Why Trekking in Tibet?
Tibet is a land of mysteries travelled by traders and explorers since ancient times. The land of Tibet is popularly known as the roof of the world. The Tibetan Plateau is famous for the vast mountain ranges including the snow capped mountain peaks of Mt. Everest(you may read: Where is mount Everest located?), Makalu, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, and Shishapangma.

The rugged terrain of Tibet gets beautifully complemented by the glacial lakes. These factors make Tibet a great trekking destination. The routes offered in the region are some of the best in the world. Trekking in Tibet is ideal for all skill levels. Anyone from an experienced trekker with years of experience to a beginner can complete the treks in the Tibet region.

Trekking is ideal in the rugged landscapes of Tibet. The cultural exploration of the place is another highlight of the trek. You can embark on a tour of the traditional villages and the nomadic yak herders settlement. The treks in Tibet are generally short and range between 3 and 7 days.

Foreign travelers require a Chinese Visa issued by Chinese Embassy. They also require a Tibet Travel Permit issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau. Besides that, no independent tours and treks are allowed in Tibet and hence budget backpacking is not possible in Tibet. A travel guide must accompany you at all times.

The foreign trekkers must go on a trekking tour organized by a tour and travel company. The tours and travel company provides a guide, a driver, travel permits, and other documents. The trekking adventure is easy in Tibet as the travel company arranges all the necessary items. However, you should book early at least 6 to 8 weeks prior to the trip.

The trekking season starts from late April and extends to late October. The treks in Tibet is a high altitude trek that moves along 5000 meters at all times. The Tibet sees extremely cold temperatures and snow covered passes in the region. The treks after the month of October is not favourable. May, June and October are the best months to trek in Tibet with dry, and clear weather.

The wonderful trekking experience takes you to the hidden regions of Tibet and across the lovely Tibetan settlements. There are three types of trekking in Tibet including the Tibet pilgrimage trek, Tibet sightseeing trek, and Tibet Tibet cultural trek. Mt. Kailash, and Lake Manasarovar are the pilgrimage treks in Tibet.

Some of the most popular treks in the Tibet region is the Mt. Kailash Trek, Lake Manasarovar Kora, Tingri to Everest Base Camp Trek, Shalu to Nartang Trek, Tsurphu to Yangpachen Trek, Ganden to Samye Trek, Everest Advanced Base Camp Trek, Nyenchen Tanglha Traverse and others.

Adventure travelers seek to trek the inaccessible trekking routes of the region. Trekking above the 5000 meters is always a challenge. But with proper fitness, preparation, training, and will power, one can complete the trekking adventure in Tibet with ease.

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