Trekking in Nepal, undoubtedly, is always a lifetime achievement. Every trekking trip takes us to the lap of snow-fed mountain summits where we get an astounding opportunity to celebrate the beautiful moments of capturing them. The moments are absolutely incredible that your eyes and the cameras will stun.

Simultaneously, it offers us to enjoy bliss of freedom into the core wilderness where nobody disturbs you. The unspoiled nature, deep and lush forest, diverse species of wildlife and birds, cascading waterfalls, winding rivers, charming terraced fields, awe-inspiring landscapes and serene freshwater lakes make Nepal Trekking more fascinating.

Besides adventure, it is largely a cultural and religious exploration too. The ethnic people on the trekking trails carry on their age old tradition and culture which is still untouched by he modernization flame. It is really inspirational to explore their culture and the way of life which they carried on since immemorial. The sacred cultural and religious sites like monasteries, historical forts, temples and other sites of archaeological importance are marvelous to explore during the trek.

Most significantly, beautiful hill stations, stunning sunrise and sunset and breathtaking mountain panorama including Mount Everest, the top of the world are the immortal highlights of trekking holidays in Nepal. So, after undertaking a trekking trip in Nepal, the trekkers feel blessed and gains a significant achievement in their life.