Question, Queries that might bug wide-world travelers before joining or choosing the right companies for enjoyable holidays and vacations in Nepal and other Himalayan destinations.

So much of confusion roams in mind because nearly all local companies look almost the same in offering similar types of services to clients and customers.

Choosing ECO HOLIDAYS NEPAL will be your wise and right decisions as we are different to other hundreds of local or abroad agents when it comes to satisfying our clients. Besides offering money-worth of holidays, our services always wins the heart of travelers.

That is why we get much booking from wide-world clients.  We are also a eco-friendly company which follows government rules and regulations. As we are eco focused, we removed Elephant ride in Chitwan Jugle safari. For this we are appreciated by PETA.

Do you know why?

01: We are a rising and reputed adventure company with transparent policy and price that we offer in our wide range of holiday trips in Himalaya.

02: Operated and managed by veteran tourism professional, who is in the industry for more than a decade of experience to offer best services.

03: Best and well qualified guides and staff to look after client’s needs and requirement. They are committed to provide best services with full and in-depth information of the country and route of trek, travel.

04: All guides  are well versed in Eco and Responsible Tourism. Moreover, they provide information to clients and local villagers related to sustainable tourism. We support locals in hygiene-clean drinking water and preserv the surrounding pristine environment from further destruction.

At the same time, we help local village and schools with aid from our fund to uplift the standard of rural villages. Our fund will be collected from each travel you made with us.

05: All guides on tour and treks have done Medical and First-Aid course, which is important. So, our clients feel safe and glad with us.

06: For severe illness where victims needs immediate evacuation to safe place and hospitals, we handle this  this type of incidents  professionally.  We have good relation with local villages and airlines with Helicopter services for help and support if needed in serious cases and condition. But we are always saftey oriented.

07: All trips itineraries and programs are well planned and designed. So, you will have enough space to enjoy views, local culture and custom.

08: Our varied range of holiday programs are featured with reasonable cost. Most importantly, clients finds services more than the trip price, which makes all our programs affordable to all interested travelers.

09: In every trip with us we inform you about areas of travel and trekking with much knowledge to gain from our guides from history-culture-religion to flora and fauna.

10: Last but not the least, we support tailor-made trips to Nepal. If any traveleres wants to design own travel itinerary and want help from us, we will appreciate and help them.