Nepal is renowned in world as one of the best destination for Rafting. Rafting in Nepal  is a great exciting adventure. Moreover, Nepal is famous for white-water rafting. These Rafting includes world-class rapids on Himalayan River fed from the glaciers of mighty world highest mountains.

All Rafting  are run and managed by expert team of River Guides and Captain of the boat. So, they provides you necessary instruction on safety measures as well paddling technique. These techniques are required going through mighty huge waves and rapids including drops with holes to enjoy your day rafting. But to mention, there are no saftey regulations enforced or acted in Nepal by official bodies.

On rafting necessary safety gears are provided. That include Life Jacket, Helmets with dry containers or water-proof barrels to keep your valuables camera and personal smaller belongings. But if you want to bring  any kinds of protection means that you want then you are welcomed.

Rafting are of two types. One is Middle Oar,where Captain does all the maneuvering while you sit. So, that you can enjoy the thrills and views of surrounding lovely landscapes.

The other type  requires you to paddle. Captain of the boat on the back will give you instructions when your help is needed.

The best time for rafting in Nepal are usually September to early December and March to June. At this time weather remains perfect and water will be warm.

There are six types of rivers grades scaled from 1-6 based on difficulty.

Class 1 – river with slower moving current( little or no obstacles).

Class 2 & 3 rivers generally moving  fast (some obstacles and smaller-medium size rapids).

Class 4 rivers have long with continuous sections of white water and large waves. ( Requirement- strong paddling and teamwork in the boat).

Class 5 rivers with powerful and prolonged sections of rapids including big holes. (Requirement- very strong paddling and preferably previous rafting experience).

Class 6 – considered to be almost impossible to run.

We generally have one day rafting so that you donot need to stay overnight during rafting. This type of trip will be just perfect for people who wants to feel white water rafting.

We present two great Rafting Rivers for you to enjoy our Rafting Adventure Sports in Trishuli and Bhote Koshi.

Rafting in Nepal Package(s)