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    Helicopter Tour to Everest Base Camp: A Detail Guide

    Are you interested for a helicopter ride to Everest Base Camp? Here we are, to discuss all necessary things like Everest Base Camp helicopter tour cost, highlights, fitness level, what to carry, best time, safety tips, FAQs and lot more which you need to know before your heli tour to Everest Base Camp. So, let’s start!!

    Climbing the summit of the highest mountain in the world, Mt Everest(read: where is mount Everest located?) is a dream to all the people. With histories made on this summit, many people come to Nepal to reach this achievement. However, reaching the very summit requires lots of energy, time and cost too. Therefore, the Everest base camp has become the main destination of the people. 

    At an altitude of 5364 meters, Everest Base Camp has many choices for the people to reach there. Many people try the Everest Base Camp Trek. But now there is an easy quick way to reach your destination. You can now choose the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour. On this trip, you can easily reach the Everest Base Camp by Helicopter in a matter of minutes.

    The Heli Tour to Everest Base Camp provides you with a wide range of mind-boggling views of the mountains, the trails, and biodiversity. The extravagant scene of the highest mountains of Nepal from the helicopter seems like a scene that is straight out of a movie: completely mesmerizing and leaving you awestruck. By choosing this package option you can skip all the straining walk to the base camp. You will not have to worry about the conditions you will be facing or being away from your comfort zone for more than a week. Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour with landing will take you to the base camp and back to your hotel in a single day. 

    Everest Helicopter tour Highlights
    360-degree panoramic view
    High altitude
    Less time consuming
    Khumbu Icefall
    Kalapatthar viewpoint
    Sherpa culture and lifestyle
    The main destination


    Things You Need for Everest Base Camp Helicopter Flight Landing Tour
    If you choose the helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp, you should not worry much about what to carry. Your tour will only take 4-5 hours. This will not require as much preparation or packing list as the trek. The weight limit of a person in a helicopter is 10 kgs. However, try to pack light as you won’t need much stuff. Major things you will need for Everest Base Camp Helicopter Flight Landing Tour are listed below.

    1) Clothing
    If you are making the tour in the summer or seasons other than winter, you won’t have to bring any warm clothes for the helicopter ride. The ride will be mostly sunny and hot. So wear light clothes during seasons other than the winter season. 

    However, taking the helicopter to Everest Base Camp will be freezing cold in the winter. So bring a windproof jacket to save yourself from the cold freezing wind.  Also, bring a hat to protect yourself from the sun. 

    You may also want to bring some other things to the helicopter tour. Other than clothes you should also bring

    Your passport
    A bottle of water
    Toilet Paper
    Sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun
    Camera and phones to record the picturesque views from the top
    Power bank; in case your battery dies

    Fitness level for Heli Tour to Everest Base Camp
    Unlike the trek which requires physical and mental training before the trip, a helicopter tour is a lot easier and extravagant. With a helicopter tour, you can get to the base camp and back in only a matter of 4-5 hours. You can accomplish your dream of reaching the base of the highest mountain in only a day.

    However, if you are a first-timer, you may need to take some motion sickness or altitude sickness medicines just to be safe. You will be rotating seats with the group in the helicopter so you will get to see diverse views.

    You are requested to make altitude traveling insurance to make sure you are protected during the whole trip. 

    Also, get checked up before the helicopter tour. Get your medical records straight so you don’t have any complications during the flight. 

    Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour: From where?
    The Everest Base Camp helicopter tour has become a convenient way for people to reach the base camp without having to go through the harsh terrain of the base camp trek. 

    You can also choose the starting point of the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour. There are five main starting points for the helicopter tour to the Everest Base Camp.   Similarly, we are also presenting you multiple options with mix experience of trekking and helicopter ride, a private tour and a group joining tour, in our detail guide of heli tour to Everest base camp.

    a) Heli ride to Everest Base Camp from Kathmandu
    After entering Nepal and landing in Kathmandu, you can rest up a little and get rid of your jet lag. In the morning, you can choose to directly board a helicopter and enjoy your heli tour from Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp. You can board the helicopter from the Tribhuvan International Airport and directly reach Everest Base Camp. 

    The ride would be 4-5 hours long maximum. You can enjoy the exhilarating scenes of the mountains along with a warm cup of tea or coffee in the authentic Nepali tea houses. You will depart from Kathmandu and land in Lukla for fueling. The helicopter will then reach Kalapatthar. Here, you can enjoy the view of the mountains clearly. The picturesque view will leave you astounded.

    Enjoying the view of the glorious mountains from Kalapatthar, you will now embark on the journey to fly see the Everest Base Camp. You will fly over the base camp in around 10-15 minutes.

    From there, you will reach the Everest View hotel and enjoy a warm breakfast with great views of the mountains and some clicks. After about 40-45 minutes you will board the helicopter again and return back to Kathmandu through Lukla.

    b) Heli Tour to Everest Base Camp from Lukla
    If you are already in Lukla, you can also join the tour from Lukla. You can enjoy the helicopter tour to the Everest base camp starting straight from Lukla as well. 

    The flight from Lukla to Everest Base Camp takes a comparatively shorter amount of time than the Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp helicopter tour. You will be at the edge of your seat with excitement but buckle up and have a safe helicopter tour through the beautiful mountains and the biodiversity in the region. 

    You will stop at Kalapatthar for a few minutes to enjoy the view and absorb the beauty of the place. You can get great panoramic shots of the mountains along with cinematic pictures of you achieving your dream. 

    Ultimately you will catch a glimpse of Everest Base Camp after 10 minutes and enjoy the view and your achievement. The satisfaction of seeing the Everest Base Camp in person is something different(read: Is Everest Base Camp worth visiting? ). You will not experience something this gratifying in your life. After enjoying the view, you will return to Syangboche to the Everest View Hotel to have some breakfast enjoying the view of the mountains surrounding you.

    c) Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour from Namche Bazaar
    If you have successfully reached Namche Bazaar, you must be having a great time amidst all the culture and tradition overflowing from the place. The Sherpa culture can clearly be seen from Namche Bazaar. You get to find such unique products and try on the cultural dresses of the Sherpa people. Making many memories in the marketplace, you can now comfortably reach the Everest Base Camp by helicopter. The Helicopter tour is about 15 minutes or so to the Everest Base Camp from Namche Bazaar. The view from the top cannot be compared to anything else. You will see the beautiful mountains and valleys. The ride will take you to the viewpoint Kalapatthar where you will enjoy the view of the glorious mountains standing tall. Soon you will be able to see the base camp from your helicopter.  

     Pic: Landing in Kalapatthar

    d) Heli Tour to Everest Base Camp from Tengboche
    If you are a pilgrim or a fanatic for the religious monuments of Nepal, the Tengboche monastery is a must for you to visit. So, after a short trek from Namche Bazaar, you can enjoy the peaceful cultural vibes in the monastery and appreciate its beauty. Then, you can take a helicopter to the base camp. The helicopter will take you to the base camp and fly you back to Lukla. 

    e) EBC helicopter ride from Everest View Hotel
    Another option for you is to enjoy the helicopter tour from Everest View hotel to Everest base camp where you will be picked up from the hotel to board the helicopter and taken straight to the Everest base camp / Kalapatthar. With this option, you can easily reach the base camp. The itinerary will be the same. You will make a stop at Kalapatthar and enjoy the views and take some pictures. Due to the high altitude, the pilot may ask you to wait a bit and take the passengers in two rides. Taking a shuttle from Periche to Kalapatthar due to the high altitude may occur. 

    This tour will save you some time. Starting at an elevation of 3880 meters, you can see the base camp sooner than the other routes mentioned above.

    The above-mentioned routes to reach Everest Base Camp can be used by you as per your choice and convenience. You can also opt for a private helicopter tour or a group helicopter tour. 

    Private helicopter tour to Everest from Kathmandu
    If you are planning to go on a heli tour to Everest Base camp with a group of your own from 1-5 people, you can also get yourself a private helicopter tour. You can enjoy the solidarity of yourself or your personal space throughout the helicopter tour by booking a private helicopter tour to the Everest base camp. For the price of USD 4000-4200, you can enjoy the Everest Base camp helicopter through all to yourself without having to adjust to other people’s schedules. 

    With the private helicopter tour, you have more benefits of having things customized to your likings. So, if you want your personal space and don’t like traveling with strangers, you can enjoy the private helicopter tour of the Everest Base Camp.

    Group joining Helicopter tour to Everest
    If you are traveling solo, you can join a group of other people and travel. The helicopter ride to Everest base camp can be joined by you if you inform the company and they will add you to a group of 5 and you can visit the base camp with them. 

    This is an affordable option for the private helicopter tour. You will get to meet new people and learn new things from them and gain unique travel experience. They will be a part of your memory as you will be of them.

     Best time for Everest Heli Ride
    With the helicopter tour being a short trip, it is possible all year round. You can enjoy the beauty of the mountains and the valleys all year round with the helicopter tour to Kalapatthar. As any other trek, the best time to go for the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is the Spring and Autumn season from the months of March to May and October to November. This season provides you with the best views from up above and the best weather to travel in. There is a very minimum chance of any rainfall or fog or snow compromising your travel. 

    The time during the winter will be chilling but you can be made do with warm clothes and see the mountains in their full bloom covered in snow. 

    Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Cost
    The cost of the helicopter tour to Everest base camp varies on the type of package you choose. If you want to enjoy the helicopter tour without anyone else disturbing your personal space, then you can choose the private helicopter package. This will cost you around USD 4200.

    If you want a more affordable option, you can choose the group helicopter tour package. With this package, you can travel solo and will be grouped with 4 other people. This will cost you USD 1100 per person. 

    Cost inclusions
    Pickup and drop from the airport
    Helicopter Tour to Everest Base Camp.
    Experienced pilot and guide in one
    All taxes and official fees
    Emergency requirements like oxygen
    Cost exclusions
    Breakfast in the Base Camp or the Hotel
    Any kind of Personal expenses.

    Safety Tips for Heli Tour
    Make sure to fasten your seat belt after boarding your helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp.
    Try not to change your seats after the flight has taken off
    You must not smoke in the helicopter so avoid smoking at all costs
    Also, you are not allowed to throw anything out of the helicopter.
    Wait patiently for the instructions of your captain.
    In case of any emergencies please inform the captain as he is an experienced person and will help you in any situation. So, try to communicate with him in case of emergencies.
    Don’t put loose items with you in the helicopter to avoid any inconveniences. 

    Major Helicopter Companies in Nepal and Helicopter Models
    With helicopter tours gaining more and more popularity as the days go by, there are many up and rising helicopter companies in Nepal along with some that have existed for a long time. Helicopter companies are constantly trying to bring new models that are more comfortable and better than the last ones. And we try to bring you the best of these crafts with our collaboration with these companies.

    1) Air Dynasty Heli Services
    Air Dynasty is one of the best helicopter service providers in the long run. Established in 1993 A.D., this helicopter company has been providing services to its customers with high levels of satisfaction and quality products. The main model it provides is the AS350B3e model with a maximum operating altitude of 23000 ft. this model is the most commonly used helicopter for helicopter trips to the Base Camps in high altitudes.

    Model: AS350B3e

    Manufacturing company: Airbus, France

    Maximum altitude: 23000 ft

    Passenger density: 5 + 1 people (including crew)

    Model: AS 350 FX II

    Manufacturing company: Airbus, France

    Seating capacity: 5 + 1 people (including crew)

    Maximum altitude: 16,000 ft

    2) Simrik Air
    Running its activities since 2001, Simrik Air has provided many services of rescues, adventure flights, tours, etc. it has an incredible record in high altitude services and adventure tourism. With quality aircraft, it provides excellent customer service satisfaction to its customers.

    Model: Bell 407GXP

    Manufacturing company: Bell Textron Canada

    Seating capacity: 5 + 1 people (including crew)

    Maximum altitude: 20,000 ft

    Model: AS350B3e

    Manufacturer: Airbus, France

    Maximum altitude: 23000 ft

    Seating capacity: 5 + 1 people (including crew)

    3) Heli Everest
    Starting its operation in 2016, Heli Everest is a new and coming helicopter company. Currently, it has only two units of aircraft of Airbus helicopter. Heli Everest is slowly growing and planning on adding more units soon.

    Model: AS350B3e

    Manufacturer: Airbus, France

    Maximum altitude: 23000 ft

    Seating capacity: 5 + 1 people (including crew)

    4) Prabhu Helicopter
    Falling under one of the popular corporate houses of Nepal, Prabhu Group, Prabhu Helicopter is a new company. It has just started providing helicopter charter services through different models of Robinson Helicopter Company, USA. Offering its services in Pokhara with its own hangar facility, it has three R66 Turbine models and one R44-Raven II  of Robinson American Helicopters.

    Robinson R66 Turbine

    Seating capacity: 5 people

    Maximum Altitude: 14000 ft

    Manufacturing Company: Robinson Helicopter Company, USA

    Robinson R44 Raven II

    Seating capacity: 5 people

    Maximum Altitude: 14000 ft

    Manufacturing Company: Robinson Helicopter Company, USA

    The above companies are some of the most popular helicopter companies that we partner with to provide you with the best services possible. We try our best to provide you with the safest and most comfortable ride to the Everest Base Camp and back. The above companies have been on the business for many years and are sure to provide you with high customer satisfaction and the best memories of your lifetime.

    Everest Helicopter tour  FAQs
     1) What is the total duration of the flight?
     → The total duration of the flight is around 4 hrs to 6 hrs (from take-off to landing at Kathmandu). 

    2) What time do we leave?
     → The best time for you to visit Everest base camp by helicopter is from 6:30 a.m to 1 p.m. So, we will leave at 6:30 am. This time frame includes refreshing stops and walks.

    3) What is the highest altitude we will reach?
     → The highest altitude we will be reaching on the helicopter is 5643 meters at Kalapatthar.

    4) Will the tour take me to the top of the mountain?
     → By the top, if you mean the Everest base camp, yes. You will reach the Everest base camp as your main destination at the altitude of 5545 meters.

    5) How long will we stay on the base camp?
     → You will arrive at your destination after about 2-3 hours and stay at the base camp for 40-50 minutes. There, you will have breakfast amidst the glorious mountains and their beauty. You could say you would be having one of the most extravagant meals of your lifetime. Then we will leave for return. So, you will be spending almost an hour in the base camp. 

    6) Can I go solo?
     → Yes, you can travel solo. If you want to join a group, you will be assigned to a group of 5 people and travel together with our guide. But if you want to travel alone with only the guide you can also opt for a private helicopter tour where you can enjoy the ride to yourself.

    7) What food will I get on the tour?
     → You will get the chance to have a warm breakfast while enjoying the view of Mt. Everest along with other mountains at the Everest View Hotel in Syangboche.

    8) Is any hidden cost included in the package?
     → No, there are no hidden costs in the package. The cost will cover all the inclusions given above. 

    9) Is there oxygen canisters on the helicopter?
     → Yes, there are oxygen canisters in the helicopter in case of emergencies so you can be assured. 

    10) Can I choose the seat on the helicopter?
     → The seats are rotated among the members. You cannot specifically choose to be in the front seat unless it is an absolute emergency. 

    11) What happens in case of an emergency?
     → In case of any emergencies, the captain will take you straight to the hospital. So make sure to inform the captain in case of any emergencies.

    12) Will the tour be affected by the weather?
     → Helicopter rides can be interrupted with weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow or fog. We will inform you in case of any weather conditions that may obstruct the flight on the day. Please be assured that we will not put you or our guides in harm’s way.

    13) What is the model of the helicopter we will be taking? Is it failsafe?
     → We use versatile ranges of helicopter models for the helicopter tour to the Everest base camp. Models from Puma, Turbine Robinson, and the Airbus are all used for the helicopter tour. They are all failsafe and can fly up to 16000 feet. 

    The most common helicopter used for our helicopter tour is the model AS350B3e AirBus which can fly up to 23000 feet. This allows you to fly to the Everest Base Camp without any complications. Another model used in the helicopter tour is Robinson R66 Turbine and AS 350 FX II from various companies like Prabhu Helicopter, Simrik Air, Air Dynasty Heli services, etc.

    14) Do I need permits even while flying?
     → No, you don’t need permits while flying on the helicopter. The helicopter tour only requires you to carry your passport and a copy of your passport. This does not require a national park permit or entry permit which you would normally require if you were trekking.

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    Please feel free to contact us if you need any kinds of help regarding the heli tour to Everest Base Camp and also regarding Trekking in Nepal.

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