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    Best Tour in Nepal

    Best Tour in Nepal

    • Destination
    • Durations
      9 days
    • Max. People
    • Trip Mode:
      In Hotels-Jungle Lodge / Resorts.
    • Areas of Tour
      Kathmandu-Chitwan-Lumbini and Pokhara city.
    • Mode of transport
      Overland journey within scenic areas of Nepal.
    • Total Trip
      08 Nights and 09 Days Kathmandu to Kathmandu.


    • Explore the world heritage sites within Kathmandu Valley and the cities of Patan and Bhaktapur.
    • Witness the beautiful rural towns and hamlets and explore its culture.
    • Visit many ancient temples and monasteries with its vibrant culture.
    • Enjoy watching rare wildlife during the jungle safari at Chitwan National Park.
    • Get a chance to visit the most revered Buddhist pilgrimage site at Lumbini.
    • Get exquisite views of the Himalayas and sunrise views in Pokhara.
    • Learn about the diverse culture and lifestyle of Nepal in both urban and rural settings.

    Best Tour in Nepal 9 days

    Lumbini Tour in Nepal

    Nepal is a hub for religious and cultural exploration. The country holds an ancient and very interesting history and it is reflected in many places around the country. We bring you a Nepal View tour that will be the best tour in Nepal for you. We combine many popular tourist destinations in Nepal and give you a guided tour of it. This will take 9 days to complete and will be the best tour in Nepal.

    You can observe the vibrant culture of Nepal and its people up close on this tour. We will take you to explore the historical town of Kathmandu itself. Along with that, we visit many nearby cities and other historical places Nepal has to offer. Hence, this will definitely be one of the best tours in Nepal.

    We will begin the trip from Kathmandu and visit many other different locations. The tour ends with a return to Kathmandu as well. First, we will explore Kathmandu. We will be visiting many ancient monuments and places of religious significance. Nepal houses many world heritage sites enlisted in UNESCO. These sites are a great reflection of Nepal’s Hinduism and Buddhism.

    Apart from such sites in Kathmandu, we will also get to see the beautiful city of lakes, Pokhara. The aesthetically pleasing valley welcomes you with its verdant lakes and mountain vistas. You can see the Annapurna and Machhapucchre mountains reflect on the Begnas and Phewa lakes. We will also get to the viewpoint at Sarangkot and watch the sunrise vistas of the Himalayas.

    After Pokhara, our trip continues on to the plains of Nepal. We will move to the lush forests of the south in Chitwan. Chitwan is a place filled with beautiful, dense tropical forests in Nepal’s southern plains. It houses several wildlife species and exotic birds. You get to explore all these in the jungle safari.

    Following that, we head to the Far Midwest and go to Lumbini, known for being the birthplace of Buddha. Here lies many historical and religious artifacts significant to Buddhist pilgrims. Then, we head back to Kathmandu to conclude our trip.

    • Day01

      Reach Kathmandu via various international airlines and transfer to the hotel.

      Our 9-day long trip begins with your arrival in Kathmandu. Our team will receive you at the Tribhuwan International Airport and transfer you to your hotels. You will be staying in a suitable hotel within Kathmandu itself. After you are checked into your hotel rooms, you can get refreshed from the jet lag. Most of the day after arrival is time off for relaxation for you. You will meet other people, and you might be traveling within a group.

      Our team will also ensure to brief you about places you will visit during this 9-day trip. You will learn about the places and their history and culture. They will make sure you know about the dos and dont’s of the trip.

    • Day02

      In Kathmandu, with a sightseeing tour.

      Today will be a day filled with excursions around Kathmandu. We will begin with breakfast and leave for Pashupathinath Temple. This site is a highly revered holy site for Hindu Pilgrims. It lies 5km east of the center of Kathmandu and is quite near the international airport. The temple pays heed to the god Shiva or Pashupatinath. It is two-tiered and is built with golden roofs and silver doors. The architecture of this temple is quite popular. You will find many people performing rituals of worship early in the morning. Many people perform rituals even at the bank of the Bagmati river that lies alongside the temple.

      The main temple premise is entry only for Hindus. However, you will be able to observe the vicinity of the temple, which is quite huge. Similarly, you can watch religious activities that happen on a large scale nearby and on the banks of the river.

      After our tour of the temple, we leave for Bouddhanath stupa. It lies near Pashupatinath, a few kilometers northeast. The stupa is an ancient monument that is one of the biggest in the world. People famously call it “Little Tibet.” This is due to a lot of people of Tibetan culture and origin residing in its vicinity.

      Following the tour of Bouddhanath, we will head towards the Durbar Square of Kathmandu. The place is a cultural heritage site that used to be an ancient palace. This was hope for the royal Malla kings and Shah kings who overthrew them. The palace has courtyards, buildings, and various temples.

      Nearby the palace, you will also find the Kastha Mandap near the temple of Kumari. They were built in 1596 AD as a unique type of wooden temple design called Maru Satal by King Laxmi Narsingh Malla. The temple was made up of a single tree, which translates to “Kastha Mandap.” It is believed the name Kathmandu was derived from this temple itself.

      Before the day ends, we will head to the Swayambhunath temple or the Monkey temple. This is one of the most primitive Buddhist Chaityas you can find in Kathmandu or in Nepal. It has also been enlisted as a world heritage site. The stupa is housed at the top of a hill, and you can see the city from it. It will be a great place to witness the sunset.

      Following a fantastic all-day tour of Kathmandu, you will have a free evening. After that, you will have supper at a lovely restaurant back at the hotel.

    • Day03

      Drive to Pokhara 860 m and transfer to hotel – 06 hrs journey.

      After a day full of exploration in Kathmandu, we will change our location. Today, we will be heading to Pokhara, the stunning city of lakes. Today's journey will be through picturesque paths that curve alongside Nepal's hills on a meandering road. As you travel the Prithvi Highway, you will see numerous hills, rivers, and villages.

      The stunning Himalayan scene in the background of the city will greet you after a six-hour drive. Numerous lakes may be seen, including the captivating Phewa Lake, in the city's heart. For the day, we'll be based in one of the hotels that lie in the lakeside of the city’s center.

      The city is home to a number of tourist destinations, including places recognized as natural and cultural heritage. Numerous lakes, caves, temples, stupas, viewtowers, etc. can be found there. In the next few days, we'll go to a few of these locations.

    • Day04

      Sarankot for sunrise, mountain views, and a tour of Pokhara.

      Today will be a day full of exploration of the city of lakes. Early in the morning, we will take a short drive to the summit of Sarankot Hill. In the morning, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the sunrise over the Dhaulagiri-Annapurna range and Mount Manaslu.

      Additionally, you will be treated to soaring vistas of Lake Phewa, a famous paragliding destination. You will also see the picturesque Pokhara Valley from the hilltop.

      After the hilltop sightseeing, we will return to the hotel. Then we will have a day full or exploration around the city. We will have lunch and set to explore the attraction sites. On our lists are the Seti Gorge, Davis/Devi, or Paatale Chhago Water Falls in Pokhara. We will also go to the Peace Stupa and local marketplaces not close to the main tourist area.

      Then, we will get back to our hotel and get ready to leave Pokhara for Chitwan the next day.

    • Day05

      Chitwan National Park on the lowland of Mid South – 05 hrs.

      Our next stop is towards the plain in the south. After Pokhara, you will head to Chitwan by driving for almost five hours on the main highway. You will see the road which follows the Trisuli River mostly south. Chitwan is comparatively warmer than the hills of Kathmandu and Pokhara. So make sure you pack your light clothes, especially if you travel during warmer seasons.

      A manager, jungle guide, or naturalist will greet you at Chitwan. The details of your stay in Chitwan, including programs and activities in the forest, will then be explained to you. You will spend the night in a hotel or resort close to the Chitwan National Park. Be ready to have an adventurous day in the jungles of Nepal the next day.

    • Day06

      In Chitwan full-day jungle safari.

      There will be a variety of programs involving activities in the jungle for the entire day. We will begin early in the morning before breakfast. Enjoy a morning or late afternoon with a jungle safari, which includes a Jeep ride into the woods. Options for a tour by walking and elephant back riding are also available. After that, you will have breakfast and have some time off.

      Then, you will also have birdwatching walks. You will be on a canoe ride to spot crocodiles and water birds and a forest drive with entertaining elephant bathing. Visit the elephant breeding center as well.

      To prepare for the day, take a few hours of relaxation in the afternoon. Prepare for another jungle activity after rest hours. Before dinner in the evening, you will be treated to local Tharu folk dance performances. Prepare to engulf yourselves with the locals and have fun. This will mark the end of day 6.

    • Day07

      Drive to the famous Lumbini and transfer to the hotel.

      Following a fantastic, thrilling, and enjoyable stay in Chitwan, we will head to our next stop. After breakfast, we will drive to the well-known Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha. The drive takes you west through Nepal's low, flat plains. Then, we move into the Rupandehi district of Lumbini, where the weather is considerably warmer.

      After arriving, we will check into a lovely hotel or resort. You may then spend the afternoon wandering around Lumbini’s streets adjacent to the sacred sites. You'll see that the locals have a strong Indian impact on their way of life. The borders of India are only a short distance away, influencing the local culture.

    • Day08

      Morning tour of Lumbini ancient sites and drive to Bhairawa for a flight back to Kathmandu.

      Today, we will spend the day visiting many places. First, we will visit historical landmarks and the birthplaces of Lord Buddha in the morning. The founder of Buddhism, Gautaum Buddha, is believed to have been born here in the sixth century BC. There are many historical and religious artifacts commemorating his life in Lumbini.

      When Emperor Asoka, or Piyadasi, converted to Buddhism in 249 BC, he visited Lumbini. He also built four stupas as well as a stone pillar. Asoka's Pillar is inscribed with the following translation: "King Piyadasi (Asoka), beloved of devas, in the 20 years of the coronation, himself made a royal visit, Buddha Sakyamuni having been born here, a stone railing was built and a stone pillar erected to the Bhagavan [“blessed one”] having been born here. Lumbini village was taxed reduced and entitled to eight parts”.

      Lumbini was once again rediscovered in 1895 by a German archaeologist. He did so by recognizing the Ashoka's Pillar. This highly revered location was also located through records kept by the Chinese pilgrim Fa Xian. In 1997, Lumbini received the designation of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

      You will visit the Ashoka Pillar, Mayadevi Garden, and museums in the vicinity. Soak in the tranquility of this peaceful location.

      In the afternoon, we will try to leave Lumbini. Per the Kathmandu flight schedule, we will travel to the Gautam Buddha airport in Bhairawa. From there, take a 50-minute flight to return to Kathmandu. The flight will be scenic, and you can admire a breathtaking aerial view of the Annapurna peaks and other peaks in the Himalayan range.

      Spend your final night in this land of immense cultural diversity for the last time in Nepal. After arrival at the domestic airport, you will be checking into your accommodation. The adventurous times you had in Nepal come to an end soon.

    • Day09

      Depart Kathmandu for international departure homeward bound.

      All good things must come to an end, the same applies to this tour. However, the Nepal View Tour will leave you with unforgettable memories and an exhilarating experience. On your last day in this land of Himalayan wonders, our crew and guides will drive you to the international airport in Kathmandu. You can then board your flight and continue on to your next destination or return home.

    Cost Details

    What's Included in Best Tour in Nepal

    • Private vehicle for pick up and drop off at the airport.
    • Three-star hotel accommodations for twin sharing in Kathmandu, including breakfast.
    • A qualified tour guide while on a city tour.
    • Private transportation for the Pokhara and Kathmandu city tours.
    • Two nights at a three-star Pokhara hotel, including breakfast.
    • Travel voucher from Lumbini to Kathmandu.
    • 3-star hotel in Lumbini for one night, including breakfast.
    • Three days and two nights of jungle safaris at a three-star hotel in full (breakfast, lunch, supper, lodging, jeep ride, canoe excursion, cost of the jungle tour, and additional programs, such as a two-night, three-day package)
    • By tourist bus, the trip to Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, and Lumbini.
    • Every official document that is needed for the tour.
    • Dinner and cultural entertainment on the last day to say goodbye.
    • Eco Holidays Nepal hat and tee

    What's Excluded in Best Tour in Nepal

    • Meals while visiting Lumbini, Pokhara, and Kathmandu. (Dinner and lunch).
    • Fee for entering Nepal (visa can be obtained easily at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu). The visa is USD 25 for 15 days.
    • Your health and travel insurance.
    • Travel abroad by air.
    • Your individual extravagant expenses.
    • Admission permit costs for the city tour.
    • If you use a private vehicle, rather than a tourist bus, to go from Kathmandu to Pokhara, Chitwan, and Lumbini.
    • All cold and hot drinks, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic, that you choose to buy on the road and in the hotel rooms during the evenings.
    • Desserts are all sweet foods, such as pudding, cake, pie and chocolate.
    • Extras that are not included in the tour package.
    • Gratuities for the driver and guide (tipping is customary)
    • An additional hotel night in Kathmandu.

    Departure Dates & Price

    Select a departure month

    • Start Date17th Jul 2024
      End Date25th Jul 2024
      USD 780Per person
      availableGroup Joining Available
    • Start Date23rd Jul 2024
      End Date31st Jul 2024
      USD 780Per person
      availableGroup Joining Available
    • Start Date29th Jul 2024
      End Date6th Aug 2024
      USD 780Per person
      availableGroup Joining Available
    • Start Date5th Aug 2024
      End Date13th Aug 2024
      USD 780Per person
      availableGroup Joining Available
    • Start Date13th Aug 2024
      End Date21st Aug 2024
      USD 780Per person
      availableGroup Joining Available
    • Start Date19th Aug 2024
      End Date27th Aug 2024
      USD 780Per person
      guaranteedGroup Joining Available
    • Start Date26th Aug 2024
      End Date3rd Sep 2024
      USD 780Per person
      availableGroup Joining Available
    • Start Date4th Sep 2024
      End Date12th Sep 2024
      USD 780Per person
      availableGroup Joining Available
    • Start Date10th Sep 2024
      End Date18th Sep 2024
      USD 780Per person
      availableGroup Joining Available
    • Start Date15th Sep 2024
      End Date23rd Sep 2024
      USD 780Per person
      availableGroup Joining Available
    • Start Date21st Sep 2024
      End Date29th Sep 2024
      USD 780Per person
      availableGroup Joining Available
    • Start Date28th Sep 2024
      End Date6th Oct 2024
      USD 780Per person
      availableGroup Joining Available

    Essential Information

    Best Time

    Any time of the year except monsoon that occurs from mid-June to mid-September is suitable. Recently, monsoon has been lasting upto October, so make sure you check the weather predictions.

    Monsoon makes traveling quite messy and makes trips to the south quite uncomfortable. The heat is quite unbearable, and there is a high chance of insect bites. Moreover, Chitwan is amidst a jungle, and going on a tour there would just be very uncomfortable during monsoon.

    The best time to see clear views is from March to May. This is when the vistas of the mountains are excellent, and wildflowers blossom in the afternoon. The days are going to be nice with cooler morning and evening temperatures. Because of the excellent views of the peaks, October through December is also the greatest season to visit Nepal. It might be chilly in the morning and night on days with strong sunlight.

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