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    More than 100 countries have been affected by the Corona virus across world. Infected people due to corona are also increasing while number of deaths have also surged. The corona outbreak keeps pushing boundaries causing chaos among people.

    According to report on media on March 8,  105,893 have been affected while number of death rose to 3,567. At the same time the number of recovered people due to COVID-19 became 58,625. Seeing all these numbers, every aspect counts are increasing.

    Top 10 countries which received the most cases of coronavirus are:
    1)  China
    2) S. Korea
    3) Italy
    4) Iran
    5) France
    6) Germany
    7) Spain
    8) Japan
    9) USA
    10) Switzerland

    while Diamond Princess cruise ship harbored in Yokohama, Japan get 696 infected people and among them 6 people dead.

    Many people believed that number of cases who are infected and dead are more than whatever published in the news media. Citizens from few countries in social media rage against their country and government hiding the real data and not taking corona seriously when few cases were reported.

    Medical staff worried and sharing what’s going on her hospital.
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    The outbreak started from Wuhan China has caused chaos. Many horrific videos have been shared in social media. Some people are lying on the grounds, on the roads coughing and struggling while in some videos we can clearly see dead people on roads and many places.

    Lately Iran has been hit massively and people are ranting and showing anger in their social profiles. The sanction to Iran limited the medical facilities they require at this time. At the same time  people are blaming the government for this horrific scenarios. Only the people in Iran know the actual scenario what they face at this time.

    At the same time we can also see hospitals and medical facilities full with patients waiting for diagnosis and treatment. There has been intense pressure to medical staffs to control and to operate at these moments. But their hard efforts and motivation have been acknowledged around the world. Medical staffs at their duties tried to lift the spirit of patients to fight against corona. Here is the video shared on twitter, where medical staffs are dancing and encouraging patients.

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    Some video footages shared across Internet showing horrific scenarios caused by this lethal virus.
    People in hospital waiting for diagnosis.
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    Person on the brink of death
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    Person lying on ground and people passing by
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    A lot of videos has been shared where people are lying on the roads, collapsing while walking. Due to lethal nature of this virus people who are passing by or standing taking these videos are afraid to help. Seeing all these conditions we can imagine what is happening around world. If this will outbreak in any place, similar situations are going to happen.

    Boy collapsing while walking.
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    People of every age are worried and terrified with this virus because there has been no vaccinations and medicines to take down this virus. While it has also been very difficult to curb the situation.

    Small girl crying of knowing possible danger of Corona
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    Many countries have banned travelling from on place to other place, shutting down schools and universities. With the loss of life, the economy has slumped too. People are buying lots of stuffs like groceries and other necessary materials and then storing thinking of market shutdown and shortages that can happen in near future.

    Women fighting for groceries
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    These are only some scenarios that’s going around right now. The damages this virus has done is unthinkable and un-recoverable. So, be careful and avoid public places and gatherings. If you feel you are infected by this virus then better to quarantine and ask for medical help. For daily updates about the number of cases  “Corona Updates“.


    Above videos(showing horrific scenarios) are not shared for terrifying the people and causing chaos around you. Rather shared for notifying and making you aware of the consequences that might happen. All of these videos were shared on Twitter. And pray for victims of this virus.

    How can it’s risk be minimized ? What procedures are being implemented in your countries to control the outbreak? Here’s Nepal plans to control COVID-19. Share your ideas, thoughts on the comment below.

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