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    Makalu High Pass Trek

    Makalu High Pass Trek

    • Destination
    • Durations
      24 days
    • Trip Difficulty
    • Activities
      Adventure Trekking
    • Accommodation
      Tea House
    • Meals
      Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
    • Vehicle
      Local Transports
    • Max. People
    • Trip Mode
      In Hotels in Kathmandu with local lodge and camping on treks
    • Trekking area
      Nepal Far North East Himalaya around Sankhuwasabha district to Khumbu areas at Everest region.
    • Highest Altitude
      Sherpani Col 6,180 m / 20,270 ft, West Col at 6,190 m /20,303 ft and Amphu Lapcha Pass 5,850 m/19,188 ft to reach Everest area.
    • Transport
      Scenic flights from Kathmandu with exciting drive to start the treks from Sankhuwasabha district.
    • Trek Duration
      20 Nights and 21 Days (includes flights with drive to start the walks)


    • “An adventure trekking in Nepal in between high giant peaks of Nepal Mid and Far East Himalaya.
    • Traverse over high pass from Makalu to Everest region via Sherpani / West Col.
    • Within scenic Arun and Barun valleys with exciting views on daily walks.
    • Explore remote isolated farm villages of Nepal Far East Himalaya region.
    • On least and rarely explored areas of Makalu to Everest within scenic Khumbu.
    • Adventure from green dense forest to remorseless fields of ice and glaciers”

    Makalu High Pass Trek 24 days

    Makalu HIgh pass trek

    A great Himalaya adventure crossing Sherpani and West Col to Everest region’

    Makalu High Pass Trek with Eco Holidays Nepal leads you to a scenic journey quite different from any other normal high altitude trek, where the walk leads you full of exciting adventure with memories of a lifetime experience.

    Makalu High Pass Trek is certainly a walk of extreme thrill with enjoyable moments around the Arun, Barun, and Imjatse valleys a tough walk but rewarding with the most amazing mountain range scenery, which trekkers have never seen.

    On this adventure where you will be on the highest passes of the Himalayas, engulfed with giant peaks that sandwich the trails for many days; truly a journey for trekkers and adventurers in search of pure wilderness as this walk leads you into the arctic zone of remorseless fields of ice and glaciers for many days.

    Makalu High Pass Trek combines scenic views with cultural aspects walking into remote and rural villages and within dark forests, where trekkers often venture around the high country of Nepal's Far North Eastern Himalayas.

    Makalu High Pass Trek begins with a sweeping scenic flight to land at warmer low areas of Makalu at Tumlingtar and then on high trails walking from sub-tropical temperatures to cooler alpine air.

    The journey continues above high hills within dense tree lines and rural farm villages of Chichila, Num, Seduwa to Tashi Gaon, the end of human settlement for more than a week till the walk reaches Chukung within the Everest trekking area after a tough traverse from Makalu region.

    Adventure proceeds to the higher ridges of Kauma to reach scenic Barun Valley, where rare, almost extinct plants, herbs, and mammals are found around.

    Where Makalu-Barun National Park and Conservation area came into action to protect its valuable and exotic flora and fauna, covering an area of 2,330 sq km to Hongu Valley, where our treks lead to near Amphu Lapcha high pass.

    Slowly adventure reaches the far end of Barun valley within Makalu base camp with time here to explore scenic viewpoints with excellent views of the famous Khansung, the East Face of Mt. Everest( you may read our blog: Where is Mount Everest located?).

    The adventure continues heading over the highest pass to traverse from Makalu to Everest region via Sherpani and West Col to reach the isolated valley of Hongu and then crossing the last pass of the journey of Amphu Lapcha.

    Once within Imjatse valley around the Everest area close to the famous Island Peak, the walking gets easier and better with views of Everest and Amadablam to reach a large village or a town of Namche Bazaar, back into human civilization with many facilities for trekkers.

    From Namche, the walk ends at Lukla town with the last final overnight stop around the high mountains of Everest and the Khumbu area. The next early morning flight brings you back to Kathmandu to complete your marvelous journey experience on the Makalu High Pass Trek.

    People / Culture: 

    Around Arun and Barun valleys of the Makalu area are populated by the Kirat Rai tribe with ancient culture and traditional farm life; the higher area of Makalu with Everest areas inhabited by Sherpa people of strong Buddhism religion with old heritage farm life and interesting cultures.

    Best Seasons for Makalu High Pass Trek:

    March to May is the best time for clear views of the Makalu High Pass trek. Wildflowers are in bloom with fantastic views of mountains at that time. This season has a pleasant day with cooler mornings and nighttime.

    October to November is yet another best trekking season for the Makalu High Pass trek due to the clear views of the peaks. Short sunlight days can be cold in the morning and night, depending upon the altitude and overnight stop.

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    • Day01

      Reach Kathmandu via various international airline and transfer to hotel.

      Upon reaching the International Airport of Nepal, don’t be confused about where Eco Holidays Nepal staff and guides will receive you for transfer to your hotel in Kathmandu city.

      After checking the rooms with refreshing rest, then join in the hotel lobby with other members of Makalu High Pass Adventure trekking for necessary information and briefing regarding the trip.

      The evening includes a nice dinner(includes traditional Nepali cuisines) in nice pleasant Nepalese restaurants with folk programs.

    • Day02

      In Kathmandu with optional tour and preparation for Makalu high trek.

      Free day in Kathmandu after a jet lag, either relax or join our exciting half-day tour around Kathmandu at places of great interest, is steeped with historical and religious monuments listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

      Rest of the day preparing for the adventure to Nepal Far North East towards Makalu and at Everest region

    • Day03

      Fly to Tumlingtar 950 m (45 mins) drive to Khadbari 1,030 m / 3,378 ft 01 hr drive, overnight in Khadbari local lodge.

      Morning is flight time for Tumlingtar to start the trekking transfer from the hotel with a short drive to the domestic airport of Kathmandu; after checking in, board for a super sweeping scenic flight of 45 mins to land at Nepal Far East region at Tumlingtar town airport.

      During air, the glorious panorama of the mighty Himalayan peak with views of Everest, Makalu, and Kanchenjunga range.

      Landing at Tumlingtar, located on a high shelf from the Arun River with sub-tropical warm temperatures, take a short drive uphill within a patch of Sal forest to reach the large town of Khadbari, headquarter of SankhuwaSabha district within Makalu region.

      Here transfer into the best available local lodge with time to browse around this interesting town and bazaar and catch Nepalese cultures and customs with various mixed hill tribes of Eastern Nepal.

    • Day04

      Trek to Chichila 1,830 m/ 6,002 ft -06 hrs.

      From Khadbari town, with pleasant overnight, morning walks lead on a high ridge past many scattered farm villages to reach Mani-Bhanjyang, and then uphill past Bhote Bas, a small farm village, to reach into the cool shade of the forest, and then at Chichila for an overnight stop.

      Chichila, a small hill farm village with grand views of Makalu in the far North West direction, enjoy cooler air around mid hills after leaving Tumlingtar and Khadbari.

    • Day05

      Trek to Num 1,490m/ 4,878 ft- 06 hrs.

      After this small nice farm village of Chinchilla walk leads to a climb for a short while within the forested area to reach a high ridge, and then on a long downhill to reach another interesting farm village at Num, slowly developing into a town due to construction of motorable road from Tumlingtar and Khadbari since last ten years.

      At Num, transfer into a nice lodge or overnight camp in the village yard facing views of Makalu and Jaljala rocky and snow peaks.

    • Day06

      Trek to Seduwa 1,460 m / 4,788 ft- 06 hrs.

      The morning starts with an hour-long descent into a gorge of the Arun River, after crossing a bridge steep up to a small farm village of Ramara, a possible lunch break cooked by our camping chef and staff.

      An afternoon with a short climb to a high ridge within a cooler hill at Seduwa for overnight camping until our adventure takes you to Chukung around Everest areas.

      Seduwa, a small farm village with a series of rice terraces with a local primary school with a small medical post, enjoys views of snowcapped peaks and landscapes.

    • Day07

      Trek to Tashi Gaon 2,070 m / 6,789 ft – 04 hrs.

      After Seduwa, a short day walk on the gentle path to Tashi-Gaon, as the route leads on the winding path within farm fields and terraces to reach Tashi Gaon, mostly populated by Sherpa people; this will be the last village for a week on the route high Makalu crossing Sherpani and West Col to reach around Everest region.

    • Day08

      Trek to Kauma Danda 3,470 m / 11,381 ft – 06 hrs.

      From Tashi Gaon, walk into a forest of rhododendron, pines, oak, and birch tree lines within a few temporary settlements of cattle herders; after a gently winding path then, start with a steep climb all the way to reach on top of Kauma danda (danda means high ridge or hilltop)

      Overnight camp on top of Kauma rewards you with marvelous views of Kanchenjunga towards the far east and Mt. Makalu in the North.

    • Day09

      Trek to Mumbuk 3,570 m / 11,709 ft – 06 hrs.

      Morning catching clear mountain views and then start trekking where the route leads into an open area past tree lines for a few hours, heading towards two glacial ponds of Thulo Pokhari and Sano Pokhari (bigger and smaller), and then cross a ridge over Tutu-la pass at 4,075 meters with downhill back in trees to reach at Mumbuk for an overnight camp amid the dense forest.

    • Day10

      Trek to Nehe Kharka 3,700 m / 12, 136 ft- 06 hrs.

      After Mumbuk, a morning walk descends into Barun Valley, one of the most beautiful and scenic valleys around the Himalayas, an unspoiled pristine region, where only a few trekkers often travel on this remote area of Barun Valley.

      Barun Valley is famous for rare wildlife, herbs, and rare species of plants and vegetation; from here walk leads to a slow climb heading North West to camp at Nehe Kharka, a wide field and a grazing area.

      From Tashi Gaon onwards, Makalu-Barun National Park and Conservation Area start covering 2,330 sq km until our route leads to Panch Pokhari near Amphu Lapcha Pass within Hongu Valley.

    • Day11

      Trek to Shersong 4, 615 m / 15,137ft – 05 hrs.

      From this nice camp at Nehe Kharka, the morning walk leads to the end of Barun Valley, enclosed within high mountains and rock cliffs, as the morning leads to reach Makalu base camp in a place called Shersong.

      The morning starts following the Barun River on a gradual uphill on a wide Barun valley to reach Shersong for overnight camp; from the camp, enjoy marvelous views of Mt. Makalu and Baruntse with Peak IV.

    • Day12

      Trek to Makalu Base Camp 4,800 m / 15, 744 ft -04 hrs.

      Enjoying time at Shersong, from here leaving the last green vegetation, where the walk leads to climbing over moraine, ice, and glaciers as the climb takes us higher towards a remote, isolated zone to reach and set up our overnight camp at Makalu base camp.

      Located close to the snout of Barun glacier and its glacial pond, afternoon rest and preparation for a day of hard climbs from base camp views of Mt. Everest, one of the rare ‘East Face’ known as “the famous Khangsung Face.”

    • Day13

      Rest day for acclimatization and explore around scenic points.

      Enjoy a free day with rest after days of continuous walks energetic people can hike to some viewpoint hills for more views of the surrounding mountains of Makalu-Baruntse-Chamlang, including the rare East Face of Everest and Lhotse peaks.

      It an important to have rest to support acclimatization before heading towards higher altitude on route to Imjatse Valley around the Everest region via Sherpani and Amphu Labtsa passes.

    • Day14

      Trek to Swiss base camp 5,150 m / 16,892 ft – 05 hrs.

      After base camp starts early morning, where climb takes towards the west o towering Makalu Western Pillar; from this point, take pre-caution with a slow climb as the altitude gains rapidly, following towards a valley ablation of the western side of a glacier that flows from Mt. Baruntse.

      Continue climbing to a small valley to a glacier and then on a faint path to reach over a boulder of rocks and ice with strewn ice caves and then set the camp, this area known as Swiss camp or also called  Puja Camp, right beneath Mt. Makalu’s West Pillar.

      From here onward, for a few days having pack lunch where one can stop and enjoy having pack lunch prepared by our camping staff and cook.

    • Day15

      Trek to Sherpani base at 5,700 m / 18,696 ft – 05 hrs.

      From Swiss or Puja camp morning leads to steady tough climb towards rocky ridge near Barun peaks west end, then heading to a row of cairns reaching at Sherpani base before the high Col and Pass within a glacial valley for overnight camp.

    • Day16

      Rest and preparation for next day crossing of Sherpani Col

      Another necessary and important leisure day around highest spot of Nepal Himalaya range where one can relax, during rest day our guide and leader will check the route for next day climb and finding safe and possible route towards high Sherpani pass.

    • Day17

      Cross Sherpani Col 6,180 m / 20,270 ft and to Baruntse base – 08 hrs.

      The morning starts early at the break of dawn, where the adventure leads to the final assault on leaving the camp heading with flashlights/torch lights to reach Sherpani glacier with an icy snout on three separate Col, provides entrée to a cirque, then choosing the most suitable and reachable routes as climb follows on steep snow covered slope as well fixing ropes as back-up.

      From the Col / Pass, all will be roped to cross over a glacier to a rocky ridge at  Sherpani West Col, an exceptional cirque covered by ice to the north-facing Baruntse glaciers, which offers close views of Makalu and the wall of Chamlang peak to the south with Amadablam towards west.

      After a hard, arduous climb, descend on the fixed rope towards Hongu Glacier and complete the day with a pleasant walk over snow slopes beneath moraines near Baruntse base camp for overnight camp.

    • Day18

      Cross West Col 6,190 m/20,303 ft and to Amphu Lapcha Base Camp at 5,400 m/17,712 ft -07 hrs.

      From this remote, isolated camp, the morning starts with a climb to reach Panch Pokhari means “five ponds,” located beneath Amphu Laptsa, pass another high pass to cross to reach Imjatse Valley around Everest and Khumbu region.

      The climb continues on rocky moraines to reach a wide area of Upper Hongu Basin close to Kang Leyamura peak at 6,430 meters, following rocky glaciers towards a moraine, then close to Amphu Labtsa pass for an overnight stop at Panch Pokhari, a glacial pond, and at Amphu Labtsa Base Camp.

    • Day19

      Cross Amphu Lapcha pass 5,850 m/19,188 ft and trek to Chukung 4,730 m/15,514 ft- 09 hrs.

      An early morning starts to cross the last and final pass of the adventure, where a strenuous climb leads to an hour or more on rocks, moraine, and icy slopes to reach the top of Amphu Lapcha.

      From the top,, stunning views of Mt. Lhotse South Face, Lhotse Shar with  Island / Imja-tse Peak, after final inspection and checking all members, porters, and staff in case of ill health and sickness due to altitude and tiredness, which is common at this altitude.

      At the top, safe descent on ropes to reach the other side of Hongu Valley to reach Imjatse Valley; descend of approx: 150 meters from the top; after a safe adventure, head down, then walk to an ablation valley of Imja glacier around Imjatse Valley within Khumbu of Everest area.

      From here, on a pleasant walk to Chukung for an overnight stop in the comfort of a nice cozy lodge.

    • Day20

      Trek to Pangboche 3,900 m – 05 hrs.

      After a great wonderful adventure around remote high mountains, return journey from here on much easier as the heights lower every few hours on a downhill with a few short ups to Pangboche after walking past a nice large settlement of Dingboche.

    • Day21

      Trek to Namche Bazaar 3,440 m – 06 hrs.

      From Pangboche, with a pleasant overnight in a nice lodge, head downhill to a bridge where an hour or more climb takes you to the top at the scenic spot of Thyangboche.

      A beautiful place surrounded by high mountains with views of Everest, Thyangboche, and its monastery in the middle of an alpine forest full of rhododendron and pine trees, is the visit to the interesting monastery.

      After a refreshing morning walk and stop at beautiful Thyangboche journey continues downhill to a river and then climbs for an hour up and then on a good scenic path to Namche Bazaar for an overnight stop before Lukla, at Namche with enough time to browse around the street of Namche with many good shops and stores.

    • Day22

      Trek to Lukla 2,820 m – 06 hrs.

      One long day walks on the last day of this adventure to reach Lukla, from Namche walk downhill to a river, then a short climb to Monjo, and from here on a good trail to Phakding village. Then a few hour walks, reach Lukla for a final overnight stop within Everest and Khumbu area.

    • Day23

      Fly to Kathmandu and transfer to hotel.

      Morning depart from the lodge, as flight time for Kathmandu and then reach into Tenzing-Hillary airport terminal at Lukla, board in a small aircraft (Dornier-Twin Otter or similar), where short scenic flight brings you at back Kathmandu, and then to your hotel, after most amazing time on Makalu High Pass Adventure trekking.

    • Day24

      Transfer to airport for international departure.

      Finally, all good things must end after a grand, glorious time on the highest journey around the Himalayas with fond memories of Makalu High Pass Adventure Trekking.

      Depart from the hotel with the final day in Nepal, a country of Himalayan wonders; our staff and guide will transfer you to Kathmandu international airport for your flight home or to your respective countries.

    Cost Details

    What's Included in Makalu High Pass Trek

    • Airport picks up and drops by private vehicles.
    • Three nights Hotel in Kathmandu on twin sharing basis.
    • Necessary transports during trek.
    • Kathmandu – Tumlingtar and Lukla – Kathmandu flights.
    • A professional Climbing Guide.
    • Necessary staff likes Cook, Porter and helper.
    • Three meals per day during trek provided, which food cooked by our cook.
    • Necessary tents and cooking stuffs for camping.
    • Makalu Barun and Everest National park permit.
    • Staffs food, Clothing, salary and strong insurance.
    • First aid kit box with Ox-Meter.
    • Necessary Sleeping Bags and Duffel bag if you don’t have to be return after complete trek.
    • Necessary equipments like Main Rope, Ice Axe and Helmet.

    What's Excluded in Makalu High Pass Trek

    • Your personal expenses.
    • Personal equipments.
    • All kind of soft and hard drinks.
    • Extra night hotel in Kathmandu.
    • If need extra day during trek then cost $220 per day.
    • Tips for Guide and other staff.

    Departure Dates & Price

    No group joining date available! you can make a request for private date? Enquire Us

    Makalu High Pass Trek FAQS