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    Are you planning or thinking to plan your trip to the land of best Himalayas, Nepal? It’s a beautiful tiny country in South-East Asia and sandwiched between two giants, China and India. It contains uncountable high Himalayas including the Top of the World, the stunning Mount Everest(29029 feet). Therefore, Trekking in Nepal is one of the most common and a must do activity while in Nepal. Are you curious now? In meanwhile, be prepare with your questions regarding trekking in Nepal. For your ease, here are some important Nepal trekking questions with best suitable answers.

    Why to Visit Nepal?

    Good and Bad Things about Nepal

    Nepal shares it’s boundaries with two big nations India and China as a yam. Being a small nation with an area of 147181 sq. km. Nepal holds packages of magnetisms to the tourists, providing unique cultures preserved from the past, exotic scenic beauty of landscapes, timberlands, mountains lakes and rivers beside these Nepal possesses great opportunities for different kinds of escapade activities. Nepal can also be called the foothill kingdom as around 64 percent of the total land is covered by mountain region.

    Are you interested in taking a trip to Nepal?

    Good and Bad Things about Nepal

    When it comes to figuring out what can be covered in a trekking in Nepal tour, it is critical which you take into account that there can be a variance. Not all Nepal trekking excursions are the same. For that purpose, it may be fine for you to analyse and look at every hiking excursion that you may be involved taking in my opinion. Despite the opportunity for a variance, a hiking in Nepal excursion may additionally consist of many things.

    Is it expensive to go trekking in Nepal?

    It is one of the top Nepal Trekking questions. There are opportunities for both luxury and price range tour even as trekking in Nepal. Cost may also rely on the remoteness of the region and need kind of shipping connections you need to take. For instance, the Everest Base Camp trek can be more costly than some other treks as it requires flights to and from Lukla. In preferred, hiking in Nepal is much cheaper than in lots of different international locations.

    How to Choose the Perfect Nepal Trekking Tour?

    How to get Best Travel Experience in Nepal?

    If you’re inquisitive about taking a Nepal trekking journey, you will want to find a Nepal trekking tour to take part in. When it comes to doing so, you may discover which you, actually, have a vast quantity of different options. Each day in Nepal, there are a massive number of various hiking tours scheduled. With a huge range of selections, with regards to deciding on a Nepal hiking excursion, you may be wondering how you could go about you decide.

    When Nepal trekking questions comes to choosing a Nepal hiking tour, it is counselled that you take a look at the length of the tour. If you are only making plans to be in Nepal for 3 or four days, you’ll want to find a Nepal trekking tour this is capable of accommodate you and your already booked journey arrangements, like your airline reservations.

    How To Prepare For A Nepal Trekking Adventure?

    In a few countries including Nepal and Africa, the use of porters is appropriate. The trekking enterprise that involves hiking companies with courses and porters and different assist body of workers together with bus drivers and zone masters will become an vital part of some foreign economies. The luggage is absolutely what the customer could deliver in the event that they were trekking back home such as sleeping bag, more clothing, toiletries and miscellaneous matters that all people would bring all through an extended multi day hike within the states. In the case of Nepal, we are obviously involved about excessive altitude and how it’d effect clients who might stay at sea level.

    What Are the Nepal Trekking Grades?

    While grading treks the following factors are taken into account:

    • The total duration of the trekking.
    • The time of stay at high altitude (+3000m).
    • The maximum difference in altitude per day.
    • The condition of the terrain.
    • The average duration of the daily stages.
    • The night temperatures.

    Nevertheless we want to warn our trekkers that the level of difficulty of a trek is very subjective. Weather conditions, your physical condition, possible health problems during the trek and other factors can have an important influence on the way you experience a trek.

    How many hours per day do you walk?

    This depends on the trek, but is typically no extra than six. Once you attain better than 3000 metres, it’s not safe to climb extra than three hundred-400 metres in someday, so the higher you walk, the shorter the walking days are probably to be.

    Why Nepal is the Major Attraction Center for Tourists?

    Nepal is a country that is rich in valleys that are very beautiful. For instance, no visitor will come to Nepal and leave without visiting the Kathmandu valley. This is because the place is very rich in cultural and historical practices. The valley is liked by very many people because it has three beautiful towns and these include Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and then Patan.

    Kathmandu is a very large city that has very well developed infrastructure. It is also the capital of Nepal. Patan is said to be the second city while Bhaktapur is the smallest among the three cities. Nepal is a country that has a very well established system that caters for the needs of the tourists and trekking is regarded as one of the biggest attractions in the country.

    How long should you go trekking in Nepal for?

    This depends at the course you need to take, and what you want to see. Some treks are as long as 15+ days, such as the Annapurna Circuit, Manaslu Circuit or Everest Three Passes trek. Also, some may be even more longer. While, some may be as short as three days, inclusive of the Poon Hill trek, or some across the Kathmandu Valley. Both are fun, however your selection will depend upon your very own time, finances, fitness and pursuits.

    Where are the best dwellings to go hiking in Nepal?

    The possibilities are almost endless! Annapurna Circuit is the most popular. But there are numerous other pathways all about the country, short and long, high and low, in valleys and snow-capped peaks, passing rivers, lakes and waterfalls. To get a worthy idea of what’s possible, discuss your requirements and interests with a travel company.

    What About Altitude Sickness?

    The another most important Nepal trekking questions deal with Altitude sickness. It is an existent possibility on the trek.

    Altitude sickness typically occurs at elevations over 2,400 meters (7,900 feet), although for most people, it usually takes much higher elevations to cause symptoms.

    The symptoms of altitude sickness are shortness of breath, headache, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. Altitude sickness is a life-threatening condition that can lead to cerebral edema, pulmonary edema, and death. The treatment for altitude sickness is immediate descent to a lower altitude.

    When is the Best Time To Go Nepal?

    Everest Base Camp Trek in September

    The favorable trekking season is during the fall months. This is when the skies are clear and the scenery magnificent. We scheduled our trek to start at the end of September, right at the end of the monsoon season.

    The adventure of trekking can be enjoyed more with the assistance of trekking guide. The guide will let you trek in adventurous trails. The guide will provide you required safety gears to make Himalayan trekking tours joyful and blissful. The guides provide tips and tricks to make travel interesting. The guides are multi-lingual and accompany tourists of all language. They also help people in packing bag for trekking. They suggest them to carry necessary medicines and other items that people need during trekking.

    Adventure in Nepal is not limited to mountain but also spread to wildlife as well. Adventure enthusiasts get pleasure in traveling wildlife parks of Nepal. They love spotting exotic animals in Chitwan National Park, Annapurna sanctuary, Nymba Valley, etc. Chitwan National Park is famous for high concentration of tiger population. Skating, rating and ice-gliding are also very adventurous game.

    There are many rivers and glaciers in Nepal. Nepal is really one of the most beautiful lands in world. The mountain land is dotted with green vegetation, colorful flowers, silvery rivers, gliding snowfalls, etc to make the landscape stunning and surrounding romantic. Nepal is not only preferred by adventure seekers but by all types of tourists. It is suitable destination for honeymooners, wildlife lovers, nature lovers, etc.

    Apart from trekking and mountaineering experiences Nepal is also famous for rich wildlife especially avifauna, beautiful natural scenery, ice floated glaciers, small hamlets, mountainous tribes with colorful culture and tradition, etc. Nepal has many trekking trails at all altitude offering low grade trekking, middle grade trekking and high grade trekking.

    Visit Nepal and enjoy trekking and nature sightseeing. If you are mountain lover then Nepal treks is just for you. Do not miss the opportunity to trek in the trails of Nepal.

    Now, it’s time to hear from you about your own Nepal Trekking questions. Feel free, we are here with best travel experts to answer your valuable questions.

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