‘Exciting tour around Kathmandu and Chitwan for exotic bird-life’

Nepal is a country of vivid natural beauties and challenges due to its geographical topography. It includes deep green jungles in tropical south and huge agricultural fields. In addition, cool alpine temperatures extends towards arctic cold ice and glaciers. Due to this, Nepal is favorite home for domestic and migrating bird-life.

Large and different beautiful species along with eye-catching colors and structure habitat in Nepal. From plain low-land to mid-hill and towards higher mountains close to lap of  Himalayan peaks, diverse birds resides .

Nepal occupies only 0.03% of the earth but it is home of 02 % of different species of flowering plants and 08 % world’s population of bird life in the world. More than 879 different species of bird are found in Nepal according to Kathmandu Post.

In Nepal, one can explore and observe from small finch-partridge-jungle fowls-water birds to large Himalayan brown eagle and hawks. Bird species also includes national bird of Nepal “Lophophorus” known as “Danfe”, also called as Impeyan Pheasant. Danfe can be found within high green hills of Himalayan range.

Bird Watching is fun and interesting because of driving and walking around Kathmandu rim as well Chitwan National Park. The bird watching with jungle safari in Chitwan Natioanl park is one of the best and renowned  way to observe birds.

Nepal is a best place to witness more bird-life of various exotic species.So for photography purpose, bird watching tour in Nepal is a good option. Many students and researchers come to Nepal to see and do research on bird species and on bird life.So, Nepal is a perfect place for nature lover to follow their own ideals.

For the beautiful scenery of birds flying in high hills, sky or sitting in nest, good Binoculars could be best option for observation. With close range lens camera, you can be much closer to beauty of birds. Books of Himalayan birds with illustration can help you to match the birds as you locate on tour.

Long sleeve shirts and trousers either green-Khaki or dull color can help you to blend with nature. Sun hat, Sun-blocks, water bottles, a good map of the area, your personal items with moderate size day pack as well rain and wind proof gear and note-books can help you anytime as per climate or place you visits.

Bird Watching in Nepal Package(s)