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    Best Tour in NepalPeople say, travellers should leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but memories.  And the responsible travel agencies and the travelers do the same. But it is hard to maintain a complete eco holidays in this modern age. In fact, people can not imagine holidays without modern technologies and modern means of transportation which are the major causes to ecological deterioration.

     However, Eco Holidays Nepal is fully committed to Responsible travel enhancing sustainable tourism across the Nepal and world. So, no doubt, Your holidays with us will absolutely be Eco-Holidays. We are aware of environmental damage that is being a burning issue in this 21st century. The sea level is rising and the snow in the mountain is hugely melting. It is because of only unwanted human activities in order to fulfill their immediate needs. We are also aware that no other species except human being exploit the environment.

    Our entire team is professionally trained about sustainable tourism protecting every organism in the environment. Each member of the team will try their best to protect the Mother Nature with humble care.

    Furthermore, we do not drive the vehicles near the protected areas. Honking and releasing fume to the protected areas destroy the life of wildlife and birds. Not only, protected areas, have we minimized the harms caused by modern transportation to environment wherever we take our clients for tour and the trekking in Nepal. And, we suggest our clients to do the same.

    We do not allow our team members including the clients to throw the garbage indiscriminately in the environment.  That means, we train everyone to throw it in a specified place.  Furthermore, we discourage everyone to use polythine since it causes a terrible harm to both human health and the ecology.

    We do not dare to disturb any ecological balance among the organism in the nature. Even, we do not dare to kill a single butterfly during the operation of our trip from the city to the mountain. Rather, we protect them to maintain the chain of ecosystem.

     As similar, We do not suggest our clients to do such activities exploiting animals and birds like elephant ride. We initially had included jungle safari  with Elephant ride in Chitwan. But as per the request of PETA(People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), and ourself dedicated to eco friendly holidays, we removed elephant ride. We believe protecting nature and eco-system is the only way to procast the environment.

    So, anyone who wants Jungle safari in Chitwan are advised for jungle walk or jeep ride without disturbing of natural life.

    Whether you’re headed to the beach or the Himalayas, to get lost in the wilderness or visit a big modern city, our  guide will help you have a eco- vacation protecting the environment at the same time.

    We twice a year run a campaign to collect garbage in Annapurna and Everest region of Nepal. If you are keen to volunteering, you can also join us to make your holidays Eco-holidays.

    Thus, your holidays with Eco- Holidays will completely be Eco friendly holidays. We employ such environmentally conscious team so that there will not be any damage to the ecology during your trip. Instead, we will fully be dedicated to promote environmental or ecological balance wherever we go and whatever trip we make.

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