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    Champadevi Hiking

    Champadevi Hiking

    • Destination
    • Durations
      1 days
    • Max. People
    • Areas of Walk
      Beyond Kathmandu Valley Rim on southern hills.
    • People and Culture
      High Hills populated by Tamang and Newar people that surround Kathmandu valley and the cities of Buddhism religion, with mix tribes of Hindu Brahmin-Chettries, Magar of various cultures with farm life.
    • Mode of transport
      Short drives both ways.
    • Duration of Hike
      From 3 hrs to 4 hrs.


    • Picturesque view of mountains and Kathmandu Valley from atop
    • Educational as well as recreational experience
    • A day off from the city life
    • Best hiking experience
    • Experience the unique and beautiful lifestyle and culture of the locals and their farm life

    Champadevi Hiking 1 days

    Champadevi Hiking

    Champadevi hiking is a one-day hiking trip that you can take when you are in Kathmandu. This hiking trip has a lot of fascinating elements packed into it. Some of them are the ancient and traditional farm life, closure to the culture of Newars and Tamang people in the area, as well as some natural elements of Champadevi. You will not be disappointed by the short trail during this day hiking that will lead to a beautiful end scenic route. A lot of people who are inside Kathmandu Valley, especially in Lalitpur and close to the Kirtipur area, tend to go on treks to Champadevi every now and then. Likewise, the hiking spot is just as popular among people who are only visiting Kathmandu Valley. Along with many other hiking areas in the valley, if you are a beginner in hiking and are looking for a rather convenient and easy hiking spot, then Champadevi is the place for you.

    Champadevi is also known as Champa wati. There is a famous Champadevi temple that is a prayer stop for Hindu followers and hikers. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Champadevi, who is a manifestation of Goddess Durga or Parvati. There is a famous belief among the people in Champadevi that the goddess protects the villagers and their simple lives from evil eyes.

    During your day hike in Champadevi, you can witness the beautiful mountains from the hilltop. Likewise, there are just as many rich floras along the trail as this hike. Rhododendrons and pines are the most common species of plants that you will come through on your way. While Kirtipur, which is the closest city to Champadevi, is pretty metropolitan and urbanized, this hike will surely take you away from the noisy hustles and bustles of the city for a while.

    Your trip to Champadevi will also take you to Pharping in less than an hour. You can pay a visit to a meditation cave of the holy Buddhist Guru Padmasambhava, known as Guru Rinpoche. He is the 7th-century guru who traveled from India to Tibet and stopped in Pharping to meditate in a cave. He eventually moved back to Tibet after having meditated for several years in Pharping.

    Your hiking starts from Pharping and goes up to Champadevi from here on. There is an excellent view of the entire Kathmandu valley, as well as mountains and the greenery around the area when you reach the top of Champadevi, leaving you nothing to complain about your day hike. After returning from your day hike, you can proceed back to your hotel.

    • Day01

      Morning drive south of Kathmandu at Pharping small town and hike to Champadevi Hill of 3-4 hrs walks and back.

      Your Champadevi day hiking is likely to end in around 3 to 4 hours. It is better for you to choose a hotel to stay around Kathmandu itself. Your morning must start with a hearty meal in your hotel so that you won't be tired and worn out during your time hiking. After you are readied up for the day, you will go to Champadevi via Pharping. Your driver is likely to drop you in Pharping, and then you will be heading to the hilltop from here.

      There are two major pilgrimage sites that you will be coming through during your day hike, including the Champadevi Mandir and a Buddhist cave where his holiness Guru Ringboche or Padmasambhava once meditated for years. Champadevi is not only a good hiking spot but also a pilgrimage for Buddhist and Hindu pilgrims.

      Many Tamang and Newar followers can be spotted around these areas. Likewise, you can catch up with a local around the area to learn about interesting stories and their culture throughout the centuries. Your hiking won’t be merely a recreational and physical activity; it will also be religious and educational.

      Likewise, in Pharping, there are several farms and dairies that you will surely cherish if you have a taste for fresh fruits and milk products. The hilltop serves a picturesque view of mountains, green lands, and, overall, the demagnified look of Kathmandu Valley.

      After you are done with your one-day hike to Champadevi, you will be driven back to your hotel from Pharping by your driver.

    Cost Details

    What's Included in Champadevi Hiking

    • Private transport facility.
    • The required permit.
    • A professional hiking guide.
    • Lunch.

    What's Excluded in Champadevi Hiking

    • Personal expenses are not covered in your package.
    • Expenses for drinks along the way.

    Departure Dates & Price

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    Essential Information

    Best season for Champadevi Day Hiking

    Best season for Champadevi Day Hiking

    Champadevi day hiking is preferable not just in a certain season but in all four seasons throughout the year. However, you may want to be a little careful with going there during the monsoon season, even though a lot many people do not miss out hiking on this season either. Monsoons call for muddy and inconvenient hiking trails, which will not only increase the difficulty for hikers to climb through the uphill location but also create the probability of falling into accidents.

    On the other hand, fall and spring are the best seasons to go for Champadevi day hiking as the weather is mostly clear during these seasons. Similarly, the likelihood of suffering from extreme heat or cold is just as low.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to hike to Champadevi?

    You can hike to Champadevi from the Chandragiri routes. And you can drive through Pharping to get there.

    How tall is the Champadevi Hill?

    The Champadevi hill is 2180 meters above sea level.

    How long does the Champadevi hike take?

    It takes around 3-4 hours to complete the Champadevi hike.

    How long is the Champadevi hike?

    Champadevi is a 6.3-mile out-and-back trail near Satikhel, Bagmati Province.

    Where is the starting point of the Champadevi hike?

    The starting point of the Champadevi hike is usually in Bhanjyang.

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