Nepal is a small country in Asia but more than 100 ethnic people living here harmoniously. Religious and cultural tolerance is the distinctive feature of Nepalese. Nepal never underwent religious and cultural violence before. So the harmony can be found in the foods and cuisines too.

Foods and cuisines are also one of the most important thing that you experience while your Holidays to Nepal. Nepalese people have their own variety of cuisines to offer and to enjoy. All the items they offer are world-class and organic. If you are make a trekking trip in the mountain, you can experience the true flavor of typical Nepalese cuisine.

As the topography varies, Nepal has a great variety of food items to enjoy. If we go the Terai region, people are found having different food items like bread, tea, curry and spices. Similarly, if we go to Hilly region, we have the food like Dal Bhat and curry, breads, tea, coffee, noodles, dumpling, chowmein and the like.

And if we climb to the mountain, we get the food items like hot soups, tea and coffee, Thukpa, porridge, noodles soup and the like. So, Nepalese enjoy the food items according to its geography.

But in cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Besisahar has the food items with the international standard menu. Basically, in Kathmandu and Pokhara, tourists can enjoy the food they like. There are Chinese, Japanese, French, European, Nepali, Indian and other various types of restaurants that serve world-class cuisines that you really want to enjoy.

Among various ethnic groups’ cuisines in Nepal, Gurung, Newari and Thakali food items are very popular among domestic and international tourists. There are many Newari, Gurung and Thakali restaurants in Pokhara and Kathmandu.

Newari Foods and cuisines are special from meat to vegetables to bean items where main course is beaten rice taken with various home-made pickles from radish-meats or peas, with pancakes made from lentil flour added with eggs and meat toppings enjoyed with hot and spicy curry.

You can try Thakali and Newari item of foods once and you will find once is not enough.

Talking about mountain cuisine, we do not get a great variety of food items in the Himalayas while trekking in Nepal. The major food items we are going to enjoy in the mountain are bread items, noodles, Dal Bhat and Curry, dumpling, Thukpa, porridge, etc. But, in the major trekking regions like Langtang, Annapurna and Everest, we can enjoy almost all variety of food items.

Nepalese favorite and the basic meal is a famous Dal-Bhat (boiled rice with various lentil soups served with cooked various vegetable items as per season which includes hot spicy sauce and pickles.

Besides Dal-Bhat, freshly made breads from wheat and corn flour added with Dal or curry are served.  Presently,  Momo is the most popular among Nepalese especially around urban areas. Similarly, on the religious and cultural occasions different cuisines(from the regular one) are prepared. So, do not miss these ocassional cuisines.

Indian and Chinese cuisine comes next as favorite meals among city and town folks from various Biryani and Pilau rice to Tandoori breads and meats, with favorite Chinese dishes noodles (soup to fried) includes many other to add on the food list of Nepal.

So, visit Nepal and experience new flavours of our country seeing mountains and landscapes.