In recent years, adventurous sports and its exploration has got pace in Nepal. With the like of Trekking in Nepal, Tours, Peak climbing, adventurous sports is also an attracted  travelers visiting Nepal.

Adventure lover has been fascinated by many kinds of sports activities available in Nepal. With Trishuli and Bhotekoshi rafting being already famous, Pokhara paragliding and Kathmandu Paragliding has got its own price.

New spots for adventurous activities are on the rise which is a great value for the adventure seeker. Recently, Skiing tourism in Nepal is in action. For the first time, Skiing in Nepal is explored  in Kalinchowk Dolakha.

Bungee jumping is another famous adventure activity which has also attracted a lot of domestic tourist in recent years. There are 3  Bungee jumping spots in Nepal,where two are running and one is under construction. Bungee jumping in Bhotekoshi is  Asia’s 2nd highest jumping spot (166m/544 feet) and widely popular among travelers.

All of these activities has offered great services for those people who wants to see natural beauty encapsulated and provided by god . The main attraction to these activities are exploring the mountainous regions, hills, deep forest, villages, valley, Gorge, river from bird’s eye views.

Mountain biking, rock climbing has also attracted people nowadays. Similarly, they will also lead you to see the green vegetation with flowers, exploring cultural sites, rural villages, and beauty on the trails of these famous activities.

Adventurous sports is not only for exploring beauty but they are good for health purpose. With the likes of these activities, people get themselves confident, strong, healthy and refreshed from their busy life.

Nepal government and its associations has been supporting these activities from past. Though there has been some injuries and even the deaths due to these activities, proper safety measures and awareness is equally important.

Training institution with personal experts are there to support the adventurers. Moreover, the places supporting these adventures activities has got their own expert staffs to run and manage their business.

So, people searching for adventure related activities should definitely visit Nepal and enjoy their holidays.