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    If you’re very new towards the word so called “Nepal“, I bet you will be highly surprised to hear about this tiny Himalayan nation. The country itself stands as a perfect travel package due to which the number of visitors visiting Nepal are gradually increasing. So, here we discuss about the best reasons to Visit Nepal.

    Let’s begin the article with Visit Nepal year 2020.

    The Government of Nepal has announced tourism year Visit Nepal 2020, after the successful campaign of Visit Nepal Year 1998 and Nepal Tourism Year 2011. Visit Nepal Year 2020 was initially planned for 2018 but was later scheduled on 2020.

    The major motive of “visit Nepal 2020” is to promote Nepal through tourism. The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal has started the Visit Nepal 2020 campaign with the slogan “Lifetime Experiences” which aims to target more than 2 million tourists from all around the world.

    The Government of Nepal has been preparing to make the year 2020 successful and monumental. It has come with some master projects in operating two new international Airports in Lumbini and Pokhara. The government has been planning on amending some acts related to Nepalese Tourism such as mountaineering expedition and trekking in Nepal ordinance.

    Along with Nepal Government, various private sectors have also been involved in this campaign. The private sectors also provide some services from their level.

    Some articles have been written over the past few weeks related to the Travel Insurance Fraud Scam in Nepal. These articles included the fake Helicopter rescues in the Himalayas of Nepal.

    Regarding this fraudulence, the government of Nepal took some legal actions in a way to punish the culprits and plan to implement some strict rules and regulations. So you do not have to worry about anything, Nepal is safe to travel.

    Pack your bags and get ready to explore the beautiful “Land of Himalayas” and a county rich in unique culture and diversity.

    Reasons to Visit Nepal in 2020

    1. Mixed Religion

    mixed religion of nepal

    Nepal is a multi-religious diverse nation where religion is practiced since ancient time. You can find many people following different religion in Nepal such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Kiratism and Jainism. Hinduism and Buddhism are the two main religion in Nepal.

    Religion in Nepal is unique in many ways. Different religion has a different culture, tradition, doctrines, beliefs, norms, and values. Here, religion guides people in their everyday life. Religion helps people to live in coexistence in a particular society. It guides people making them aware of what is right and what is wrong.

    When visiting Nepal, religion is something you cannot overlook. You can witness religious iconography and small altars from everywhere in Nepal, even in the remote areas.

    Although people of Nepal follow a different religion, they live in peace and harmony. Despite having a difference in many things, Nepal is called a country of “Unity in Diversity”. Therefore, exploring its unique culture and religion is one of the preeminent reasons to visit Nepal.

    2. Weather and Temperature

    weather and temperature in Nepal

    Nepal is divided into three geographical regions namely, Himalayan region, Hilly Region and Terai Region. The weather and temperature of Nepal vary according to the geographic location of the place.

    Climatically, Terai lies in the southern belt of Nepal and experiences a warm and humid climate. Terai is the hottest part of the county and experiences a temperature of around 40 degrees during the summer season.

    Hilly region of the country has a mild and pleasant temperature throughout the year. It faces one of the most moderate climatic conditions among other regions. The average temperature of the Hilly region ranges from 25-27 degrees.

    The Himalayan region lies towards the northern region. Gigantic Himalayan peaks skirt the Himalayan region. This region experiences the coldest temperature.  It has an alpine climate and the average temperature ranges from 10- 12 degrees.

    Nepal has one of the most suitable weather conditions in the whole world. You can choose your holiday destinations and enjoy your trip according to the type of weather condition you like. Because of suitable weather condition all around the year, Nepal is one of the perfect travel destinations that you should visit.

    3. Cultural and Historical Sites

    Good and Bad Things about Nepal

    Nepal is a country rich in culture and tradition. You can find various ethnic groups in Nepal that follow different cultures and tradition. The culture of Nepal is very vast and has long historical importance. All these cultures are impressively showcased in the the temples and heritages of Nepal.

    There are many cultural sites in Nepal where you will get a chance to explore the cultural diversity of Nepal. In Kathmandu alone, there are 7 UNESCO World Heritage sites which are built in a way to promote Nepali culture. Some of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Nepal are as follows:

    • Pashupatinath Temple
    • Swayambhunath
    • Boudhanath Stupa
    • Kathmandu Durbar Square
    • Patan Durbar Square
    • Bhaktapur Durbar Square
    • Changu Narayan Temple

    4. Seasonal Festivals


    Nepal is also known as the world of vibrant festivals. It is a home to many festivals and holidays as it is a country rich in cultural diversity. Most of the festivals celebrated in Nepal have ancient historical significance and mythology. Due to which it’s becoming one of the good reasons to visit Nepal.

    People in different region celebrate different festivals. There are lots of festivals celebrated. Each one differs with the festivals of other ethnic groups. Nepalese people celebrate different festivals according to their own custom and traditions.

    The major festivals of Hindus are Dashain, Tihar, Chhat, Teej, Holi etc. Likewise, the major festival of Buddhist is Lhosar and Buddha Jayanti. Similarly, people of Nepal celebrate various other festivals such as Christmas, Janai Purnima, Bisket Jatra, Indra Jatra, Tiji festival and many more.

    All these festivals fall in different seasons in Nepal. When you visit Nepal, you can be a part of such exciting and cultural events which will amaze you.

    5. Mountains and Peaks

    Kanchenjunga Trek In October

    Nepal is the land of Himalayas. It is a mountainous country surrounded by mountains and Hills on all sides. Eight out of the ten highest peaks in the world are found in Nepal including the World’s highest peak, Mount Everest(you can read our blog Where is Mount Everest located).

    Visiting Nepal to view the admirable Himalayas and gorgeous mountains is a dream of many tourists from around the world. There are lots of enthusiastic trekkers and climbers who have ‘Nepal’ in their to do list.

    Nepal is small, yet a beautiful one. The breathtaking views of the mountains towards north of the country are remarkable. The base camp of the gorgeous Himalayas make a perfect place for trekking.

    You can see the Himalayas from almost every part of the country. You can climb up on any high ridges or hills and you’ll see the magnificent Himalayan ranges smiling at you. Some of the most popular mountains in Nepal are as follows:

    • Mount Everest
    • Mount Annapurna
    • Mount Machhapuchhre
    • Mount Manaslu
    • Mount Dhaulagiri
    • Mount Makalu
    • Mount Kanchenjunga

    Mountain expeditions and Trekking in Nepal packages are very popular among adventurous tourists. Climbing these mountain peaks will offer you with an ultimate adventurous experience that you will remember for a lifetime.

    Visiting Nepal will give you an opportunity to explore some of the highest mountains in the world which are above the height of 8000 meters. So, it’s one of the prime reasons to visit Nepal.

    6. Wildlife and Biodiversity

    Chitwan National Park

    Nepal is home to many wild flora and fauna. You can find different endangered species of animals in Nepal such as Bengal Tiger, One-horned Rhinoceros, Red Panda, Snow Leopard, and plants such as Golden Michela, Yarsagumba, Himalayan Yew and many others. Another interesting fact is that you can find lots of medicinal herbs in Nepal which you cannot found in other countries.

    All the endangered species of wildlife and plants are preserved in their own habitats at several conservation areas, wildlife reserves and national parks in Nepal. There are 9 National Parks, 4 Wildlife Reserves and 3 Conservation Areas in Nepal where you can explore unique biodiversity through jungle safari. Some of the most popular jungle safari in Nepal is Chitwan Jungle Safari and Bardia Jungle Safari.

    7. Photography

    Nepal is a shooting destination for many photographers as it is a multi-ethnic, multi culture, multilingual and multi-religious country. Nepal is a perfect place that combines natural and cultural amazements at the same time.

    You can find many cultural heritage sites and natural beauty in Nepal which what photographers have been looking for. Nepal is a photographer’s paradise. Most of the places in Nepal(like Jomsom Muktinath and Upper Mustang) have ancient histories and stories to tell. The temples, building and houses are built with ancient architectural designs. All these things are of great importance to photography. It is also regarded as one of the best reasons to visit Nepal.

    Nepal is rich in natural beauty. You can find the High Himalayas, natural waterfalls, rivers, lakes, ponds, glaciers, and many others. The natural beauty keeps on varying as you trek from one to another region.

    There are infinite photography opportunities in Nepal. Visit Nepal to capture the virgin nature, culture, ethnicities, and remoteness in your camera.

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