‘Adventure in the deep dense tropical jungle of Nepal Terai belt for exciting safari’

Nepal is a country of varied landscapes and climatic zone, besides world’s highest Himalayan mountains. Beside these, Jungle Safari is equally popular around its famous national parks in Chitwan-Bardiya or as far towards east to Kosi-Tappu with Bird Sanctuary.

Jungles  are located in the low flat land of Nepal known as Terai belt extends from Far East to Western parts of the country. Near the jungle areas, indigenous Tharu people resides. So, travelers doing jungle safari have chance to learn about their lifestyle and culture.

The wild-life safari in deep green jungle is one of the chance to see some endangered wild-life. So you will be seeing Royal Bengal Tiger, One Horned Rhinoceros with other animals and hundreds of different species of exotic bird-life.

All Jungle Safaris  will guided by professional naturalist and jungle guides. During safaris you will be provided accommodations in the comfort of nice jungle lodge and resorts. There is yet another chance to try different jungle activities and programs which will thrills you. So, this is also a holiday option in Nepal. The safari will be on walk and on jeep ride.

Chitwan National park is most famous for Jungle safari in Nepal. Chitwan National park is listed in world heritage site too. The main purpose of jungle safari in Nepal is to see endangered animals, bird species and explore trees and forests.

Beside jungle safari you can enjoy activities like Elephant Bathing and Tharu village tour. You will be visiting Elephant breeding center and seeing Tharu culture dance. We have two different Chitwan Jungle safari packages , one is Luxury jungle Safari in Chitwan and  another is 3 days Chitwan jungle Safari.

Other Jungle Safari around Nepal is Far Mid-West at Bardiya National Park. Here you can enjoy great adventure on pristine green location famous for rare and endangered fresh water dolphins and other wild-animals with bird-life.

Jungle Safari Package(s)