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    Today, the World is heavily affected by Corona outbreak. Every person globally has been afraid due to the easily spreadness of this virus which was started from Wuhan, a city in Eastern China. It came into existence since December 31, 2019 and is rapidly broadening throughout the World.  So far, 182(till 17 March, it was 167) countries are affected by the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus. Till today’s date, it has been reported that 10,254 people has been already suffered to deaths out of which 3,405 people from Italy, 3,248 people from China and 3,601 from other parts of the World. So, here we discuss the global impact of COVID-19 and its update. Also, many of you might be wondering: How safe is Nepal from Coronavirus? Here we discuss that too. Let’s start!!

    (For new updates on Corona virus situation in Nepal : How many people are infected by Corona in Nepal ? )

    Actually, What is CoronaVirus(COVID-19)?

    Coronavirus is a type of virus which are of different kinds. These viruses are common in different animals, but most do not infect humans.

    COVID-19 is the name given to the disease caused by a new kind of CoronaVirus which was originated from Wuhan Province in China. Cough, fever and shortness of breathing are the major symptoms of COVID-19 virus. And sometimes, it can be severe and may result to death. It can easily get transmitted from one person to another. And so far, there is no such vaccine yet to cure this disease and is diagnosed with a laboratory test.

    How to get protected from the Novel CoronaVirus(COVID-19)?

    Here are some of the ways provided by World Health Organisation in order to get protected from COVID-19.

    Frequently Hand Washing:

    This is the best way to protect yourself from any kind of virus. Washing hands with soap and water or with alcohol(e.g., sanitizers) kills viruses presented in your hand/s.

    Maintain Social Distance:

    Avoiding contact with a person is another way to protect from viruses like COVID-19. Instead of greeting people with a hug or handshake, start with the Nepali way of greeting people (by doing Namaste).

    Avoid touching mouth, eyes, and nose:

    If your hands are unwashed, then, its recommended not to touch the sensitive parts like mouth, eyes and nose . The virus may easily transmit through these sensitive organs.

    Follow respiratory hygiene :

    If you’re infected with any kinds of viruses like coughing, sneezing, then you should cover your nose, mouth with mask or tissues and drop them immediately (into the dustbox/ garbage bin).

    Stay informed and follow advice:

    Stay updated with health news or national health authorities to get latest info regarding the spreadness of coronavirus(COVID-19) and be alert accordingly.

    Seek medical care in case of emergency:

    Do not neglect if you’ve got signs that may predict COVID-19 then, please call or visit local health authority and follow the provided direction.
    Now, after getting some introductory info regarding CoronaVirus, it’s time to discuss its global impact. So, what is the situation worldwide?

    What are the most affected countries from Coronavirus(COVID-19)?


    As per the latest report, the country has 80,116 confirmed cases and 3,248 of death cases of coronavirus. This is the most affected country globally by COVID-19.


    Also, this is the second most affected country with 41,035 confirmed cases with death cases of 3,405 as per the latest report and stand first within European region followed by Spain, France and Germany. Italy has been hit hard by the Corona Virus.


    This is the second most affected country in Europe and the rapid flow of the Coronavirus outbreak has been observed here followed by Germany and then France. As per the latest report we found, 19,980 confirm cases and 1,002 death cases in Spain while if we talk about the cases in France then, there are 10,995 confirm cases with 372 death cases as per the latest report.


    The fourth most affected country globally due to the outbreak of corona. As per the latest report, it has confirmed cases of 18,407 with 1,284 death cases. And it is believed the number of people getting infected are increasing more rapidly and the death numbers will soon increase by drastic numbers.


    Similarly, as per the latest report, this is the fifth country with the confirmed cases of 16,626 and the death cases of 44 due to Corona outbreak followed by the USA(with 14,366 confirmed cases and 217 death cases). The death rate compaired to number of infection is relatively low in Germany than other countries.

    Every day number of infections are soaring and death number are also increasing.  Due to easy transfer of virus from one to another person, these numbers keep increasing according with newer countries being added to list.

    The countries mentioned above are the topmost countries affected by the Coronavirus but nevertheless, we’ve many countries other than these which are being affected by the global Corona outbreak. Now, let’s check those countries.

    And before talking about How safe is Nepal from Coronavirus, let’s talk about the rapid increase in confirmed cases of the latest COVID-19 outside the mainland of China. We found very less confirmed cases till January last week starting from the Western Pacific region. And now, if we compare the confirm cases from January to present, we will be surprised by seeing the rapid increase in its epidemic curve. Now, lets check it out the curve too.

    Now, its time to talk about the latest news and update regarding the weird COVID-19 virus in Nepal. So,

    How Safe is Nepal from Coronavirus or COVID-19?

    Till present, Nepal stands in the list of least affected countries globally with just one confirmed case. It was found in one 32-year-old Nepali student who landed Nepal on 5th January from Wuhan University of Technology( situated in Wuhan, China) and has been already recovered. And, if we talk about the total suspected cases then, it is 529(till March 19, 2020) out of which 528 cases resulted negative and 1 case tested positive(on 23 Jan 2020) and has already been cured.

    Also, on February 16, 175 Nepalese students were evacuated from Hubei province in China and were monitored  at the quarantine zone in Kharipati, Bhaktapur. After 14 days, they were back to home after the negative tests of COVID-19 virus.

    In March 2, they had suspected 4 people for COVID-19 and luckily the tests has gone negative.

    So, till today(20th March 2020), we’ve just the single confirmed case and has already been treated well and recovered. The Government is also becoming very active and doing things very seriously and taking strict actions regarding COVID-19.

    What is Nepal Government doing regarding COVID-19 virus? 

    Since a month, Nepal Government is becoming very serious regarding the issue of Coronavirus and spreading the high amount of awareness among the Nepali citizen. Also, they have temporarily suspended on arrival visas to Nepal for all countries throughout the World till 30 April 2020 effective from 14 March 2020. Before they had suspended on-arrival visas for five different countries which has been highly affected by COVID-19 virus (China, South Korea, Italy, Iran and Japan) and took into action from 10 March 2020. Also, few days before they added up 3 more countries(France, Germany and Spain) in the list due to rapid spreadness of novel coronavirus. However, they can issue visa from the Nepal mission situated on their countries but they need to prove themselves with a Coronavirus(COVID-19) free health certificate while applying visa.

    Also, the temperature screening(via thermal cameras) and self reporting has been already implemented on Tribhuvan International Airport(the only international Nepal airport). Also, they have an ambulance on standby right there in order to carry the patient immediately if they found any suspected cases. And also, they’ve restricted the flights from China so that the risk of spreadness of COVID-19 is highly minimised.

    Also, all foreigners entering the country since 14 March 2020 via TIA are subjected to self quarantine for 14 days and also Nepali nationals or NRN(Non Residential Nepali) are kept under home quarantine for 14 days and will be released only if the tests comes negative for COVID-19.

    Now, let’s check the latest update issued by the Department of Immigration in Nepal.

    As Nepal shares the border with two huge countries, it’s important to keep an eye not only towards the air route but also equally towards the land route as well. So, they’ve already closed the border point of Tatopani(the famous land routes to trade with China) since January 31, 2020 due to the outbreak of novel Coronavirus. And, as there is an open border between Nepal and India, now they are being strict on people(Indians or third countries  nationals) entering the country via land routes through India due to high influence of COVID-19.

    Now, they’ve planned not to issue travel visas through land routes which undertake into action from 14 March 2020. Before, they had fixed some border points only through which they were allowed to enter Nepal. Also, they were allowed to get their visas(only for third nationals as visa is free for Indians) only after their health check up(check up for Indian nationals too) through either the border points of Raxaul, Sunauli, Karkarvitta, Jogabani,  Gaddachauki and Jamunah (Nepalgunj).

    Also, the government was planning to celebrate the year 2020 as Visit Nepal year but now, due to the high risk of novel COVID-19, they’ve suspended all the promotional events and activities related to Visit Nepal 2020. Now, they’ve started putting hands together for spreading awareness and safety regarding the outbreak of novel Coronavirus.

    Also, latterly the government of Nepal has planned to restrict the citizen entering Nepal from all European countries, West Asian countries, Middle East countries including Iran, Turkey, South Korea, Malaysia and Japan in order to protect the country (as much as possible) from the COVID-19 pandemic. The restrictions is valid for above stated nationals as well as for any nationals using above countries as their transit point to reach the country and takes into action from 20th of March 2020 and is valid till 15 April 2020.

    Is Nepal safe to travel during this period?

    As the information and data above prove that we’ve very less risk of getting Coronavirus and it’s a very best news for those who wish to travel this Himalayan country. Even in this period, we’re finding many foreigners traveling the country and enjoying the beautiful nature and mountains. We say ‘Yes, Nepal is safe to travel even in this period.’ but the thing is  you should be fit, healthy and don’t have any symptoms that predicts COVID-19 virus. And, it is better to postpone Nepal Travel plans if you belong to a highly affected country(or area) as it would be very hard for you to escape from there.

    Also, if you talk about the present state, then we’re just afraid of the horrific situation created by the Coronavirus(COVID-19) outbreak throughout the World and also don’t want to take a risk for a safe country(somehow, as per the latest report) like Nepal. Let’s be healthy first and then crazy travelers.

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    Final Words:

    As you can see, we have the risk only from imported cases, and it’s already been minimized by the action and strictness of the Nepal Government in TIA and other border points. So, what’s the conclusion?

    You’ve read the article. It is your turn now! What do you think? How safe is Nepal from Coronavirus? Leave us your thoughts on Corona Virus, its consequences, suggestions, and how your country tackles this outbreak.


    Note: The above data of confirmed and death cases of COVID-19 with the first three images has been taken from the latest report published by the World Health Organisation.

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