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    Around Manaslu Circuit Trekking

    • Destination
    • Durations
      14 days
    • Max. People
    • Trip Mode:
      In Hotels and local nice lodge.
    • Areas of Trek
      Nepal North Mid-West from Gorkha to Manang district.
    • People and Culture
      High areas populated by Manaslu –Bhotia, people of Tibetan origin with Buddhism religion and fascinating ancient culture. Lower areas mixed tribe of people Gurung-Magar with Brahmin and Chettries of both Hindu and Buddhism religions.
    • Mode of transport
      Overland journey from Kathmandu to Gorkha areas and back from Manang areas via Lamjung district through Besisar town.


    “Spectacular panorama from high Larke-la pass the highest spot of the adventure. Enjoy great experience with mountains and local native cultures of Manaslu valley. The amazing trekking in Nepal that begins from sub-tropical climate to cooler alpine hills to arctic zone of ice and glaciers. Beautiful forest of tall rhododendron, pines trees to arid and barren landscapes. Traverse from remote Gorkha district to reach scenic Manang district via Larke-la. Visit impressive traditional villages of various custom around Nepal mid hills.”

    Around Manaslu Circuit Trekking 14 days

    14 days Around  Manaslu Trekking is one of the popular customized itineraries for Manaslu Trek. There is yet another itinerary like 16 days Manaslu  circuit Trek . But this 14 days Around Manaslu Trek is for those who want to finish it earlier than the previous 16 days one.

    In recent few years, Around Manaslu circuit trekking is widely popular as less crowded adventure trekking in Nepal. Trekker’s, few years back, had to carry all the required stuffs by themselves since there were no any tea-houses on the trail. But, these days, local people have built several guesthouse and lodges to provide the service of food and accommodation to the trekkers who choose  Manaslu Trek.

    Trekkers may wonder what they will see during their Around Manaslu Trekking. First, they will witness mighty mountain peaks including Manaslu ( 8156m) one of the eighth tallest mountains in the world. Secondly, we will have an opportunity to experience remoteness, wilderness, deep gorges, valleys, picturesque landscapes, holy caves and monasteries. Similarly, we will be beating the virgin trails bordering to Tibet. On the borderland, we also explore astonishing dialects, trade link, religion, culture and civilization of the ethnic people.

    We begin 14 days  Around Manaslu Trekking from Sotikhola or Machhakhola. In order to get Machhakhola or Sotikhola, we take a drive for 7-8 hours from Kathmandu. The condition of road has been improved recently. So, the drive from Kathmandu to Sotikhola via Arughat is convenient these days. We have two options to get Sotikhola: jeep drive or local bus drive.

    From Sotikhola, we ascend via awe-inspiring rural setting, terraced fields, and traditional settlements talking to friendly ethnic groups and exploring their life style. The lush forest and some species of wildlife and birds make our  Around Manaslu Trekking more fascinating.

    As we go to the higher elevation, the alluring mountain peaks begin to loom in front of us and we enjoy the breathtaking sceneries. It will be exciting to explore the historical and holy caves at higher elevation. In the same way, capturing mountain peaks on Tibetan side will be a new experience to the trekkers.

    The highest elevation in Manaslu Trek is Larkya La Pass(5125m) which is an adventurous pass in the world. The natural thrills while crossing Larka La Pass will be the moment of your life. The trail then, descends again with same rural landscapes and settlements till we get Dharapani, Besisahar. We take a drive from Besisahar to Kathmandu to end our Manaslu Trek.

    Expect to use very ordinary accommodation during your trekking to Manaslu. The local lodges will provide us accommodation and food. The beds are neat  and clean. The bathrooms are outside and needs to be shared. Certain items of food are mentioned on the menu and you will make the choice out of them. The common items of food on the trail are bread items, noodles, Dal Bhat, curries, soups, dumpling etc.

    Autumn is the best time for  Around Manaslu Trekking. The temperature is mild and the atmosphere is perfect. The mountain views are breathtaking. There is no snowfall in the mountain. It will be very convenient to make our Manaslu Trek during Autumn.

    Best Seasons for Around Manaslu Trek:
    March to May is best time for around Manaslu trekking for clear views.  Wild flowers are in bloom with fantastic views of mountains at that time. This season has a pleasant day with cooler morning and night time.

    October to November is  yet another best trekking season for  this Manaslu trek due to clear views of peaks. With a short sunlight days, it can be freezing cold in the morning and night time, depending upon the altitude and overnight stop.

    • Day01

      Drive to Soti Khola 730 m via Arughat 570 m – 06 hrs journeys.

      Morning starts with scenic and interesting drive beyond Kathmandu valley towards winding road. The drive past many farm villages and towns within warm areas following Trisuli River to reach around Dhading district.

      As drive continues heading uphill and down within warmer areas to reach Arughat within Gorkha area. From here, the rough dirt road continues following Budi-Gandaki River upstream to the overnight stop at Soti-Khola. And, it’s the place where our walk towards higher Manaslu valley begins.

    • Day02

      Machha Khola 930 m – 06 hrs.

      Start first day of  walk from this interesting place Soti-khola. It leads us towards the steep valley within thick forest walking past smaller villages. And then, reach into a wide valley opposite of a large tributary stream that runs into Budi-gandaki River.

      As our walk descends to a wide, sandy riverbed, get nice views of cultivated terrace of Lapbesi upper village . Then, it follows a trail that meanders below a steep, craggy valley side.

      Then walk progress leading to a climb towards Machha Khola for overnight stop. It’s a village with number of tea-shops and small lodge. Where Maccha Khola means a Fish Stream.

    • Day03

      Trek to Jagat 1,410 – 06 hrs.

      From here onward, you will encounter many interesting farm villages and neat cultivated fields. As  vegetation changes slowly due to altitude and climate in Manaslu trekking. Next, our morning walk leads to cross over a stream where Machha Khola name comes from. And then walk upstream towards Khola-Bensi village with Tatopani, a place with natural ‘hot spring’.

      Similarly, walk continues and valley becomes much narrow and steeper. Then our trail switches to left bank of the river. And then cross a suspension bridge, after a short period of walk entering patch of forest. And then reach at Doban located on the high shelf of Budigandaki River.

      Our long walk of the day continues across a broad field towards stream and over a suspension bridge. Then, leads to a climb on high trails to descend into an open valley of Yara Khola.

      And then, our journey continues on for another hour to reach at Jagat for overnight stop. Jagat is a nice farm village with mix tribes of Magar, Chettries, some Newar, Brahman, Manaslu Bhotia (Tibetan looking tribes).

    • Day04

      Dyang 2,130 m via Philim 1,570 m – 06 hrs.

      Next day, downhill  from Jagat on stone steps to reach a river.Where path climbs to a terraced hillside at Saguleri. From here one gets the superb views of Sringi Himal which is above 7,187 m high. Then, the walk continue with ups and down trail as our route reach at a bridge over Budi-Gandaki.

      After crossing over a bridge, our trail winds up to reach at Philim village for short break. So, observe this nice farm village with rich cultivated fields and terraces.

      With  refreshing stop at Philim, walk from here leads higher past scattered farm villages. Climb through terraces of golden fields of wheat’s and barley in Manaslu circuit trek. Then reach  to a rocky ridge top covered within bamboo forest area towards Eklai Bhatti, means a lonely Inn. At present few more shops has been come up.

      After a rest, walk towards higher Manaslu area, where our route divert toward North West to reach Dyang. Stop at Dyang for overnight stay which is a small nice village of Tibetan culture.

    • Day05

      Namrung 2,700 m- 05 hrs.

      Morning walk leads entering into sheer cliff walls, within dramatic sections of the walk. Then  Manaslu circuit trek route continue passing farm village. We see houses and terrains completely changes into Tibetan culture from Dyang onward.

      From here walk leads at Bihi, a small village, with people of more Tibetan origin with strong Buddhist culture.
      Villagers of the area grows buck wheat, wheat, barley and potatoes as staple crops. Since trekking gain popular around the area, spinach, carrots and cabbages are also grown.

      After Bihi walk continues for another two hours to a steep sided and scenic valley. We will encounter Mani prayer stone walls, as walk leads at Ghap, a village with stop for possible lunch break.

      As walk altitude gains, enter into alpine and coniferous woodland. Where path meanders with steep up, as valley opens out with extensive pastures. And then cross a large stream flowing from the glacier of Lidana.

      On walk enjoy grand views of Manaslu with native name as Kutang (Manaslu) Himal range. Also, Pang Phuchin 6,335m, Saula Himal 6,235m with many unnamed peaks of above 6000m.

      Walk from here with gradual uphill as altitude gains at slow pace. Thus, pass farm village to reach at Namrung for overnight stop, the village is also called Sho Namru.

    • Day06

      Lo-Gaon 3,180 m -05 hrs.

      With overnight at Namrung, walk leads to spread out farm fields within Yak country around high Manaslu valley. The locals here  are engaged in farming. Then move to  high and scenic valley all the way to Lo Gaon, a nice village for overnight stop.

      This is one of the attractive villages around Manaslu region. At Lo Gaon, enjoy close views of towering Manaslu North Face. Also visit its monastery with numerous chhorten and Mani walls with views of Ganesh Himal towards east.

    • Day07

      Sama-Gaon 3,530 m -05 hrs.

      Now onward, walk is much easier but depending upon altitude route leads to a slow and gradual climb. During this time  you will encounter constant views of mountain with Peak 29 ahead. After couple  of hour climb, reach into a patch of forest and then at at Shala village.Also enjoy excellent view of Phungi, Manaslu and Himal Chuli.

      Walk for few hours further where day completes reaching Sama-Gaon village, with superb view of Mt. Manaslu.

      Sama-Gaon  is a one of the largest  village within high Manaslu Valley. Where natives are mostly farmers cultivating buck wheat, barley, which are the main crops in this high and harsh terrain. But with together potatoes and some high and cold vegetables are also grown. Villagers around high Manaslu valley descended from South West Tibet way back more than 400 years of history.Thus, custom and culture of ancient Buddhist heritage are similar to its origin Tibetan predecessor.

      The local villagers are still active with trade and bartering across the border with Tibet.It takes few days to reach the frontier of Nepal and Tibet.

    • Day08

      At Sama-Gaon rest day for acclimatization and local excursion.

      Today have a free day to support acclimatization before heading towards high Larke-La pass. So, explore around Sama-Gaon with houses adorned with similar style of Tibet with grand views of peaks. One can visit this village old Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism.

    • Day09

      Trek to Samdo 3,690 m – 05 hrs.

      After a marvelous time and rest-day in Sama-Gaon, walk leads to four hour or more to reach the last village within Gorkha and Manaslu region at Samdo. So, morning walk begins with slow climb, as elevation slowly gains within dry and arid country. Walk slowly with short break and enjoy surrounding beautiful views of peaks and dramatic landscapes.

      Then reach Samdo village with short climb to a small flat plateau. This last village incorporates more than fifty houses sheltering two hundred villagers around this high harsh and dry country.

    • Day10

      Larke Phedi / Dharama-Shala 4,470 m – 04 hrs.

      On leaving the last final village of scenic Manaslu valley, walk continues to the end of the Manaslu area. Thus eye on incredible views of snow capped peaks including Mt. Manaslu,which is world’s 8th highest at 8,163 m.

      As walk continues, cross few icy streams to reach at Larke Phedi, where phedi means bottom of the pass, also called Dharmasala (travelers rest house / shade). In old days it was also known as Larkey Bazaar.Because trade and bartering use to take place between merchant-traders and locals of Gorkha-Manaslu-Manang people and Tibetans on this remote isolated spot.

      At Larke Phedi with free time at afternoon go for short walks and prepare for next early morning long climb. Today’s day end with overnight stay at Larke Phedi.

    • Day11

      Cross Larke La 5,106 m and trek to Bhimthang 3,790 m -07 hrs.

      Early morning walk leads up-hill past few huts of Dharmasala. Walking over moraine of rocks and boulders in snow conditions can be arduous job to find the right path.

      However, walk follows our lead guide past ablation of north Larke glacier, facing views of Cho Danda and Larke Peak. As walk continues, gradual climb gets much steeper to reach top of Larke-la festooned with thousands of colorful Buddhist prayer flags.

      From the top eye on excellent panorama of Himlung, Cheo Himal, Kang Guru and Annapurna II include series of Manaslu peaks.

      Now, a long descend takes to a valley called Larcia, with further walk on moraine ridge to Tambuche at 3,900m. Then a short walk leads to Bhimthang for overnight stop after a long, tough day walks.

      Bhimthang is a lovely place located on a wide green valley with number of lodges adorned with prayer Mani walls. The area is surrounded by green tall trees of rhododendron-pines and oaks.

    • Day12

      Trek to Tilje 2,300 m – 06 hrs.

      Rest of the journey is much easier on downhill but long walks with short climb takes  on route to Gho and Tilje villages.In morning, catch views of peaks and  walk into thick alpine woodland in  Trekking to around Manaslu circuit.

      Next,head into beautiful forested areas to reach a small clearing in the midst of woodland at Gho. Gho is a small cattle and yak herders summer pasture and temporary settlement area. Due to trekkers passing this route, few lodge has been built to cater the needs of travelers.

      After Gho, few hours of walk takes to a Tilje village by the side of raging Marysangdi River for overnight stop.

    • Day13

      Trek to Syange 1,100 m via Jagat and Dharapani 1,725 m -07 hrs.

      Today will be the last walk of the adventure, where walk leads towards much descend following Marysangdi River to Tal and Chamje village. And the reach at another Jagat village of Lamjung area.

      From here a steep descend takes to river valley at Syange village for final overnight stop before heading back to Kathmandu or other destinations.

    • Day14

      Drive back to Kathmandu -06 hrs journey and transfer to hotel.

      Enjoying marvelous time and experience on Around Manaslu Circuit Trekking and over high Larke-La pass, it ‘s time to return back. Morning board in a vehicle for exciting and interesting overland journey to reach Kathmandu back again for last moment within amazing Nepal and its Himalaya.

    Cost Details

    What's Included in Around Manaslu Circuit Trekking

    • Airport pickup and drop by private vehicle.
    • Three times meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) during the trek.
    • Trekking lodge (Tea House) accommodations during the trek.
    • A highly experience and helpful guide including his all expenses.
    • All necessary permits Manaslu and Annapurna Conservation Area.
    • Manaslu Restricted permit.
    • Manaslu Conservation Permit.
    • Annapurna Conservation Area Permit.
    • Bus transports Kathmandu to Sotikhola and Syange to Kathmandu.
    • Jeep from Dharapani- Syange sharing basis.
    • Medical supplies (first aid kit will be available) provide by company.
    • Emergency Helicopter service will be paid by your Travel Insurance.
    • Use of Sleeping bags, Down Jacket and Duffel bag will be provided (if you needed, to be returned after the trip).
    • Official expenses.
    • Around Manaslu trekking route map.
    • Farewell dinner with culture show.
    • Assistance guide group size 5 +.

    What's Excluded in Around Manaslu Circuit Trekking

    • Meals in City (lunch and dinner).
    • Hotel in Kathmandu.
    • Porter if needed($220)
    • Your personal expenses.
    • All kind of soft and hard drinks.
    • Nepal entry visa and international airfare.
    • Private transports.

    Departure Dates & Price

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