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    Why Travelers plan their Holidays to Nepal from Different Countries?

    Nepal has been a hot destination for adventure lovers. Being surrounded by mountains, the topography of Nepal offers a wide range of adventures to its tourists from all over the globe. Now if you have some idea about Nepal, you might be thinking or have a perception that the major source of adventure that Nepal offers is Trekking in Nepal. Well you are partially correct and you will be surprised to find out the different types of adventure that you can get here in the Abode of the Himalayas. To get the list of different adventures in detail that Nepal offers to its tourists read Why should you plan your holidays to Nepal?

    Besides providing adventures, Nepal is also best known to be a stress buster destination. If we consider carefully, I can say that Nepal is a genuine all rounder destination for tourists with all kind of taste. If you want to take a break from your heavy, hectic and timely scheduled lifestyle to distance yourself from the robotic and monotonous lifestyle and spend some time in a calm and quiet place, with a cool weather and beautiful sceneries to relieve your mind and body from all the workload and tensions, Nepal can surely act as a balm to the sore head.

    With the beautiful and natural scenery of the green fields, the flora and fauna and above all the amazing views of the snow clad Himalayas, one can really get rid from all the chaos and confusions and enter the state of a calm and relieved mind.

    Now once you are in a calm state of mind, you might notice the smiley faces of the humble and jovial locals of NEPAL. In fact you will notice that even if you are a loner, you will want to interact with the locals especially on their culture and tradition because after all it is their inclination to their culture and tradition that makes them humble and jovial and lead a normal and simple life.

    Such is the Magic of Nepal and these are all the reasons Why it gets a variety of Tourists to spend their Holidays to Nepal from different countries. According to the record of Nepal Tourism Board, 1.173 million tourists visited Nepal in the year 2018. The Board also projected a 17 percent increase compared to the same period in 2017. Nevertheless, the flow of tourists is increasing in 2019 as well. Also, Nepal Government has declared 2020 as the Nepal Tourism Year to encourage the tourism industries of Nepal, as it plays a vital role in maintaining the economic status of the country.

    Culture and Climate of Nepal:

    Good and Bad Things about Nepal

    As I already said that currently, Nepal has been one of the trending holiday destinations amongst all countries. People from across the globe are curiously searching for Nepal to know Nepal better and plan their holidays to get the pinch of the chilly weather and the adventure of trekking the Himalayas.

    So here is a brief knowledge of Nepal based on its culture and climate.

    Culture: The people of Nepal are very traditional and cling to their ancient culture. They are happy and proud of their ancient culture and their culture is purely depicted in their plain and simple life style.

    It might amaze you that the people in the rural areas of Terai still live in houses made of a bamboo framework with walls made up of a mix of mud and cow dung and the houses in the rural areas of Hilly region are made of unbaked bricks with stone tile or thatch roof.

    Religion and Language:

    mixed religion of nepal

    While Nepali being the most spoken language in Nepal, there are other languages which are also spoken by the residents of Nepal. They are Hindi, Maithili, Bhojpuri, Tharu, Tamang, Nepal Bhasa, Bajjika, Urdu, Awadhi, and Sunwar.

    Apart from these languages, some of them, who reside in the major and touristic places like Kathmandu and Thamel, are able to understand English.


    Hinduism is the majorly followed Religion in Nepal. And their greatest Deity is Lord Shiva. Pashupatinath Temple is the most famous temple in Nepal and is worth visiting as it is a major tourist attraction.

    Apart from Hinduism, most people follow Buddhism. There are many places worth visiting including Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha. Also, it represents the love of the Nepali people towards Buddha.

    Nepal is not home to just these two religions. There are other religions like the Muslims, Christians.

    Now, let’s discuss some country wise interests that how the people plan their Holidays to Nepal from different countries.

    Holiday to Nepal from India   

    Indian TOurist in Nepal

    The people of India will not feel much of the difference if they plan their holiday in Nepal, except for the Mountains, and the weather. They will mostly feel at home as the locals of Nepal are very warm hearted people and always greet one another with the word “Namaste” which is an expression of Gratitude. Now this very word should make them feel at home as it is a widely used form of greeting in India also.

    The local residents of Nepal also speak Hindi and some other form of languages which are widely spoken in India.

    Another similarity the Indians will find in Nepal is the Food. While Dhal Bhat Tarkari is the staple food of Nepal, Indians also eat similar kind of food. Only the name is different. For those areas where rice is not eaten frequently, no need to worry at all, you will get Naan and chapatis also here at Nepal.

    Now this, will give some comfort to the Indians and they should already feel at home. Speaking of which, you will find accommodations to your liking, and they are really inexpensive to that compared to India.

    Nepal being a neighboring country to India generally has a lot of Indian visitors visiting Nepal every year. With all these common factors, the Indians feel safe and at home while their stay in Nepal and not to mention the exciting adventures Nepal offers to its tourists.

    Holidays to Nepal from UK

    Holidays to Nepal from UK

    Just like the Indians, it has been noticed that people from the United Kingdom also have started planning their holidays to Nepal.  And this is no surprise because who does not love to spend their holidays at a place which offers its tourists both the peace of mind as well as a piece of adventure that every heart desires.

    The people from UK will find Nepal quite interesting and unique. Apart from the adventure like trekking and thrilling sports like rafting and kayaking, etc. Nepal also has some beautiful places which will give you the peace of mind and happiness like the Chitwan National park and the Sagarmatha National park where you can enjoy elephant rides and experience the views of different birds and animals some are found only in Nepal.

    There are many viewpoints in Nepal where you can enjoy the beautiful views of the Himalayas and the flora and fauna and just relax.

    So plan your next Holidays at Nepal and experience this ancient and cultural country your heart’s content.

    Holidays to Nepal from Australia

    Holidays to Nepal from Australia

    It is known to everyone that the people of Australia spend more time planning their holidays than any other people in the world. The average time they spend on planning their holiday is about two weeks. Now this planning period does involve some serious research about picking a place for a holiday and then using the internet to do an extensive research of the place and how to get the best deal or package for that destination.

    Well I believe it is now time to do some research about planning your Holidays to Nepal and I can guarantee you will never regret the decision of spending your holidays in Nepal, while relaxing and conquering the Himalayas at the same time. To know more about Nepal read

    Why should you plan your holidays to Nepal? This blog will definitely help you in getting ideas of the fun filled and un-forgetful experience that you will get only in Nepal.

    Now it is well known that Australians are very fond of the water activities and they frequently visit the beaches on weekends. But here in Nepal, even though you won’t find beaches, you will find some water sports like rafting and kayaking that might intrigue you.

    Holidays to Nepal from Dubai

    Holidays to Nepal from Dubai

    It seems that the cultural land locked country Nepal is gradually setting its mark throughout the globe for its high snow clad mountains and the adventure filled trekking sessions.

    It is known to everyone that Dubai has a very hot climate due to the desert. So normally the people plan their holidays to cool places also the people of Dubai are known of travelling the world’s exotic places with their expensive cars along with them. They are fond of living a lavishing lifestyle and travelling the world.

    Now, it has been found that the people of Dubai have started to take interest in Nepal and have started searching the internet to plan their Holidays to Nepal.

    Although Nepal is not that expensive of a place, still you can find good hotels to camp in and enjoy the Everest base camp luxury trek and other land and water sports that Nepal has to offer.

    Holidays to Nepal from Singapore

    Holidays to Nepal from Singapore

    Although Singapore has a lot of places that attract tourists every year, it is quite surprising that the Singaporeans are very fond of holidays and they go on a holiday every year and sometimes, they even holiday twice a year.

    So it will not be a surprising fact that Nepal has been in their search list for quite some time. Yes, the Singaporeans have been planning their holidays to Nepal for quite some time now.

    Who wouldn’t? Given the level of excitement and the varieties of land, water and airborne sports that Nepal offers, it is very much obvious that tourists even from a holiday destination will be attracted towards the natural beauty.

    Another reason why the Singaporeans have been planning their holidays in Nepal is because Singapore is a hot place. So it is very much common for people from hot places to plan holidays in a cool and exciting place like Nepal.

    Now, I think you’ve got some ideas about how the people are planning their Holidays to Nepal from different countries. Now, it’s time time to illustrate on the booking process for your Nepal trip. Here, you can grasp some ideas on how to book your holidays to Nepal from different countries.

    How to book your Holidays to Nepal?

    How to book your Holidays to Nepal

    If you are planning to visit Nepal, you should have an idea of how to plan your trips and whom to approach to get amazing and exciting packages for your trip at fewer prices.

    Here, I will provide you with a couple of options which will broaden your ideas and you can choose the most suitable option to book your holidays to Nepal from different countries.

    The first option is a common method and is used by most of us which is booking through renowned websites like TourRadar, Tripadvisor, GetYourGuide, Bookmundi etc. This has been a frequent means of booking packages by most travelers as here you will get a variety of options to choose from including the duration of the package, highlights of the package, Package inclusions , cost of the package and other relevant details for your convenience. And all of this can be done by investing less amount of your precious time.  You can also compare the prices of the same package from different companies and choose the best suitable package for you.

    Yet there is another option to do so and this is something that I personally prefer: which is searching for local travel companies of the destination, visiting their website, browsing through all of their services and choosing the suitable package for me.

    Although, this is going to take some time as there will be numerous such companies listed on the internet but I believe that this is something worth investing your time in as you will get detailed idea about the company and the services that they provide which you may not find if you book packages through TourRadar, Tripadvisor etc.

    Also, booking packages directly through the websites gives you an added advantage of planning custom made packages as per your interest by communicating with the company directly and then booking the package.

    There are a lot of travel companies in Nepal who provide trekking and sightseeing services for example Eco Holidays Nepal.  This company is a best tour and travel company in Nepal which provides amazing trekking and sightseeing services. Listed below are some of the services that this company provides. You can click on the link to get the details of the services along with the detailed itinerary of the service




    The best thing about companies like these is that you can plan your holiday packages through the detailed itinerary of these services which contains all the details of the services including the duration of the service and also you will have the liberty to talk with the company to get you a custom plan/package made by combining the services you like.

    So now, it is up to you to decide which method you will prefer to choose your package and book your Holidays to Nepal from different countries.


    Nepal has become a trending holiday destination and has started to set its mark globally. People from throughout the globes have set their eyes on this beautiful country to spend some quality and adventurous time here no matter what country they belong to and how developed they are.

    The natural scenery and the snow clad mountains are a must to experience live not to forget the trekking the mountains offer, and other sports like bungee jumping that the valleys offer.

    So if you want to experience adventure to its fullest or the calm and quite flora and fauna in anywhere in the globe, it is advisable to plan and book your Holidays to Nepal from different countries.

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