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    Top 10 Best places to visit in Nepal in Winter

    You might be thinking of a great way to spend the winter holidays in Nepal, the land of the best Himalayas. If so, but you are still indecisive about how to proceed, think no more and gear up for an unforgettable experience. Winters are already here, and you should be abreast of some of the best places in Nepal that suit you well for your maximum exploration. Here we present a comprehensive summary of some of the most visited places during summer. Planning a trip to those places the wintertime will defy certain misconceptions about touring Nepal during the cold season. Read on to learn more about the best places to visit in Nepal in winter.     

    Nepal: The Land of Diversities

    Nepal  The Land of Diversities

    Nepal(the place where Mount Everest is located) is a land of diversity which depicts its cultural and geographical factors as recognizable conglomerations. Geographically and culturally, Nepal is a great admixture of variations that maintain its distinct features. Just as the seven colors of the Rainbow merge to emerge as a white streak of light, the presence of varying terrains of land and people of different ethnicity lifts the curtain to one of the most celebrated hill nations in the world. 

    With many best places to visit in Nepal in winter, it remains a hot destination for multitudes. That is why travelers keep flocking here throughout the year and even during the wintertime to feel and experiment with the specific connotation that makes this region a global destination of repute. 

    Outing in summer is relatively taxing and energy-sapping though it is no better in the winter tour. One additional benefit of a winter vacation is the sparse crowd, off-season rates, and an opportunity to interact with the locals more freely and generously.  

    You would have to agree with the locals when they say that one lifetime is insufficient to explore their homeland's intricate and stunning beauty fully. Maybe they are not too far away from the truth, as you would see and come to know of it. 

    Best Places to Visit in Nepal in Winter 

    A trip to Nepal in winter is what most trek enthusiasts and adventure junkies look forward to. To vet their appetite, we list the ten best places to visit in Nepal in winter. Read on! 

    Poon Hill 

    It is a short trekking destination for the trek lovers. Situated at 3,210 meters above the mean sea level, it provides a spectacular view of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges. The trail to this mountainous area is covered with the dense rhododendron forest as an amazing landscape; It has become one of the best winter destinations in Nepal to explore to the fullest. 

    As this trekking in Nepal progresses, one would come across the terraces used for cultivating rice, and so are enchanting waterfalls in this region. From the top of Poon Hill, one can get a fabulous view of the Nilgiri, Annapurna I, Annapurna South, the Dhaulagiri, the Fishtail, and the Hiunchuli Mountains. 

    How to reach Poon Hill from Kathmandu?

    It is located at a distance of 270 km from the capital city of Kathmandu. Regular bus services are available to and fro this place. For exclusivity, tourists often use private cab services to reach this place. 



    This hilltop gives a panoramic view of the Dhaulagiri on the west and the imposing Kanchenjunga on the east. Located at an altitude of 2,100 meters approx. Above the sea level, Nagarkot is to the northeast of Kathmandu. In winter, it is one of the best places to visit in Nepal to witness the glorious views of Sunrise and Sunset. That is why the Nagarkot sunrise tour is quite famous among foreign tourists.

    Nagarkot Falls is one of the most beautiful places in Nepal, near Kathmandu. It is also the best refreshments location for those looking for a quieter place. Enjoy the sought-after solitude in Nagarkot hiking with your family and friends. 

    How to reach Nagarkot from Kathmandu?

    It is located at a distance of 32 km from Kathmandu city. Regular bus services and or cab services are available for and to Nagarkot. This journey takes roughly under an hour. 



    A visit to Kakani gives great pleasure in the scenic beauty it has to offer to the tourists. This friendly site provides wonderful views of scenic mountains like Ganesh Himal, Langtang, and the Annapurnas.

    In Kakani, you can also observe the local people's natural beauty and cultural splendor. In this lovely hill village, you can take a short hike, visit the strawberry farms, and taste local cuisines, fresh cheese, and other delicacies. 


    This is a tranquil destination in Nepal with an abundance of lakes, mountain backdrops, lush green landscapes, and a plethora of sports of the adventure kind. Interestingly, a museum is dedicated to the Gurkha soldiers, famous for their bravery and fighting spirit in the British/ Indian Army. 

    The place is full of numerous temples for religious-minded people. The stupas here are special attractions throughout the year. Pokhara is like the gateway to the Annapurna trekking region. Trekkers through this area consider it customary to pray at one of the temples before embarking on their trekking adventures. Those interested in adventure sports can try paragliding, skydiving, bungee jumps, or rock climbing. It also attracts avid bird watchers. 

    How to reach Pokhara from Kathmandu?
    It is located at around 200 km and is accessible by air or bus, or even cab services. The night tourist buses are the best options to choose from.


    Bandipur Hill

    A medium-altitude destination, Bandipur is one of Nepal's top places to visit in winter. This is the ideal place to enjoy the culture, traditions, and customs of local Newars. The place is well known for its various temples, pagodas, and stupas. 

    Bandipur is also famous for its silk rearing. Tourists can visit various silk farms and enjoy the process of silk cultivation and extraction. As Bandipur is at a medium altitude, the winters are not too harsh, allowing for wholesome entertainment in various activities like hiking, downhill trekking, cave exploration, etc. 

    How to reach Bandipur from Kathmandu?
    It is located at a distance of 148 Km from Kathmandu and is accessible by bus or cab services. The journey would take roughly about 5 hours. 


    Chitwan National Park

    The people who are under belief that Nepal is one continuum of mountains take a tour to Chitwan. The Chitwan National Park is a world-recognized mustard cultivation spot. Apart from the park, Chitwan is famous for its palaces, forts, lakes, shopping areas, and a host of adventure sports like Jungle Safari.

    It has deep forest wealth rich with the leopard population. Be careful not to venture alone into these forests without the help of a local guide. The unique cuisine of the land is worth trying out. The special dish of this area is spicy fried goat served with a cherry. 

    How to reach Chitwan from Kathmandu?
    The place is located 170 km from Kathmandu city. Tourist buses are the ideal transport means for this place which takes about 7 hours drive. 

    Tilicho Lake

    Tilicho Lake Trekking

    Tilicho Lake has a historical and mythological significance, as mentioned in the Ramayana- the sacred book of Hindus. Known to be the highest lake in the world, the trek to Tilicho Lake is an exciting winter adventure in Nepal. It must be on your bucket list of places to visit in Nepal. 

    Tilicho Lake Trekking starts from Lamjung, Besisahar, as Annapurna Circuit Trekking, along the Marshyangdi River, with great views of Manaslu and Himal Chuli to the east. However, be wary of planning if this place is in your itinerary. It takes a lot of effort to put this visit in place.

    Tilicho Lake is a lake in the Manang district of Nepal, 55 km from Pokhara, at 4,919 meters above the mean Sea level. The place is famous for scuba diving purposes. 


    Upper Mustang Trek

     Mustang is one of the most popular winter destinations for tourists in the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal. Mustang offers you a unique cultural environment to learn about the traditional practices of the locals and to experience unique, culturally rich lifestyles.

    The upper areas of Mustang require special permission to visit from the government. They are rather inaccessible most of the year due to heavy snow and chilly weather conditions. It is the lower Mustang which is the darling of winter tourists. This is a hotbed for cultural activities highlighting the culture and traditions of the place. 

    How to reach Mustang from Kathmandu?
    About 300 km from Kathmandu, tourists first reach Pokhara; from there, they fly or take a jeep to Mustang. 



    Ilam is a place worth visiting, either in summer or winter. A laid-back town cozily nestling in the lap of mother nature, Ilam offers great scenery and experience to get rid of the hectic city life. 

    Its vast tea gardens, gigantic view tower, sublime views of sunrise and sunset, dense natural forests, and lush green landscape all around add to the place's scenic beauty. The cultural traditions of the place are worth viewing and grasping. 

    How to reach Ilam from Kathmandu?
    Ilam is around 524 km away from Kathmandu. You can travel via bus or cab to reach Ilam. It would take 17-22 hours via road. Cabs are much faster than buses on this route.

    Kathmandu sightseeing

    Well, do not leave Kathmandu city proper in your quest to be out in the lap of nature. Historically significant sites like Basantapur, Bhaktapur, and Patan are the city's main attractions. Being the top place to visit in Nepal in winter, Kathmandu has several places to explore, local eateries to taste the popular Nepalese foods, and souvenir shops to buy gifts for your family and friends.

    Those of you with your religious and spiritual quest can explore Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath, and Boudhanath temples, all dedicated to Lord Shiva. Buddhist culture abounds here in Kathmandu and is extensively visible in this city's architecture and culture.

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