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    Yala Peak Climbing

    Yala Peak Climbing

    • Destination
    • Durations
      15 days
    • Max. People
    • Trip Mode:
      In Hotels and local nice lodge with camping on climb
    • Climbing Grade
      F ‘Facial Easy’ from French-Swiss alpine climb system.
    • Areas of Trek
      Nepal Central Himalaya around Langtang Himal.
    • People and Culture
      Mainly Tamang people a Hill tribe of Langtang Himal with ancient culture of Buddhism religion and traditional farm life.
    • Mode of transport
      Overland journey from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi and back.


    • Embark on the mountaineering journey by climbing the Yala Peak
    • Visit the centuries-old Kyanjin Gompa
    • Discover the lifestyle of the Tamang community inhabiting the Langtang Valley
    • Witness the diverse flora and fauna of the Langtang National Park, including the endangered species like red panda and snow leopard
    • Amazing views of the mountains from all sides after a hike to Kyanjin Ri
    • Explore the yak grazing and the local cheese in the oldest cheese factory in Nepal
    • Panoramic views of Langtang Lirung (7,227m), Dorje Lakpa (6,966m/22,854ft), Sishapangma (8,013m), Ganchenpo (6,378m), Naya Kang (5,846m), Ganesh Himal (7,422m/24,350ft), Tserko Ri (5,033m/16,500ft) peaks from Yala Peak Summit

    Yala Peak Climbing 15 days

    Yala Peak Climbing 15 days

    Yala Peak Climbing has been one of the popular climbing destinations in the Langtang region in recent years. Standing tall at an altitude of 5,500m, the summit of the Yala Peak offers extraordinary close-up views of the nearby mountains, including Dorje Lakpa, Langtang Lirung, Shishapangma, and many more.

    Categorized as the trekking peak by the Nepal Mountaineering Association, Yala Peak climbing is a comparatively easy and non-technical climb. Even if you are a novice climber with great enthusiasm towards mountains, you can comfortably conquer the summit of the Yala Peak. However, you will need decent physical strength and stamina along with mental resilience to complete this expedition.

    The 20-day expedition to the Yala Peak is a combination of thrill, adventure, and exploration. The journey starts with a scenic drive from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi. You will follow the classic route of the Langtang region trek, passing the Lama Hotel, Langtang village, and arriving at Kyanjin Gompa. While transversing these routes, you will come across the lush forest, swift-flowing streams, and diverse flora and fauna of the Langtang National Park, which will keep you entertained and curious throughout the trek.

    You will divert from the trail of the Langtang Valley trekking and join the routes of Yala Peak climbing when you hike from Kyanjin Gompa to the Yala Peak base camp. By exploring the glacial terrain, you will reach the summit of Yala Peak. The immense feeling on the summit is a sense of accomplishment that you have achieved after a lot of hard work. Along with the feeling of triumph, you will get introduced to the diverse culture and tradition of the Tamang community, which will enrich the beauty of the trek.

    Doesn’t this 15-day Yala Peak climbing with Eco Holidays Nepal seem like a perfect package to escape from your busy life and follow your passion for the mountains? If yes, then we are ready with utmost dedication to make your passion fuel into reality.

    Best Time For Yala Peak Climbing

    Best Time For Yala Peak Climbing

    Different individuals have different motives for climbing, so Yala Peak climbing is open throughout the year. However, most climbers and trekkers alike prefer to attempt the climb during the spring and autumn seasons.

    Both seasons have excellent visibility which allows you to climb the peak more efficiently. At the same time, a clear sky with no clouds allows you to have unobstructed views of the snow-clad mountains. The temperature in both seasons is mild, with warmer and longer days. Favorable weather and climate provide you with extended time to explore the Langtang region more.

    Similarly, the Langtang region is covered with the aroma of nature's vitality from March to May. The rhododendrons and wildflowers begin to unfold their different shades of blossom, and the woodland regains its verdant hue.

    The autumn welcomes the festive season in the trails of the Yala Peak climbing, providing you with a distinct opportunity to embrace and respect the culture of people inhabiting the region.

    • Day01

      Arrival At The Airport And Transfer To The Hotels

      Welcome to Nepal, where either chasing angels or fleeing demons, one must go to the mountains. After your arrival at the terminal of the Tribhuvan International Airport, our company representatives will welcome you warmly. They will transfer you to the designated hotels where you can take a short break to replenish yourself from the jet lag.

      Afterward, you will join the meeting, where our guides and experts will give you brief information about the trek, climb, foods, and accommodations along the trails, history, and culture of the Langtang region. Then, you will be escorted to an authentic Nepalese restaurant where our company has prepared a huge feast of Nepalese foods along with cultural programs.

    • Day02

      Sightseeing And Preparation For The Climb

      To make your Yala Peak Climbing more worthwhile, we have arranged a sightseeing tour in the cultural hub of Kathmandu city for you. After having your breakfast, you will follow the leads of our guide, who will navigate you to different world heritage sites located in Kathmandu.

      You will visit the Pashupatinath temple, which carries the Hindu belief. Simultaneously, you can visit Swaymabhunath temple to have extravagant views of the dense Kathmandu Valley. It is always fun to stroll around the alleyways of the Durbar Square. The architecture, along with the royal history of Nepal, is sure to make you stunned.

      After spending half a day exploring Kathmandu city, you will be back to your hotel room to make the necessary preparations for about two weeks long Yala Peak Climbing.

    • Day03

      Drive To Syabrubesi Village

      Kathmandu Elevation: 1400m/ 4393 ft

      Syabrubesi Elevation: 1,503m / 4,655 ft

      Bus ride Duration: 7 to 9 hours

      Today, you will set out early in the morning on an overland drive from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi. Heading north from the metropolis Kathmandu, you will follow the Trishuli River on the sleek Prithvi Highway. You will pass cultivated terraced farms and small villages before arriving at one of the major stops in Yala Peak climbing, Trishuli Bazaar. Slowly, your drive will be accompanied by a green canopy of hills and fast-flowing rivers as you pass Betrawati and Dhunche.

      The distant views of the panoramic mountains start to get closer as you move to the dense residential village of Syabrubesi. The beautiful village lying at the edge of green hills is the getaway to various Langtang region treks, including Yala Peak climbing.

      You will take a short break from the lengthy bus journey in a teahouse, where you will spend the night. After that, you can stroll around the hamlet alongside the river.

    • Day04

      Trek To Lama Hotel

      Syabrubesi Elevation: 1,503m / 4,655 ft

      Lama Hotel Elevation: 2,470m / 8,103ft

      Trek Duration: 6 hours

      From this day, you will be trekking on the trails to the Yala Peak. With great enthusiasm, you will step foot in the wilderness of the Langtang region by crossing the Bhote Koshi River. Then, the trail will gradually climb through the Bamboo Village, which is popular for its habitat of rare red pandas.

      Further continuing the hike, you will cross a suspension bridge over the Langtang River and ascend gently to arrive at Rimche village, lying at the bank of the Langtang River. You will take a short break here and continue your trek through the dense forest of oaks and rhododendrons. The trek to the Lama Hotel is a wonderful opportunity for you to explore the Langtang region's diverse range of flora and fauna. Upon reaching the Lama Hotel, you will end your day with a heavy meal.

    • Day05

      Trek To Langtang Village

      Lama Hotel Elevation: 2,470m / 8,103ft

      Langtang Village Elevation: 3,430m / 11,255ft

      Trek Duration: 6 hours

      Leaving the Lama Hotel after a fulfilling breakfast, you will return to the trails that slowly start to narrow down. You will ascend the path encompassing the lush forest of oak, hemlock, and rhododendron, along with the Langtang River flowing at its pace. Langtang Lirung (7,244m/23,766ft) will play hide and seek with you as you can occasionally see this snow-capped mountain to replenish your energy.

      As you arrive at Ghoda Tabela, the narrow path starts to widen, indicating the closeness of the Langtang village. After climbing steeply from Ghoda Tabela, you will walk on the trails that will lead you to the core of the Langtang National Park, Langtang village. However, you will notice an unusual bowl-like landscape before reaching the village. This place was the old Langtang Village before the 2015 earthquake.

      Following the earthquake, the inhabitants of the region reconstructed Langtang village, which is just 100 meters above the previous one. This new hamlet consists of many upgraded facilities like flat-roofed Tibetan-styled lodgings, prayer wheels driven by flowing water, and lands for yak grazing, which will give you a cozy and relaxing vibe.

      You can rest your luggage in the teahouse and explore the village. While you are there, you can hear various ancient folks and stories from the local people that can entertain as well as enhance your knowledge about the Langtang region.

    • Day06

      Trek To Kyanjin Within Langtang Valley

      Langtang Village Elevation:3,430m / 11,255ft

      Kyanjin Gompa Elevation:3,865m / 12,675ft

      Trek Duration: 3 to 4 hours

      You will be rewarded with panoramic views of mountains early in the morning from the Langtang village. After breakfast, you will make your way toward the Kyanjin village, following the trail directed by the huge Mani wall. In the initial leg of your day, you will walk on the routes of glacial moraines and tributaries to arrive at Mundu.

      On the way, you have to pass other settlement areas like Singdum and Yamphu, which will give you an extensive view of the Himalayan lifestyle. You can't help but stare at the magnificent view of the Kinshung and Lirung icefalls before you reach Kyanjin. As you descend to your final destination, Kyanjin, the prayer flags embodied with mantras will give you a warm welcome

      After Kyanjin Gompa was constructed atop a rock that resembled camel ribs, the name Kyanjin was thought to have been retained. Jin means ribs, and kyan means camel. The center of Buddhism's cultural and religious practices is the Kyanjin Gompa. Prayer flags with mantras sewn on them surround the relic monastery, wafting in the wind and spreading the heavenly atmosphere all about. You might thus use this chance to get a sense of the monastery's tranquil atmosphere.

    • Day07

      Rest Day At Kyanjin For An Excursion And A Short Hike.

      Now that you have inclined a good amount of height up to 3,865 meters (12,675 feet) in Kyanjin, this will be your first and last day of acclimatization. As the altitude progresses, the air becomes thinner, with a low percentage of oxygen level in the air. So, your body needs to properly acclimatize to the higher altitude to avoid the symptoms of altitude sickness.

      After exhausting days of trekking, most people would rather relax, but the ambiance of Kyanjin village will encourage you to get out and explore the area further, including going on several side detours. One of the most popular events for acclimatization is climbing Kyanjin Ri (4,773m/ 15,655 ft).

      Kyanjin Ri is a tiny hill northeast of Kyanjin Gumba. From the top, you can see a wide range of mountains, including Langtang Lirung, Langtang Ri, Dorje Lakpa, Loenpo Gang, Changbu, Gangchenpo, Morimoto, Yala Peak, Ganjala Peak, Ganjala Pass, and many more.

      After descending from Kyanjin Ri, you can stroll around the monasteries and taste the cheese made in the oldest cheese factory in Nepal. If you make this tour in spring, then you will able to witness the amazing sight of yak grazing.

    • Day08

      Trek To Yala Peak Base Camp

      Kyanjin Gompa Elevation:3,865m / 12,675ft

      Yala Peak Base Camp Elevation: 4,600m/15,093ft

      Trek Duration: 6 to 7 hours

      As you are just one step behind from climbing the amazing Yala Peak, you must be having Adrenaline rush as you are making your way through the Kyanjin Gompa to Yala base camp today.

      You will start to ascend up through the terrains of the rocky glacial gradually. This might be quite challenging compared to the previous day's trek. But the close-up view of Ganchenpo, Naya Kang, Tserko Ri, and mighty Yala Peak will make you feel the worth of the difficult journey. Subsequently, you will assist other fellow climbers and guides in setting up the tent in the base camp.

    • Day09

      Spare Day Preparation For The Climb Of Yala Peak

      You will be climbing the mighty Yala Peak tomorrow. It is essential to be fully prepared for the climb. So, we have allocated an entire day for you to make the necessary preparations for the Yala Peak climbing.

      Our guides will demonstrate to you some of the basic climbing techniques which you have to follow. Moreover, they will give you instructions on how to make use of the equipment like karabiners, harnesses, crampons, ice axes, etc properly. You will be learning some rappelling and belaying skills to navigate the snow and slopes. These prerequisite skills will boost your confidence for tomorrow's climb and give you a general overview of what the Yala Peak climbing will look like.

    • Day10

      Climb To The Summit Of The Yala Peak And Return To The Base Camp

      Yala Peak Base Camp Elevation: 4,600m/15,093ft

      Yala Peak Elevation: 5,500m/18,046ft

      Climb Duration: 8 to 9 hours

      Finally, today is the most awaited day when you will reach the summit of the Yala Peak. The excitement must be flowing all over your body. So, maintaining the same excitement level, you will set out early in the morning for the climb from the base camp. The weather in the mountains can be unpredictable during the day due to strong winds so starting the climb before dawn is the safer option.

      You will walk on the path covered with snow. Our guides will help you all along the path for safe expeditions. After pushing yourself through the snowy and steep route, you will finally arrive at the flat summit of the Yala Peak. As you reach the summit, your face will lit up with a big grin of smile. The breathtaking 360-degree views of the Langtang Lirung, Dorje Lakpa, Ganchenpo, Naya Kang, Tserko Ri, and other mountains will only put the cherry on top to your satisfaction that comes with conquering the summit of the Yala Peak.

      Do not forget to capture this heart-pounding experience on camera. After staring at the picturesque view of the snow-capped mountains from the summit, it is time to descend back to the base camp. Upon returning to the base camp, you can celebrate the joy of a successful ascend by having hot soups and a heavy dinner.

    • Day11

      Trek To Kyanjin Gompa

      Yala Peak Elevation: 5,500m/18,046ft

      Kyanjin Gompa Elevation: 3,865m / 12,675ft

      Trek Duration: 5 to 6 hours

      Now, it is time to retrace the same path that will lead you toward the Buddhism-reflecting village, Kyanjin Gompa. You will descend the steep glacial terrains, but the downhill will be a lot more easier. As the glacial terrains are disappearing, you will notice that the mani walls and prayer flags are waving at you from the Kyanjin Gompa.

    • Day12

      Trek To Lama Hotel

      Kyanjin Gompa Elevation:3,865m / 12,675ft

      Lama Hotel Elevation: 2,470m / 8,103ft

      Trek Duration: 6 to 7 hours

      On this day, you will head out from Kyanjin village by bidding goodbye to the upper highlands. Descending from the high altitude, you will follow the route that passes the Langtang village. Then, you will slowly make your way through the lush forest of oaks and rhododendrons, advancing through the village of Ghoda Tabela to arrive at Lama Hotel. Today, trekking involves long durations of walking so you can stretch out your body and end the day by resting at a teahouse in the Lama Hotel.

    • Day13

      Trek To Syabrubesi

      Lama Hotel Elevation: 2,470m / 8,103ft

      Syabrubesi Elevation: 1,503m / 4,655 ft

      Trek Duration: 6 hours

      After having a light breakfast in the morning, you will head back to Syabrubesi. You can either choose the route of Rimche village or take another route of Chilime Hydropower Plant at the Sherpa Gaon. Both routes are a package of delight that gives you more exploration of the Langtang region. Following the pleasant trail, you will reach Syabrubesi, where you will stay overnight before embarking on the bus ride tomorrow.

    • Day14

      Drive Back To Kathmandu And Transfer To Hotel

      Today marks the last day of your Yala Peak climbing. You will board the bus that connects you to the bustling city of Kathmandu via the Prithvi highway. You can enjoy the pasturelands, meadows, fast-flowing rivers, and distant views of the mountains before arriving at Kathmandu.

      You will be escorted to your allotted hotels where you can have a sound sleep to reduce all the fatigue of climbing and trekking. If you want to use the remaining time on your hands to explore the Kathmandu valley more, then you can visit the Thamel area, which will show you the sparkly and vibrant nightlife of Kathmandu.

    • Day15

      Depart Kathmandu For International Departure Homeward Bound

      By packing all the memories we created in the Yala Peak climbing journey, you will board the flight that will take you to your home country. We wish you a safe flight and hope that you will connect with us again in your next adventure in Nepal.

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    Cost Details

    What's Included in Yala Peak Climbing

    • Airport pickup and drop by private vehicle.
    • Three night’s tourist standard twin sharing Hotel in Kathmandu with breakfast.
    • Three meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) during the Trek and Camping
    • Fresh fruit every evening after the dinner.
    • Trekking lodge (Tea House) and Camping accommodations.
    • All necessary paper works Langtang National park Entry permit and Trekker’s Information Management System (TIMS) permit.
    • Yala Peak climbing permit.
    • Climbing equipments.
    • Kathmandu- Shyprubesi – Kathmandu transports by bus
    • A highly experience, helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, English speaking, well trained, Government License holder Climbing guide. His salary, food, drinks, accommodation, transport and insurance will be included.
    • Necessary Porter.
    • Comprehensive medical supplies (first aid kit will be available)
    • Arrangement of Emergency Helicopter service (paid by your Travel Insurance Company).
    • Use of sleeping bag, down Jacket and Duffel bag. (If you don’t have your own, need to return after trip completed.)
    • Eco Holidays Nepal T-shirt and cap.
    • Government taxes and official expenses.
    • Route map.
    • Guided Kathmandu sightseeing tour with private vehicle.
    • Oximeter to check your pulse and oxygen saturation and heart rate twice daily. (Very useful to check Altitude Mountain Sickness (AMS) symptoms.) Thus, this will ensure your trek in the safest hands possible for all levels of trekker.
    • Farewell dinner.

    What's Excluded in Yala Peak Climbing

    • Meals whilst you are in Kathmandu Lunch and Dinner.
    • Your Travel and Medical Insurance.
    • Personal climbing equipments. Can be rented $ 140.
    • Your Personal Expenses.
    • All the alcoholic and non-alcoholic cold and hot drinks on trek. (Those you choose to purchase along the way and during evenings in the Tea Houses.)
    • All desserts sweet things like chocolate, cake, pie, pudding.
    • Hot shower and battery charging on the tea houses.
    • Kathmandu sightseeing monument entrance fees ($25 USD per person).
    • Extra night’s hotel in Kathmandu.
    • Private transports on require during the trek.

    Departure Dates & Price

    No group joining date available! you can make a request for private date? Enquire Us

    Essential Information

    Necessity Of Travel Insurance:

    Necessity Of Travel Insurance for yala peak climbing

    When planning your trip with Eco Holidays Nepal, getting insured by travel insurance is mandatory. You are transversing the path of mountains, so any accidents and mishaps is possible. Getting an insurance policy will not only mitigate the risk but also transfer the financial burden to the insurance company.

    Moreover, you have to get an insurance policy from a reliable company that covers all your hospital bills, medical expenses, air ambulance, and evacuation costs. It is better if you add the clause of cancellation cost because most of the insurer do not has this service. Covering the cancellation cost allows you to have flexibility in your schedule in case you have to cancel the plan due to personal or other reasons.

    What Do You Need To Pack?

    What Do You Need To Pack


    • Moisture-wicking Base layers
    • down-insulating thermal
    • down jackets
    • Waterproof and windproof Hardshell jacket and pants
    • Waterproof mountaineering gloves
    • Liner gloves
    • Woolen Hat or beanie
    • Balaclava or neck gaiter
    • Extra pairs of moisture-wicking socks
    • Extra pairs of underwear


    • Backpack, Duffle bags
    • waterproof pack cover
    • Climbing pack for summit pushes
    • Trekking poles
    • Sunglasses, Sunscreen with high SPF, Lip balm
    • Personal toiletries
    • Hygiene products
    • Trekking towel, wet wipes
    • Camera and extra batteries, Chargers
    • Sleeping bags
    • High-energy snacks and meals
    • Water purification tablets


    • Sturdy, comfortable hiking boots
    • Insulated, rigid soles mountaineering boots
    • Sandals to use in teahouses

    Climbing Gear

    • Climbing harness, Crampons, Ropes, and Carabiners
    • Ice axe, Helmet
    • Belay device
    • Climbing hardware and protection
    • Snow pickets and Snow shovels
    • Avalanche probe
    • Glacier glasses with UV protection
    • Headlamp with extra batteries
    • Personal locator beacon (PLB) or satellite communicator

    Altitude Sickness

    One of the common effects that you face while climbing mountains is altitude sickness. When your body cannot adapt to the lower level of oxygen in the air, then you will feel the symptoms of altitude sickness like headache, fatigue, shortness of breath, insomnia, and many more.

    Moreover, you have to rise to an altitude of 5500 m at the summit of Yala Peak so you can fall prey to the altitude sickness. In case you feel any symptoms of AMS then you have to inform the guide immediately. On top of that, you must keep yourself hydrated by taking about 3 to 4 liters of water to minimize the risks of altitude sicknes.

    Guides And Porters

    guide and porters for Yala Peak Climbing

    The 15-day Yala Peak Climbing package that we are offering you is inclusive of porters and guides. Our guides are well-certified, knowledgeable, and experienced in climbing who will navigate the trails while trekking and climbing. Their friendly nature with English speaking quality will make your journey more interesting as they will be able to communicate with you properly. Additionally, they will provide you with information about the history and culture of the region to make you connect with Langtang more.

    Furthermore, the porters that we will provide you are well equipped and experienced in these fields. They will reduce the weight of luggage and equipment from your back, allowing you to trek and climb more freely with ease.

    FAQs relating to the Yala Peak Climbing

    Do I need prior climbing experience for the Yala Peak Climbing?

    No, you do not need prior climbing experience for the Yala Peak GClimbing. However, if you have, then it will be beneficial for you during the climb.

    What are the permits required for Yala Peak Climbing?

    You need to obtain three permits to complete your Yala Peak expedition.

    1. Langtang National Park Permit
    2. TIMS Card
    3. Yala Peak Climbing Permit

    How can I prepare myself physically for Yala Peak Climbing?

    You can train with some stamina-boosting exercises like swimming, hiking, and cardiovascular exercises to prepare physically for Yala Peak Climbing.

    Are there any medical services available along the trail of Yala Peak?

    In the lower altitudes, you can find some basic health facilities but as you progress to higher altitudes there aren't many medical services.

    Are there facilities for buying or renting equipment and gear in Nepal?

    Yes, you can either buy or rent equipment in Nepal.