'A premier adventure country for all types of treks in the shade of high Himalayan peaks’

Nepal is a premier country for great walking activities known as trekking. Trekking in Nepal is most amazing and fascinating activity on this planet for all types of trekking holidays and adventure lover. This will let you see daily views of world’s highest mountains on scenic walks.

During trekking you will encounter wide range of scenic and cultural destinations that certainly delights all types of people. Besides this, walk meets the comfort of nice and lovely lodges on route of  Nepal Trekking, called as Tea-House.

Rather than daily spectacular scenery of white-snowcapped mountains, walk in Himalayas leads you into nice and friendly villages. Further, these villages are enriched with age-old culture retaining ancient heritages and own values with moral. If you want to get closer to rural life,understand culture and tradition, then there cannot be another way than this one.

Local people will even respect foreigners with  flowers. So, you can talk with them, soak into their lifestyle and custom. As different kinds of culture, tradition and lifestyle  people have in this wonderful country, even learning a word from their language will enlighten you.

Furthermore, Trekking in Nepal leads you into enchanting cool woodland filled with tall flowering rhododendron trees.  Rhododendron is the national flower of Nepal. That’s why all these combination makes Nepal as number one most sought adventure and trekking destination.

Himalaya Trekking is for all types of travelers, namely beginners to expert and veteran trekkers to adventurer. In the meantime, grade of walks in himalaya region is from moderate-adventurous to challenging and demanding. Moreover, wide range of Himalayan destinations  are available to choose which will be less than a week to two weeks or more.

Trekking Himalayas is a major and number one outdoor sports, where country gets more trekkers from all parts of the world. The reason behind this  is, its scenic and dramatic section in the shade of world’s highest mountains. Also, donot forget the  warm hospitality of local villagers on trekking routes.

In like fashion,Nepal treks guides to the most of  popular areas with well-established trails and bridges. Interestingly, the nice,comfortable guest house and lodge with rooms facing views of peaks to accommodate is just beyond expectation. Though, your expectations may not meet every time but a new challenge should be accepted which will leave a great memory.

Most importantly, different trekking regions are available to provide adventurous holidays in Nepal. The likes of Everest region, Annapurna Region, Langtang region and other trekking regions provides opportunity to choose where to go. Students, Researchers, Social activists and people with their own motive come to see mountains and peaks in Nepal.

So, if you are even a solo trekker/ traveler in  Nepal, it is most likely to meet another partner of friend on the way. The best time season to do trekking in Nepal is Spring and Autumn. This means March to May and September to December. The months of November and December are cold in Nepal.

So, planning your trekking holidays to Nepal will never disappoint  you. So, ” Don’t Listen What They Say, Go and See”.

As more, all trekking areas are protected by national parks and conservation areas.  Thus, Trekking Himalaya is committed to Eco and Responsible Tourism taking care of its fragile natural surroundings.