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    Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost and Itinerary

    Manaslu Circuit Trek is a gift of nature to the thrill-seeker who loves to spend time in the countryside and view astonishing landscapes. Many trekkers wish to walk the exotic trails, so Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost and Itinerary are commonly asked questions.

    Manaslu Region is a restricted area in Nepal’s Gorkha District of Manang-Gandaki province. You must have a special permit and travel in groups of two or more with a licensed guide to trek in this region.

    The trails of Manaslu depict the most pleasing panoramic view of Mount Manaslu, Annapurna, Ganesh Himal, Langtang, and more. It also passes through the Manaslu sanctuary home to different plants, birds, and animals.

    The Manaslu Circuit Trek begins with a drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola. The next day, you hike to Machha Khola and later to Jagat. You continue the journey and head towards Dyang and then to Namrung.

    From Namrung, you hike your way up to Lo-Gaon and then to Sama Gaon the following day and acclimatize there. After, you climb higher to Samdo, cross over Larkya La Pass the next day, and descend to Larke Phedi.

    Moving further, you descend to Tilje first and later to Syange via Jagat. From Syange, you catch the vehicle back to Kathmandu.

    Manaslu Circuit Trek Package Cost

    Manaslu Circuit Trek costs you anywhere from USD 1100 to USD 1300 based on the facilities. However, Eco Holiday Nepal presents the trip at a budget-friendly price. The overall trip costs about $1180 and covers almost everything except personal expenses, international airfare, visa fees, etc.

    Manaslu Circuit Trek Detailed Itinerary

    Day 1: Reach Kathmandu and transfer to the hotel

    Kathmandu altitude: 1400 m above sea level

    Overnight at Kathmandu

    After a long flight, you finally arrive at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. You carry your luggage and head out to the terminal, where our representative will be waiting for you.

    They will drive you to your hotel and leave for the day. The remaining hours are free, so you can rest in your room or go out for a small tour. If you prefer to see the city, we recommend you to visit Thamel, the most happening place in the town.

    The nightlife of Kathmandu is not to be missed, so enjoy your time here.

    Day 2: Kathmandu Valley Tour and Trek Preparation

    Overnight at Kathmandu

    After a relaxing night, we tour the city and prepare for the trek. The day goes by, visiting Kathmandu Valley's well-known UNESCO world heritage sites.

    After breakfast, you get ready and wait for your guide in the lobby. They pick you up from there and drive you to your first destination, Swayambhunath. This beautiful place is on top of a hill and offers a view of the entire city.

    Swayambhunath is a holy site for Buddhist followers with a semi-white dome stupa. Your next destination is Boudhanath which is another sacred place for Buddha devotees.

    Boudhanath is located in Jorpati and is surrounded by tall buildings and houses. It has a giant semi-white dome stupa with prayer wheels all around it. You can walk on the dome and enjoy the surrounding views.

    Then, you head towards Pashupatinath, about half an hour from Bouddha. Pashupati is an essential site for Hindu followers where the main shrine belongs to lord shiva.

    From here, you drive towards Patan Durbar Square, located in the Lalitpur district. This place has several ancient temples; among them, Krishna Mandir is the most famous.

    Later, you head to Kathmandu Durbar Square, located in Basantapur. This square was once the home of kings and queens, but it has become a tourist destination.

    After touring around the city, you return to your hotel. The guide will summarize your Manaslu Circuit Trek Itinerary and provide instructions on what to do and not do.

    After they leave, rest as you have a hectic day ahead.

    Day 3: Drive to Soti Khola via Arughat

    Soti Khola altitude: 730 m above sea level

    Drive duration: 8 to 9 hours

    Overnight at Soti Khola

    You travel early in the morning as it is a long drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola via Arughat. The trip covers a total road distance of 80 miles (126 km) and follows paved and gravel routes.

    Heading out of Kathmandu, you drive along Prithvi Highway and head towards Dhading. The landscapes become more rural, remote and the road quality also begins to deteriorate.

    However, the view of Ganesh Himal, Annapurna, and Langtang Himal makes up for the discomfort. After hours of driving, you reach Arughat and stop for lunch. From here, the road gets more bumpy and rugged until Soti Khola.

    Day 4: Trek to Machha Khola

    Machha Khola altitude: 930 m above sea level

    Trek duration: 6 hours

    Overnight at Machha Khola

    It is a 14.1 km walk from Soti Khola to Machha Khola, encountering the unspoiled culture and majestic mountain ranges. You pass several small villages and do steep climbs to reach your destination.

    Today’s Manaslu Circuit trek Itinerary starts along the terraced field as you head north in the trails. Then taking the rough and undulating path, you enter dense forests and follow opposite the Budhi Gandaki river.

    Later, slowly descend to the sandy riverbank and walk along until you reach Machha Khola.

    Day 5: Trek to Jagat

    Jagat altitude: 1410 m above sea level

    Trek duration: 6 to 7 hours

    Overnight at Jagat

    It is a 22.2 km walk from Machha Khola to Jagat through the exotic and off-beat trails of Manaslu. You pass through several Gurung villages of Khorla Besi, Dobhan, Tatopani, etc., and walk through rugged terrains.

    After breakfast, you cross over Macha Khola using a suspension bridge and reach Khorla Besi. Then you continue to walk past one of the natural hot springs and enter the colorful forest of rhododendrons.

    Then crossing over the Dovan Khola, you make your way to Budhi Gandaki Valley and do a steep uphill climb along the riverbank until you reach Jagat.

    Day 6: Trek to Dyang via Philim

    Dyang altitude: 2130 m above sea level

    Trek duration: 7 to 8 hours

    Overnight at Dyang

    It is a 19.9 km walk from Jagat to Dyang via Philim through the off-beat tracks while viewing the sights of the majestic Himalayas. Today you trek through dense forests and along the riverbank.

    You continue the trek along the well-paved trails from Jagat and ascend it to Sirdabas. Then walking down the other side, you cross a suspension bridge over the river gorge and reach Philim.

    From here, the trail takes you past several waterfalls, and later, you cross back and forth across the gorge and reach Nayak. You make an ascent from here and arrive at Dyang.

    Day 7: Trek to Namrung

    Namrung altitude: 2700 m above sea level

    Trek duration: 5 to 6 hours

    Overnight at Namrung

    It is a 19.5 km walk from Dyang to Namrung via the incomparable trails filled with the beauty of nature and geo-diversity. You start the day with a steep climb, descend to a river, and cross it.

    From here, you head along the valley past several small hamlets with mani stones set alongside the trail. Following the rocks clockwise, you reach Bihi and stop for lunch.

    Then making a steep ascent to Prok, you descend slightly from there and arrive at Namrung.

    Day 8: Trek to Lo-Gaon

    Lo-Gaon altitude: 3180 m above sea level

    Trek duration: 4 to 5 hours

    Overnight at Lo-Gaon

    It is a 10.5 km walk from Namrung to Lo-Gaon through dense forests and the Budhi Gandaki River. You begin the trek by following the horizontal line along the buckwheat fields.

    Then doing a steep climb for about half an hour, you reach Lihi. You continue to ascend the trail to a ridge and later to Pungen Glacier. This place gives a close-up view of Peak 29, Manaslu, and more.

    Then viewing the views, you walk across the lateral moraine and do a steep climb to Lo-Gaon.

    Day 9: Trek to Sama Gaon

    Sama Gaon altitude: 3530 m above sea level

    Trek duration: 5 hours

    Overnight at Sama Gaon

    It is an 8.1 km walk from Lo-Gaon to Sama Gaon via the natural splendor, cultural vividness, and geographical diversity. This trail is yet uninfluenced by the modern world.

    After breakfast, you hike up for a few hours and reach Shyala. Then turning left from there, you continue uphill along with the dramatic landscapes up to Pungen Gompa.

    The trails from here onwards offer a spectacular view of Manaslu, Himchuli, and other peaks. Viewing them, you continue walking uphill and reach the beautiful Sama Gaon village.

    Day 10: Rest Day at Sama Gaon

    Overnight at Sama Gaon

    After continuous walking for several days, your rest day is held here at Sama Gaon. On this day, you explore the village and hike up the nearby hills.

    You can hike up to Manaslu Base Camp (4750 m) or visit the Birendra Tal Lake. Base camp is the best option if you want a full-day tour, but if you prefer a half-day trek, Birendra tal is more suitable.

    Day 11: Trek to Samdo

    Samdo altitude: 3690 m above sea level

    Trek duration: 6 hours

    Overnight at Samdo

    It is an 8.1 km walk from Sama Gaon to Samdo through birch and juniper forests. It takes you past mani walls, crosses you over a wooden bridge, and along the Budhi Gandaki River.

    You begin the trek by walking across the meadows and gradually descending to the valley. From there, you cross over a river and ascent the trails towards Lela Kharka.

    Then gradually climbing the paths via the beautiful forests, you reach Khermo Kharka. From here, you make a slight descent to the Budhi Gandaki River and walk along its bank.

    Continuing the walk for another few hours, you do a steep climb to Samdo.

    Day 12: Trek to Larke Phedi

    Larke Phedi altitude: 4470 m above sea level

    Trek duration: 7 hours

    Overnight at Larke Phedi

    It is a 6.6 km walk from Samdo to Larke Phedi, past several monasteries, hanging glaciers, and mani walls. The trails cross you through several streams before you reach Larkya Bazaar.

    From here, you make a steady climb through the dense forest while enjoying the mountain views of Larke Phedi.

    Day 13: Cross over Larke La Pass, then Trek to Bhimthang

    Larke La Pass altitude: 5106 m above sea level

    Trek duration: 7 to 8 hours

    Bhimthang height: 3790 m above sea level

    Overnight at Bhimthang

    The walk from Larke Phedi to Bhimthang via Larke La passes as long as it covers 24.5 km. Crossing over a high pass will be challenging, but the glittering peaks, glacier lakes, and beautiful villages make up for it.

    The trek begins early morning with a steep ascent through the rocky and winding path to Larkya La Pass. Then descending the trails, you climb and reach the Cho Chanda Summit again.

    From there, you descend through the glacial moraines viewing the mountains and arrive at Bhimthang.

    Day 14: Trek to Tilje

    Tilje altitude: 2300 m above sea level

    Trek duration: 6 to 7 hours

    Overnight at Tilje

    It is a 26 km walk from Bhimthang to Tilje, passing through several jungles and villages. After breakfast, you gently climb the trail through rice paddies and cross over Karcher La pass.

    Then you descend through the rhododendron forest and fig tree to a small village. From here, you cross some broad meadows and settle Tilje.

    Day 15: Trek to Syange via Jagat

    Syange altitude: 1100 m above sea level

    Trek duration: 7 to 8 hours

    Overnight at Syange

    It is a 19.4 km walk from Tilje to Syange via Jagat. The trail takes you over a small ridge and onto a stone-paved path towards the bridge above the Dudh Koshi River.

    Then climbing above a large arch, you pass along several mani walls and reach Thonje. After this, you enter the Annapurna region and descend past Dharapani, Chamje, and Jagat before going to Syange.

    Day 16: Drive back to Kathmandu and transfer to the hotel

    Drive Duration: 7 hours

    Overnight at Kathmandu

    You return to Kathmandu from Syange. You follow the rugged roads and reach out to the Prithvi Highway and retrace your ride back to the capital. After reaching the city, the guide drops you off and ends your 16 Days Manaslu Circuit Trek with Eco Holiday Nepal.

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    Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost Breakdown

    The Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost can be a bit expensive to some travelers as you are liable for every expense from entry permits to accommodation, followed by other necessary services.

    Various standard packages offer luxurious to average facilities depending on your budget. Let’s break down the price to know more about each day cost on Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost:

    Transportation Cost during Manaslu Circuit Trek

    Manaslu Circuit Trek usually begins by driving from Kathmandu to Arughat or Sotikhola. You can either hire a private jeep or take a local bus to reach here. If you are low on budget traveling via public bus will be less costly in comparison to hiring a jeep.

    The local bus ride will cost you around 10 USD per person, while hiring a jeep will cost you 180 USD to 240 USD each way. Taking the bus is a better choice if you are in a two- to three-person group. But if you travel in a large group (7 to 8 people), you can share the ride and reduce the price.

    Both ways of transportation are suitable for travel. However, public buses are crowded and move at a specific time. It also makes a few stops to eat and takes a lot of time. Similarly, jeeps are costly, but you can move according to your time and be at peace with comfort.

    However, if you travel with an agency, they will have already managed the vehicle and departure time according to your itinerary.

    Manaslu Circuit Trek Permit Cost

    The government has declared Manaslu an exceptional region for preservation, so you need permits accordingly for trekking. One is not allowed to trek these routes without the permits, so having them is essential during the trek.

    There are a total of three permits required if you wish to finish your Manaslu Circuit Trek. However, you will need a separate special permit to visit Tsum Valley.

    The three permits necessary for this trek are Manaslu Restricted Permit, Manaslu Conservation Area Permit, and Annapurna Conservation Area Permit. You do not need TIMS while trekking in the Manaslu region.

    Authorized local trekking companies can only obtain Manaslu Restricted Permit. The Manaslu Restricted Permit cost varies depending on the no. of days and months you spend in this region:

    From September to November- USD 100 (NPR 10000) for the first week and USD 15 (NPR 1500) per day after that

    From December to August- USD 75 (NPR 7500) for the first week and USD 10 (NPR 1000) per day after that

    Similarly, you also need a Manaslu Conservation Area Permit (MCAP) and Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP), which costs about USD 30 (NPR 3000) for foreigners and USD 10 (NPR 1000) for SAARC.

    Accommodation Cost during Manaslu Trek

    Many basic to standard hotels and lodges are available during your stay in Kathmandu. You can find rooms ranging from USD 10 to USD 50 in this city. You stay in the finest hotels with great luxury and comfort with us.

    Manaslu Circuit is a tea-house trek with community-operated and local accommodation options. Every room is twin sharing during the trek, roughly costing about USD 5 to USD 15.

    However, if you wish to rent the twin room alone, you must pay the price of the entire one. You can lessen the accommodation cost if you have a meal at the same place.

    Moreover, you need to carry some extra bucks to pay for hot showers, electricity, boiled water, wifi, and other expenses.

    Food Cost during Manaslu Circuit Trek

    Manaslu routes lie in the remote areas of Nepal, which are still developing, so you won’t find any fancy restaurants or cafes. Instead, there are small shops or diners (in lodges) that let you try out the different authentic food of this region.

    The overall meal costs around USD 15 to USD 20 per person each day for the entire trek. A regular breakfast will cost you from USD 4 to USD 8, lunch about USD 3 to USD 6, and dinner roughly USD 10.

    Likewise, bottled water costs around USD 1 to USD 2, juice costs about USD 5, and Tea or coffee prices range from USD 2 to USD 5. So, per day spending on food can be nearly around USD 35 to USD 50 during the trek.

    Guide and Porter Cost

    Trekking solo is impossible for the Manaslu circuit trek due to the strict rule imposed based on the region’s specialty. Traveling in two or more groups with at least one licensed guide or authorized person from Nepal Trekking Association is compulsory.

    So, the average cost for a professional guide will range from USD 20 to USD 25 per day. Similarly, if you hire a porter, the price will be around USD 15 to USD 20 per day.

    Travel Insurance Cost

    Trekking involves several risks and difficulties, so travel insurance is compulsory before the Manaslu trek. You are not allowed to leave the trail without having one.

    Trekkers make this insurance in their home country and bring it along. However, some firms in Kathmandu provide insurance for non-Nepalese residents as well. But, you need to meet the minimum coverage, mainly medical-wise.

    The travel insurance can cost you around USD 250 to USD 500 for a month and increase if you wish to extend the period.

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