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    Celebrating Christmas and New Year in Nepal can be a memorable experience for all visitors. Worldwide, the time to celebrate Christmas is in the month of December. December 25 is the Christmas Day. People exchange gifts and have festive meals on the evening of December 24, which is also known as Christmas Eve. Some people also attend the midnight church prayer on Christmas Eve.

    Likewise, New Year is no different than the Christmas celebration. It's just another month, but only a few days after Christmas. As soon as the Christmas festivities end, we get to enjoy the New Year celebration, a beautiful start to the next year. The transition celebration from the old year to the new one on the day of December 31, New Year's Eve is highly enjoyable.

    If you are planning to come on a Christmas and New Year celebration holiday targeting Nepal, you have made the right decision. December 25th is usually a public holiday in Nepal. Nepali people celebrate Christmas as much as they celebrate other festivals like Dashain and Tihar. Meanwhile,

    Unlike in past years, Christmas's commercial aspects have been creeping into Nepal. Nepal is a secular country, where Nepali people follow different religions. Moreover, non-Christian people also enjoy the vibes that Christmas would bring. Most tourist areas and shopping malls are decorated with Christmas trees and lights during Christmas and New Year's Eve, so it looks gorgeous and eye-catching. The Western-style bars in Thamel put up stunning Christmas and New Year decorations with a notice of any kind of party or program they might be having on the 25th or 31st of December.

    Firstly, you can get familiar to Kathmandu city by having a visit to its beautiful places. Many hotels and restaurants in Nepal offer you a special Christmas Dinner. You can enjoy the festive meal with a blend of local and international flavors. If you are excited about the religious celebrations, there’s one. You can attend midnight mass at one of the churches in Kathmandu. It can add cultural and spiritual value to the trip.

    You can attend different cultural shows that feature traditional music, musical instruments, and a variety of dance performances. During the holiday season, many hotels in Kathmandu arrange and host special events and cultural programs. Likewise, the restaurants and hotels in Kathmandu offer lively celebrations on New Year's Eve. You can have a great time joining the countdown events, fireworks, and many more events.

    Besides the festive celebration, you can also tour the different nearby places of beauty. The other beautiful places for the Christmas and New Year Celebration tour in Nepal can be different enjoyable holiday destinations. Spend quality time traveling at the following places:

    Kathmandu City Tour

    Top things to see in Kathmandu

    The city of Kathmandu offers rich cultural and historical experiences. Take a drive into the bustling cities of Thamel; this amazing place offers a mix of shops, restaurants, and local markets. It is a great place for shopping and experiencing the city’s energy. There are different places to visit in the Kathmandu valley. Therefore, the Kathmandu city tour is the ideal trip for the Christmas and New Year celebration tour in Nepal.

    Itinerary overview of the Kathmandu City Tour:

    Top things to see in Kathmandu

    Start 8 am around from your location (Hotel) with professional Tour guide. The trip which is around 7 to 8 hours after back to Hotel.

    We start our Kathmandu exploration tour with our professional tour guide at around 8 AM from your hotel location. You can start your Kathmandu sightseeing by visiting the Kathmandu Durbar Square. This old durbar area offers insights into ancient Malla’s and Shah’s architectures and sculptures. Likewise, Bhaktapur Durbar Square and Patan Durbar Square in the valley provide similar insights with different art and sculpture values.

    Next, you can explore the iconic Buddhist Stupa, the Syambhunath, standing at the heart of Kathmandu city with its stunning architecture. Likewise, there is another stupa, the Bouddhanath Stupa, listed in the UNESCO World Heritage site and greatly famous for its massive Mandala art. You can feel the spirituality of the Hindu Temple, The Pashupatinath Temple, devoted to the Lord Shiva. You can observe the traditional Nepali cremation ceremony that is held continuously at the bank of the Bagmati River.

    You can witness the living goddess of Kathmandu/Nepal, Kumari. Kumari resides at the Kumari Ghar, at historic building of the Basantapur Durbar Square. You can take a peaceful break in the Garden of Dreams, which is located at the heart of Kathmandu. It offers you a serene environment to relax. You can explore the exhibits of the museum. Have a great time observing and learning at the showcase of the historic and cultural heritage of Nepal.

    After visiting historically, culturally, and religiously important places, return to the hotel and enjoy the rest of the day. Our one-day Kathmandu city tour finally ends exploring the significant areas of Kathmandu.

    Luxury Holidays to Nepal

    Notable Things To Do In Nepal

    The luxury holidays in Nepal make you feel that you are having a comfortable and relaxing stay. For Luxurious holidays, there are many luxurious hotels and stay in Kathmandu. We stay in high-end resorts and hotels that offer luxurious amenities and spa services. Such upscale restaurants provide both local and international cuisines. You experience gourmet dining in the mix of traditional and modern tastes.

    We arrange private guided tours to iconic destinations like the Everest Base Camp. You are provided with an option for a helicopter tour to witness the stunning views of the Himalayas and spend quality time at remote and exclusive locations. You can experience luxurious trekking in popular lodges, which provide high-quality services. You get a feeling of comfort even going through the challenging trekking routes.

    Next, we head for adventurous activities like paragliding and rafting while staying in luxurious accommodations. You will stay at the best quality hotels and lodges throughout your trip. Although the accommodations in the mountain regions are simple, we try our best to provide you with excellent amenities so you can travel in the utmost comfort. Luxury hotels provide the best hospitality, making you feel at home.

    We arrange private transportation for all this luxurious travel, including luxurious cars and helicopters. You can enjoy a comfortable and convenient trip between the destination places. A luxury tour allows you to visit well-famed but difficult-to-reach destinations in Nepal with the feel of ease. The elite locations can be traveled without the trouble of the long trekking days that come up with an average accommodation.

    Likewise, the uphill distances carried to reach the base camp are covered by direct flight to the destination from the capital. It is possible to return within a day. Luxury tours are designed for travelers who can afford a high-budget trip and wish to travel in absolute comfort. Such a tour can greatly assist if luxury and convenience come before the money.

    Luxury Chitwan Jungle Safari

    Why should you plan your Holidays to Nepal?

    The luxurious Chitwan Jungle Safari can be the never forgetting memory in Nepal travel. We choose you an upscale resorts in Chitwan that offers luxurious amenities and personalized services in private villas. We arrange private guided safaris with experienced naturalists in order to explore the Chitwan National Park.

    The luxurious accommodations provide exclusive views of the wildlife. For a more personalized and intimate wildlife viewing experience, we manage you a private jeep safaris. You are provided with the option of riding in the elephant-black safari in a more exclusive setting. You can have a comfortable encounter with the wildlife.

    You can enjoy the sunset that reflects on the Rapti River for a scenic experience in your leisure time. When you return back to the luxury lodges, the wellness services offered provide you with relaxation right after the jungle adventure. Likewise, fine dining awaits you that is prepared by skilled chefs. After a satisfying dine, we take you to the private nature walk arranged with experienced naturalists. This allows you to explore the site on foot, gaining more insights into the available flora and fauna. If you are a bird enthusiast, then we provide you with the option to choose lodges that offer exclusive bird sightseeing. This tour is guided by the experts.

    Traveling with guides is beneficial as there is no risk of getting lost in unknown places. Unlike conventional treks, you will have your own well-experienced guide, who sticks with you or your group throughout the journey. You can hire a separate porter if you opt for luxury treks with a few days of walking. They share your luggage throughout the trip at the expense of additional prices.

    During the luxurious Chitwan Jungle Safari, you can feel the warmth of the locality by visiting the nearby Tharu villages. You can have cultural interactions there. The private guides act as translators, which helps you communicate with the locals and share your stories. Furthermore, to add cultural taste to your place, we reside you at the lodges that incorporate cultural programs and performances.

    Mardi Himal Trek

    Mardi Himal Trek

    Mardi Himal has an elevation of about 5,587 meters / 18,330 feet. Mardi Himal used to have fewer trekkers in the past years; however, nowadays, it has started to gain more local as well as international trekkers. The Mardi Himal Trek is an outstanding trek with an amazing trekking route in the Annapurna region. The view of the Annapurna is worth praising. In addition, the views of Macchapuchre and Hiunchuli can be seen from here. There is no way that the journey to the mountain can be dull. Scenic views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Mountain ranges follow the Mardi Himal Trek.

    As per the recent change in rules, foreign nationals are not allowed to trek the Mardi Himal independently, so they have to take licensed guides along with them. The per-person cost of trekking to Mardi Himal is $23 per day. The duration of the Mardi Himal trek is around 4 to 6 days. The trek generally begins from Phedi or Kande, traversing through a rural setup towards the Australian Camp. The trekking route passes through the forest camp, low camp and high camp before reaching the Mardi Himal Base Camp.

    There lies the Mardi Himal base camp, at the base of the giant Mardi and Macchapuchre. We need to trek upto this base camp for a significant trekking experience. From this base camp, the superficial views of Mardi and Macchapuchre can be seen. It's magical to witness the view from a close range. Such a view is only granted after passing through several beautiful villages inhabited by the Gurung and Magar communities. The trek through these villages provides the chance to know the different cultures and traditions of the place.

    To add up different colors to the trek, the green oak forests and red rhododendrons play a vital role. However, the spring season cloud have been the most suitable season to witness the beauty of flora and fauna in full color. Among the Annapurna trekking routes, the Mardi Himal trek is less crowded. Hence, it provides a quiet and close trekking experience in nature.

    Trek to Poon Hill

    Trek to Poon Hill

    The trek to Poon Hill is a quick and short trekking in the Annapurna area. Poon Hill is situated at a elevation of altitude of 3,210 meters. The Poon Hill trek is usually not so heavy to carry on. Generally, it takes 3-4 days to complete the trek. We drive towards Nayapul by the easy roads of Pokhara city and reach Tirkhedhunga for an overnight stay. The next day, we pass through the trail of villages like Tikhedhunga, Ghorepani, and Ghandruk. The trek is considered moderate in terms of difficulty. It is suitable for trekkers with good physical fitness. The most challenging part of the trek is that you must climb more than 3000 stairs. The trail is steep uphill for most of the time. Hence, an early start is recommended to reach to the destination on time.

    From Poon Hill, you can witness amazing sunrise views at the top of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna mountain range. The trekking involves passing through the dense green forests and flower gardens blooming here and there. Trekking forward and viewing this beauty of the region adds power to the onward journey. We have included a hot spring bath in our travel plan at the mid-way of the journey. This hot spring soak provides you with relief after an hours of trekking.

    As usual, trekking in the upper altitudes lets you see the mountain range's panoramic views, like Macchapuchre, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, etc. Trekking to Poon Hill during the holiday celebration is the best option as the best mountain view catches your heart with no worries of extended time to the vacation.

    The Poon Hill trek enables you to witness the amazing views of these Mid-Western Himalayas with a sense of satisfaction. The teahouses and lodges are available on the route that provides basic accommodation, however a comfortable one. Poon Hill trek is a fantastic one for beginner trekkers and those having short travel duration.

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    christmas in Nepal

    Celebrating Christmas and New Year in Nepal with family and friends can be a great idea. You can enjoy this festive season in Nepal's unique cultural setting. Likewise, adding treks to your itinerary would be a memorable adventure, as would exploring the Annapurna or Everest region. Exploring these amazing places during the festive season with lovely friends and family, all setting out on a group trip, can be rewarding.

    The mesmerizing views of the Himalayas, as seen through the helicopter, will immensely blow you. This makes you grab the vision of Nepal's stunning landscape in addition to your holiday celebration. It is like adding sugar to a coffee. The adventurous trek, jungle safari, and city tour make your festive holiday celebration trip a trip-to-be-remembered one. Lastly, you can have the best time in Christmas and New Year Celebration Tour in Nepal.

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