'In Himalayan Kingdom of Thundering Dragon enriched with amazing culture and scenery’

Tour in Bhutan leads you to last and only Himalayan Kingdom, where you will enthralled with its age-old culture of rich colorful heritage, a country where one must experience its beautiful and scenic country once in a lifetime.

Bhutan a small kingdom located Far North East Himalaya close to Northern of Sikkim and West Bengal, Assam states of India as well with Bangladesh, a landlocked country full of white snow capped snow peaks, rolling green hills and beautiful valley which makes excellent home for endangered black-necked crane and other exotic bird-life and wild animals.

The Tour leads from the capital Kathmandu of Nepal flying in Bhutan national carrier called Druk Airlines, with terrific Himalayan mountain views all along air journey till you land at Paro  Bhutan International Airport.

Tour takes you to famous landmark Taksang Monastery known as Tiger’s Nest located in a overhanging caves of high cliff with other impressive places includes 17th century Ta-Dzong, and Druk Gyaldzong, and then scenic drive to Thimphu catching traditional rural farm life of great interest with overnights in Bhutan capital city at Thimphu the only city without traffic lights.

Finally our tour ends at Thimpu, then we take a drive Paro for flight back to your respective countries or back to Nepal. After a most amazing time in Bhutan, a country enriched with fascinating culture and colorful festivals, travelers can move to their own destiantion.

Tour in Bhutan Package(s)