

    • Destination
    • Durations
      6 days
    • Max. People
    • Trip Mode
      In Hotels and local Lodge.
    • Areas of Heli Tour
      Nepal Far West Himalaya around Mugu district.
    • People and Culture
      Populated by Malla Thakuri and Roka Chettries people with strong Hindu religion and fascinating ancient culture.
    • Mode of transport
      On spacious Helicopter as per group size.
    • Duration of Flights
      4 hrs to 6 hrs (from take-off to landing at Nepalgunj)From 6:30 a.m to 1 p.m. includes refreshing stops and walks.


    “Scenic views of Himalayan peaks from the start to an end of joyful flights.
    Close to high mountain range flying over dramatic hills and valleys.
    Landing at country’s largest and deepest Lake, the stunning Rara.
    With fantastic views panorama of giant peaks of Api and Saipal with scenic and dramatic landscapes.
    Enjoy culture and traditional villages of Nepal Far West Himalaya within Rara Lake.”

    Rara Lake Helicopter Tour 6 days

    ‘A scenic ride to beautiful and largest lakes of Nepal’

    Rara Lake Helicopter Tour takes you flying over Nepal Far Western Himalaya range to reach beautiful and scenic Rara Lake. It’s the country’s largest and deepest lake covering an area of 10.8 sq km. Regarding the air distance, it’s located at approx. 371 km away from the capital Kathmandu.

    Due to its remoteness within Far North West of Nepal, we operate Helicopter services to make the tour easily possible and accessible. It takes a normal schedule flight of 50 minutes to land at Nepalgunj airport. And, we find some nice hotel around the city and stay overnight.

    Next morning, we take an early Helicopter flight which takes you to land near Rara Lake at Talcha, a small airstrip. Soon then, we hike to Murma hill, the highest spot which is approx.. 3,000 meters above the sea level. Therefore, the hill offers the stunning panorama of Rara Lake and its surrounding with views of distant peaks.

    Rara National Park is the smallest national park of Nepal located near Jumla and Mugu Districts of Karnali Zone of Nepal. Since, it’s the smallest national park, it acquires the area of only 106 sq km but includes the biggest lake, Rara. So, the stunning Rara covers the area of 10.8 sq km located at 2,990 m high. The lake is surrounded by coniferous forest dominated by blue pine, black juniper, West Himalayan spruce, oak, Himalayan cypress and other associated species.

    The serene forest around the lake is an ideal habitat for musk deer. Nevertheless, the other animals in the park include Himalayan black bear, leopard, Ghoral, Himalayan Thar and wild boar. And, the Snow trout is the only fish species that is  recorded in the lake. Also, the resident Gallinaceous birds and migrant waterfowl are quite commonly sighted in this area.

    Also, the great-crested grebe, black-necked grebe, and red-crested pochard are seen during the winter season. However, other common birds are the snow-cock, chukor partridge, Impeyan pheasant, Kalij pheasant and blood pheasant.

    After a great enjoyment around beautiful Rara Lake, we hike back to Talcha airport for scenic chopper flight to reach Nepalgunj. Then soon after a small transit we take a chopper flight back to Kathmandu. And finally, with fascinating and marvelous moments on Rara Lake Helicopter Tour, the trip ends after reaching the capital. Also, you can go through other beautiful heli tours in Nepal, Langtang Heli Tour and Everest Heli Tour.

    Best Seasons for Rara Lake Helicopter Tour :
    Nearly all months of the year except the monsoon wet months from mid June to mid September. March to May best time for clear views till afternoon where wild flowers are in bloom with fantastic views of mountains. Moreover, a pleasant day with cooler morning and night time. Another best time for clear views of peaks is October to December . With short sunlight days can be freezing cold in the morning and night time, depending upon the altitude and overnight stop.

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    • Day01

      Fly to Nepalgunj and transfer to hotel at Nepalgunj city.

    • Day02

      Fly to Rara at Talcha airport.

    • Day03

      Hike from Talcha to Murma and reach at local Hotel.

    • Day04

      Explore around Rara Lake and enjoy the views.

    • Day05

      Walk back to Talcha Airport and fly to Nepalgunj for overnight stop.

    • Day06

      Fly to Kathmandu via Nepalgunj and transfer to hotels.


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