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    Manaslu region trekking including Manaslu Base Camp and Manaslu Circuit Trekking is overwhelmingly popular among the adventure enthusiasts in recent few years. This less crowded and restricted area trekking in Nepal offers a core experience of rural trekking and wilderness taking us to the Tibetan border. Beginning from Sotikhola, Manaslu Circuit Trekking takes us to magnificent landscapes, lush forest, terraced fields, holy caves and monasteries, soothing river beaches, alluring mountain peaks including Mt. Manaslu, one of the eighth highest mountains of the world. We also have an opportunity to cross Larkya La (5125m), one of the highest passes of the world.  The adventure lovers can experience exquisite thrills of adventure while crossing this pass. Finally, we end this Manaslu Circuit Trekking in Besisahar and drive Back to Kathmandu.

    Before explaining why to choose Manaslu circuit trekking for 2019/2020, let’s see some facts of Manaslu Circuit Trekking. The facts about Manaslu Circuit Trekking are discussed in detail below.

    Manaslu Trekking Highlights:
    –          Mt. Manaslu (8156m)  one of the eighth highest peak in the world

    –          Core wilderness, serenity and remoteness

    –          Dialects at Tibetan Border

    –          Larkya La Pass ( 5125m), one of the highest passes in the world

    –          Holy caves, monasteries and amazing ethnic people

    Top things to know before exploring Manaslu Circuit Trekking
    We use land transportation for Manaslu Circuit Trekking since there is no connection of domestic flight to Manaslu region. We first take a long drive of 7-8 hours from Kathmandu to Sotikhola or Machhakhola. For this, we get two types of transportation: jeep ride and local bus ride. Local bus ride may take 7-8 hours but private jeep takes 4-5 hours to get Sotikhola from Kathmandu. One private jeep can be shared by 7-8 people. Truly speaking, private jeep ride is more convenient than public bus ride.

    Food and Accommodation :
    As Manaslu region is a remote area of Nepal, we do not get luxury accommodation during our trek. Rather, we have to satisfy on very ordinary accommodation. Few years back, trekkers would carry all required stuffs including tents and foods for their Manaslu Circuit Trekking but these days, we can find guesthouses run by local people. It will be pleasant to stay with local people, tasting local food items and exploring their way of life. The beds are clear, toilets and bathrooms are shared and outside. One twin sharing accommodation costs between USD 10-15.

    We get certain items of food include bread items, noodles, dumpling, curries, soups, Dal Bhat, etc as mentioned in the menu. We pick the items we like and order to prepare for us. Sometimes, it takes time to prepare food for you especially during peak season: Autumn. One items of food cost between USD 5-10.

    Best Time to Travel:
    Autumn ( Sep-Nov) is the best time to make Manaslu Circuit Trekking. We have pleasant weather and the mountain views are breathtaking during Autumn. Some of the trekkers love to make their travel to Manaslu region in Spring ( Feb-April). In Spring, we can celebrate mesmerizing flowering rhododendron on the entire Manaslu trekking trail. Relatively, the trail and the lodges are less crowded during Spring.

    Now, it’s time to move through the reasons:

    Top 4 reasons why to Choose Manaslu Circuit Trekking for 2019/2020?
    Less Crowded Trekking Trail

    In recent few years, majority of the people love to trek in less crowded and remote area. Manaslu Circuit Trekking trail satisfies the trekkers who love trekking in the less crowded and remote area in Nepal. Actually, majority of the trekkers who come Nepal choose Everest, Annapurna and Langtang region for their trekking but people who know the wilderness and less crowded area trekking in Nepal, they go with Manaslu Circuit Trekking. So, that this trekking trail is always virgin and unspoiled.

    What will be the benefits of Manaslu Circuit Trekking? Holidays is not celebrated in a crowd. Your holiday is meant to avoid crowd and pressure of workload. So, you will have such freedom and wilderness during your Manaslu Circuit Trekking that will completely relax you. Similarly, you will have good accommodation and food if the trekking trail is less flocked. The lodges and guesthouse full of people, queuing for food and other services will be nasty during you holidays trip. You can enjoy the nature as your intimate friend in complete freedom. So, trekkers will experience an absolutely different falvor of trekking in Manaslu region. And, till 2019 and 2020, the Manaslu Circuit Trekking trail will still be virgin and unspoiled.

    Adventure Trekking
    Manaslu Circuit Trekking is widely popular as an adventure trek in Nepal. Adventure enthusiasts find Manaslu Circuit Trekking   a perfect holiday trip experience the real thrills of adventure. Starting from the elevation of 710m( Sotikhola) we ascend up to 5200m ( Larkya La Pass), the highest point of this trekking and also one of the highest passes of the world. So, this trekking is considered to be one of the adventure treks in Nepal. We require preparing some skills prior to our Manaslu Circuit Trekking. Our short hiking, trekking, regular exercises, aerobics etc help us to enhance our stamina. We nee to walk at lest 7 hours in a day. If you have such stamina and confidence and love adventure trekking in Nepal, then why not putting Manaslu Circuit Tekking in your bucket list for 2019/2020?

    Remote and Restricted Area Trekking
    Manaslu Circuit Trekking takes us to the most remote area of Nepal bordering to Tibet where we can explore about dialects. Nepalese people’s tradition and culture are largely effected Tibetan tradition and culture. Manaslu Circuit Trekking trail is such a remote area of Nepal which is flamed by modernization and globalization. The age-old civilization and culture will astonish the trekkers on this trail. The trade link to the Tibetan land, cultural and ritual performances, holy and historical caves and monasteries are the things to explore in this remote area of Manaslu region in Nepal.

    Since Manaslu Curcuit Trekking is a restricted area trekking in Nepal like Makalu Base Camp Trekking, we require obtaining a special area trekking permit. Restricted area trekking meas only few people can visit and explore the area. So, you can enjoy the things as you like. But it doesn’t mean that you can exploit the nature and culture. The trails and the natural resources are well preserved in restricted area so that you can have the natural flavor of your holiday trip for 2019/2020.

    Easy Access and less Expensive
    Relatively, getting Manaslu Circuit Trekking trailhead has become easier recently because the remote road after Dhading Bensi to Arughat has been concretized. Now, the road from Kathmandu to Arghat is smooth and comfortable. Perviously, it would take 8-10 hours to get Sotikhola or Arughat from Kathmandu but these days we spend only 5-6 hours. And one more good news to the trekkers who are planning to do Manaslu Circuit Trekking for 2019/20 that they can do it during rainy too since the road has been upgraded. It is assured that there is not any inconvenience on way to Sotikhola or Arughat from Kathamndu these days.

    In comparing to other trekking regions like Annapurna, Langtang and Everest, Manaslu region trekking food and accommodations is less expensive. Only the high cost you have to pay is for restricted area trekking permit. Budget is very important factor that determines you holiday’s trip. So, if you want to experience Nepal’s remote and less crowded wilderness with less budget for 2019/2020, go with Around Manaslu Circuit Trekking.

    How difficult is Manaslu Trek? 
    Manaslu Trek is widely popular as an adventure or strenuous trek in restricted area in Nepal. This is the trekking trail located on the borderline between Nepal and Tibet. We begin our Manaslu Trek from Stikhola ( 730) or Machhakhola ( 930m) and need to ascend up to Larkya La Pass ( 5200m) which is one of the highest passes of the world. The most challenging portion of Manaslu Trek is crossing Larkya La Pass. However, the thrills of adventure at the top of the Larkya La pass will absolutely be amazing. The off the beaten trails of Manaslu Trek can turn to be wild at any time. In order to remain safe during our Manaslu Trek, we need to do well preparation and pack up the right trekking gear.

    We recommend you to prepare for your Manaslu Trek well. Do some short hiking and trekking, regular exercises, walking, jogging and aerobics to enhance your stamina for Manaslu trek.  Actually, we are venturing into wild nature where we cannot get luxury facilities like restaurants, hotels, hospitals etc. So, we have to be ready to tackle the challenges in this wild trekking trail with what we have. If we miss to pack up the things we require on the trail, we are going to make our Manaslu Trek more challenging and complicated. Thus, prepare well with enhancing your stamina and packing up the reliable and right trekking gear and make your Manalsu Trek a memorable.

    Final Words

    There may be various reasons why to choose Manaslu Circuit Trekking for 2019/2020, but we discussed only major four reasons in above article. Hopefully, this article will help adventure enthusiasts to put Manaslu Circuit Trekking in your holiday bucket list. Definitely, you find Manaslu region worth visiting but once is not enough.

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