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    Eco Holidays is a Nepal based travel agency which aware of different beautiful aspects of the country. We help travellers for cultural tour of Nepal to observe the cultural heritages. We specially offer customized travel packages for Nepal to explore the cultural lifestyle of Nepal too. You can choose travel packages as per your specific needs for traveling.

    Nepal is a land of himalayas where the sunset and sunrise are glorious. Nepal can be travelled with the help of transport or on foot. Take the opportunity to explore this beautiful land the best you can. A tour to Nepal will suffice for the basic trip of the country. It is advisable to spend an excessive amount of time taking in the scenery of Nepal. Trekking in Nepal is common and very popular among tourists. Guides are always available to assist you through the region. Nepal is the land between India and Tibet and is a cosy hidden gem in the lap of the Himalayas. Nepal boasts of luxury and fine hotels.

    Cities Of Nepal
    After your Annapurna trek in Nepal, take the city tour of Kathmandu. Luxury hotels in Kathmandu boast of old layouts and open spaces for the most discerning traveller and luxury seeker. Kathmandu has many heritage sites and boasts of a strong cultural and religious influence. The people are warm and welcoming in Nepal. The peaceful demeanour of this city is inviting and enticing. The durbar square is one of an attraction in Kathmandu. A monkey temple is a place you would not want to miss out on visiting. The view is breath-taking and exquisite. Not only Kathmandu Bhaktapur and Lalitpur has it’s own cultural and historical and religious importance. Durbar squares, temples, tradition and food in their own areas are famous and you should try once you are there.

    The next place to invest your time in is at Pokhara. The beautiful country lakes, people, and Tibetan villages will capture your heart as soon as you get there. The Nepal tour does not end here. You must visit Chitwan when in Nepal. The national park is diverse and full of various species of animals and plants.

    Chitwan National park


    The city influenced in abundance with amazing architecture. The art pieces are on the bases of rice paper or palm leaf. Thangkas is the prominent form of pictures popular among Buddhists in Nepal. It is on the leitmotif of religion, its figures, and symbols. Bronze statistics and pottery has exclusive importance and contribution to the revenue generation of the country. Trekking the major highpoint of the place makes the voyage fulfilling after a fun-filled beautiful religious experience.

    There are various other dance forms, which also are an essential part of the culture. Some of them are khayak, mahakali, monkey, charya dances, and a lot more. The music is a unique form of presenting things and festivals in the country. The music influenced by the harvesting songs, Devotional songs to Lord Krishna and Shiva. The music is the soul of the nation as more regional touch can see in it. Localities also relish and sing during the festal seasons. The music here portrays the nativity.

    People of Nepal
    People perform physically demanding labour, but women tend to work longer hours, have less free time, and die younger. In urban areas, men are far more likely to work outside the home. Increasingly, educational opportunities are available to both men and women, and there are women in professional positions. Women also frequently work in family businesses as shopkeepers and sewing.

    Children preforming cultural activity

    Kids and older people are a valued source of household labour. In rural families, young kids collect firewood, mind animals, and watch younger children. Older people may serve on village councils. In urban areas and superior towns, kids attend school; rural children may or may not, depending on the proximity of schools, the availability of teachers, and the work required of them at home.

    Food of Nepal
    The foods of Nepal are in flavours of less spice and more of herbs and simple food. The typical dish is called “Dal Bhat Tarkari”. Nepali is the most verbal language, followed by English. Nepal is well related by air to all the nations. It connects with its neighboring and adjacent states with rails and intercity with roads. There are the fantastic variety of local cuisine such as Thakali, Newari, and food of the ethnic minorities.

    The regular Nepali meal is dal (lentil soup), bhat (boiled rice), and tarkari (curried vegetables), most often accompanied by achar (pickle) or just raw chillie. Curried meat is trendy. Acquired from Tibetans, momos (steamed or fried dumplings) deserve mention as one of the most popular snacks among Nepalis. It is also occupied as a complete meal, especially by office goers during lunch. Rotis (flatbread) and dhedo (boiled flour) also make meals in some homes, especially in rural areas.

    Rice is remaining constant, the side dishes bring in a lot of variety to the meals in the Nepali cuisine. Depending upon ethos and civilisation, cooking in the Nepali homes (where the cooks are always the housewife) tend to settle curries with complex spices that she has learned from her mother, which traditionally has been in use for centuries. Nepal’s cuisine is mostly, but not all of them, spicy, however on request, spices can be reduced without compromising the taste of the dish.

    Clothes of Nepal
    Nepal is home to diverse kinds of spiritual, ethnic groups and even climates. It has led to significant variations in Nepalese Clothing, both historically and in modern times. While the clothing of Nepal has also influenced countries, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, Nepalese clothing retains an independent identity with garments specific to the cultures of Nepal. Daura suruwal is our national clothing of Nepal.

    Cultural Places Of Nepal
    Lo Manthang
    Lo Manthang located in the district of Mustang, which offers a range of cultural experiences. Lo Manthang has only been visited by foreigners relatively recently, and the number of visitors to Upper Mustang are still restricted.

    Kathmandu Valley
    Kathmandu Valley contains several sister cities, including Bhaktapur and Patan. Kathmandu itself had many cultural and historical places to visit like Pashupatinath, Bouddhnath and more.  Rich with beauty and cultural significance, the city of Bhaktapur is teeming with ancient artworks and carvings made from wood, stone, and metal. Patan or Lalitpur means the city of great art and masterpiece handicrafts. On entering the premises  of Patan Durbar square, you will be amazed with ancient buildings,  masterpiece architecture of intricate carving arts, most of the monuments listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

    Indra Jatra

    Sagarmatha National Park
    The area contains vast mountains aside deep valleys that have been carved into the mountainsides by staggeringly large glaciers. Within the Himalayas, you introduced to the Sherpa people, who have a rich cultural history and a unique culture. There are approximately 6,000 Sherpas within the SNP, and their presence creates a coupling of nature and learning within the park that makes it truly unique.

    Lumbini the birthplace of the Lord Buddha, on whose teachings Buddhism was founded is one of the holiest places in Nepal. Today, a Buddhist pilgrimage centre erected, and the site is a favorite among archaeologists. If you are planning for a visit to Nepal, this place is highly regarded.

    Chitwan National Park
    Chitwan is home to both the Bengal tiger and the single-horned rhino, and this area is one of the last places these animals exist. Chitwan is a popular destination in Nepal, and within the city, you can find several lodges in addition to several activities, from rafting to jeep safaris and walking tours. Thakali dances after the visit of Chitwan are highly rated in a cultural tour of Nepal.

    Janakpur a city for religious and cultural tourism is situated southeast of Kathmandu and is home to many shrines and religious ponds. The city contains some of the most beautiful architecture to be found in Nepal and surrounded by vast natural beauty. Mithila art and culture is some attraction to see on visiting this place which has it’s own history with the story of Lord Ram and Sita.

    Janakpur Janaki Temple

    Pokhara is the second-largest city in Nepal. The landscape here abruptly changes from green hills to vast sheer mountains, and this creates an environment with truly sensational views. Pokhara is touristic hub with a lot of activities and visiting places available including religious places.

    Langtang offers some of the oldest and most traditional Tamang villages, and you will see how people within the most former tribe of Nepal live. The Gosainkunda Lake is a famous religious spot for Hindus and is said to have been created by Lord Shiva himself.

    The beautiful town of Tansen sits within the mid-West Nepalese hills and contains quaint houses with traditional Newari architectural influences. The temperatures are slight all year round, making it meet for visiting at any time.

    Situated at tranquil hills of eastern Nepal, Ilam is famous for its production of Nepal tea. The gentle slopes hills make more leisurely exploration than some of the other areas within the country. The municipality of Ilam is also known for its fine cheeses and has many agricultural exports.

    Eco Holidays offer a wide selection of small-group tours, high adventure treks & family-friendly holidays. Our primary purpose is to provide you the happiness  emphasizing quality service with genuine Nepali hospitality and sincerity. All arrange for you to plan a holiday to suit your needs. We look forward to you placing your trust in our ability. Take a visit around our offices, and you’ll see the unfilled desks of people out on trips, or hear people swapping stories about a place they have just visited.

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