In the world of Adventure Sports,  Nepal stands as a premier sport fields for all types of adventure activities. Sky Dive-Paragliding-Mountaineering to white-water rafting or kayaking including Cannoning waterfalls on high cliff of Himalaya are popular.

In this category yet another one piles up Bungee or Bungy Jumping . This is one of the most popular sport for extreme adventure. This was started since past two decades established by New-Zealander David Allardice adding more chapter in Nepal Adventure Sports.

Nepal Bungee jumping  is famous for both domestic and international tourists. People who wants an extreme adventure joins this. Yet another reason behind joining this is removing fear. Free falling with every seconds generating pace due to gravity makes people screaming.  By plunging on the suspension bridge over  river gorge is really a type of appreciable adventure.

Feet being tied by rope and  falling from a great height with head pointing towards ground is something that scares people. That’s why when people once in lifetime wants to do. No-one can run from fear in their lifetime if they want to succeed. Thus this is the lesson we can learn from this activity.

This thrill seeking adventure is available in two places in Nepal. One in Kathmandu and one in Pokhara  are famous. But the one in Kathmandu leading towards Bhotekoshi river, exactly at Last resort is most famous.  This is  more famous by Bungee jumping in Nepal Last Resort.

The remarkable 500ft (160m) drop into the Bhote Koshi River gorge on the Nepal/Tibet Border is the longest free fall in the world.

Those people who have got the following medical concerns are not allowed to do Bungee Jumping:

High blood pressure
Addiction to alcohol or drugs
Orthopedic problems
Psychological problems
Neurological problems
Heart disease

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