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    One new Corona cases has been confirmed in Nepal on 18th of April. This makes a total of 31, being infected, whereas four have already got recovered from Covid-19. On April 18, 2020, a press conference by  Health and Population Ministry confirmed that one person from Udaypur got infected.

    Who is the new Corona Infected person in Nepal?

    31st Case: One new Nepali citizen living in Musjid with Indian people(where 12 got infected on the same day) also got infected by the coronavirus in Nepal. He is identified as 65 years old man.

    New cases 17th April:  On 17 April, 12 Indian nationals who were in quarantine in the Udaypaur district tested positive for Corona Virus. At the same time, 4 Nepali citizens in quarantine with them have not been infected. All of them are sent to the Biratnagar-based Corona Center for further treatment.

    Meanwhile, in Chitwan, 2 Nepali citizens are the other victims of Corona on a spiking day of Covid-19 cases in Nepal. A 63-year-old mother and her son, 27, who returned from the UK, are the latest corona cases in Nepal.

    15th and 16th Case: In Pepsicola Bhaktapur, two people tested positive for the novel Corona Virus. Mother and son, who returned from the UK earlier month, are the new victims. At the same time, other family members with them in Sun City Apartment are found to be negative.

    13th and 14th: On April 13(Nepal’s new year), a 65-year-old lady is identified positive for a Coronavirus test. She is from Kailai and is being treated in Seti Zonal Hospital. In the evening, a 19 years old boy from Rautahat is also seen carrying coronavirus. He returned earlier month from India and is now being treated in Birgunj.

    10th, 11th and 12th case: After 8 days, since the last Corona case identified, 3 new patients of Coronavirus are found in Burgunj of Nepal. All of these three are Indian Citizens and were remaining in Musjid with other 21 people. After tested positive all of them are kept in isolation.

    7th, 8th and 9th case: On 4th of April three new patients have been identified corona positive in Nepal. These cases are seen in Kailali and Kanchanpur of Nepal.  21 years old boy who returned from Mumbai to Kailai is one identified person whereas  41 years old man who also returned from Uttarakhand, India, to Kanchanpur is another victim. Similarly, a 34 years old woman from Kailai is claimed to be another Coronavirus victim. All of them are being treated in Seti Zonal Hospital. The lady who tested positive is the sister-in-law of 4th case patient.

    6th case: Again, one more person tested positive for CoronaVirus in Nepal on April 2. The new identified patient also came on 17th march from Qatar with 2nd Case and 5th Case victim. The identified one is 65 years old  woman from Baglung  who returned from Belgium.

    5th case: On Saturday, March 28, a new corona patient is found. A girl who returned from Belgium to Nepal is the 5th corona victim.  A 19-year-old girl from Baglung is tested positive for Covid-19. She returned to Nepal on  17th March on flight number QR 652 with the second corona victim. The second case and 5th case  have a relation, since they returned on same flight.

    4th case: On March 27, one new Corona virus case is found in Nepal. A 34-year-old man from Kailali, Dhangadi is tested positive for Corona. This man returned from Dubai is the second Corona victim who came to Nepal from Dubai. He is currently being treated in hospital in Dhangadi. His condition is normal according to report.

    3rd case: On March 25, one more person is infected of Corona Virus in Nepal.  The 32-year-old man from Dhading who returned from Dubai is the 3rd Corona infected person in Nepal.

    2nd case: A girl who was studying in France is the new victim of Coronavirus in Nepal. The 19-year-old girl  returned Nepal on 17th of March from France via Qatar. After coming back to Nepal, she was remaining in home quarantine according to the new regulation of 14 days quarantine for people coming from foreign countries.  She is currently under isolation and receiving treatment at Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital in Teku, Kathmandu.

    According to report, her friend from Vietnam who was travelling with her from France till Qatar got infected with Corona. Since, she knew her friend being tested positive from Corona, she then ran for further medical test in Teku hospital and her report confirmed, she has also been infected of Corona.

    However, the other people who were in airplane with her may be in risk. Now, government is searching for people who were in same airplane. Her family members will also be isolated and tested for this virus according to Minster of Health and Population. He also stated that government won’t hide any information regarding coronavirus cases in Nepal.

    What is Government doing ?

    Covid-19 and its Effect on the tourism industry in Nepal

    Every day, Nepal government has been  imposing strict regulations to fight against corona. Earlier this month, government imposed 14 days self-quarantine and cancelling all new travel permits for people travelling to Nepal. After that government started to monitor people moving in and out of border with India. Then started closing all schools, universities and other business sectors with also restricting movements of vehicle.

    Starting from 23rd March all the  international borders will be closed including international flights. The long route’s vehicle inside Nepal will no longer be in operation starting from today. International airlines cannot bring in any passengers to Nepal whereas they can return carrying passengers. Around 10,000  foreigners are stranded in Nepal according to Nepal government report.  Few countries have chartered planes to take their citizens back and this process has already finished.

    Many people are returning from India to Nepal who were working and studying in India. Their movement are stricter and government also ordered people who are coming from India to remain in quarantine and Nepal police and Armed forces will be monitoring them. Since, number of cases in India are increasing, government planned to close border with India from March 23. From March 24, government enforced 1 week total lockdown all over Nepal. And this lockdown is extended till April 7.  Again government extended lockdown for one more week to fight against corona and it seems it will also be extended. Now, lockdown will continue till 27th of April.

    Different state and districts in Nepal are designing their own rules fighting against coronavirus. Some cities are already closed and some are planning soon. In Kathmandu government has built Isolation hub and also planning in other places too.  The quarantine home in Kharipati Kathmandu has now 81 people including 8 females and one foreigner.

    Many people who were in Kathmandu for study and work have returned to home of possible danger of Corona. Meanwhile, people are not that happy with efforts of Nepal government on fight against Coronavirus. Medical officers have also different view on government policy.

    What Medical professionals Say ?

    They are saying that there is no model designed for treatment of people. These are no separate Ambulance with proper safety which can carry Corona infected and suspected patients. Doctors and nurses need to provided specialized facilities  and equipments which are lacking. Similarly, only 40-50 people can be tested per day which is far below the requirements. So, testing should be broadened at this moment.

    Now, it’s time to act carefully and quickly. So, keep social distancing and follow regulations imposed without any hindrance.  This has been a message which has been shared worldwide now. As number of infected countries are 199 with infection number 559,103 and total death soaring to 25,278, every country is fighting hard. The main issue they have faced are people not obeying self-quarantine policy and lack of medical facilities. Now, Nepal need to learn from them. Doing late will result greater loss which can never be recovered. Follow some protection measures not to get infected from Coronavirus.

    How many people have Corona in Nepal?

    Till now(April 18), 31 people have been infected from Corona Virus in Nepal.  4 people already recovered of Corona while 27 are receiving treatment.

    How many people recovered from Corona in Nepal ?

    Four people have recovered drom CoronaVirus in Nepal. 6th case patient from Baglung, 2nd case patient from Kathmaddu and 7th case patient from Kailai who returned from Mumbai also recovered.

    How many people died of Corona Virus in Nepal ?

    There is no death recorded due to Corona in Nepal according to government of Nepal.  But there are news that people have died in Corona center who have got similar symptoms of Corona. What is that then ? Well, people have died in Corona center, other hospitals and in isolation but their death is not due to other reasons not of Corona.

    How many samples are tested for Corona in Nepal ?

    According to Health  Emergency Operation center,  the total number of samples or people who were tested for suspect of Covid-19 are 1184. And 1178 cases are found to be negative while 6 are found positive. One has already recovered while five are under treatment. Since, testing facilities are available in different parts of country, a lot of testing is being carried out per day and the number mentioned above are already surpassed.

    Where Corona virus test can be done in Nepal ?

    Where Corona virus test can be done in Nepal ?

    Test is being done in Teku, Kathmandu. With new equipments brought from China, the tests will also be conducted in Pokhara and Hetauda. This will further extend and according to source testing is also available in Dhangadi, Dharan and Janakpur.  In Kathmandu, Bir Hospital also started testing for Covid-19. But remember you cannot go directly to Teku  for test.  Testing is also available in Lailtpur Patan. With this, 14 places across the country are equipped to carry out PCR testing. Then how can I test ?

    How can I test for Corona Virus ?

    Since, suspected person need to be kept in isolation, person first need to go hospital. Then, hospital will collect and  send sample for test.

    Which samples will be collected ?

    Nasal swab and throat swab are the main samples collected with other sample too.

    How much does it cost to test for Corona Virus in Nepal ?

    Right now, the test is  done free in Teku. So, no need to worry about money.

    Can I do test ?

    No, you cannot go for test directly. Once doctor tells you that you need test, then you do test.

    When will I get report ?

    Once the sample is collected, it takes 24 to 48 hours to get the report. If you test positive, the related hospital and doctor will be informed immediately.

    What should the government do immediately and in the future to fight against Corona Pandemic? Share your thoughts and ideas in a comment below.

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