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    Making ‘Successful Trekking in Nepal’  is a main and major concept of local to foreign agents including wide-world visitors. Believing that they will have money-worth of holidays brings successful trekking in Nepal Himalaya.

    There are many hidden factors to make every trip a great success besides offering quality services and well qualified guides and porters. Moreover, providing necessary and useful information to its clients with reasonable trip cost as per the itinerary worth’s more.

    Fulfilling every client requirement in perfect order, is another factor  to please them when they step in Nepal on fresh arrival. In addition, keeping that promise till the final departure with satisfactory smile on their faces on leaving the country makes an enjoyable and delightful time in Nepal Himalayas trekking.

    The first thing to maintain every trip a successful trekking in Nepal lies with respective company managements. Provide well qualified guides and staff who can answer every queries of the clients and offering full information about the country of travel on route trekking.

    Second, important thing to make Trekking in Nepal  successful is planned trekking itinerary. Which provides right programs for every travelers depending upon their interest and physical fitness with regarding their age. So,  they won’t end up with wrong programs making them difficult or facing problem on walks which they probably won’t have anticipated.

    Another key factor beside satisfying customers, is taking care of the welfare of staff, guides including watchmen too.They are part of the team management whose every cheerful steps will lead for successful and effective trekking.

    If the guides and staff  members are always happy with the concern company have then it makes much easier to run and operate trekking. As staff and guides are the main core and ambassador of the company which directly deals with the customers for many days to a week on field and trekking.

    Successful Trekking in Nepal indirectly or directly lies with Government Tourism policy too. To make travelers at ease, flexible rules  need to be maintained which in results draw more guests into the nation . For this, least visa regulation and charges that creates sudden change and confusion with clients and operators will stop.

    In some cases, National Park and Conservation area project often makes expense higher without earlier notice.Thus, guide and company need to act in that case but ultimately the issue comes to total cost. It may be a minor reason yet, adds to the financial plan of the trekking operators and aides. So, to make the outing an extraordinary achievement some compromisation is essential.

    Apart from rules and regulation including expert and professional guides, other main factor is following Eco-Trekking. Eco-Tourism or Responsible Tourism rules with full respect to save the country pristine environment, local culture and custom adds great value.

    For Eco-friendly tourism, guides comes first in looking after and guiding the clients offering with right useful information. These information is about country flora / fauna, culture, history, religion and right names of the peaks and mountains with do’s and don’ts.

    Guides with proper and humble manner with some sense of humor will easily adds more to make a successful trekking in Nepal. Thus, showing the right attitude and respect to visitors including villagers on route trekking is a certain factor to consider.

    The other main factor is how the guide and staff deals with different client attitude.  All visitors are not the same as they come for travelling with different point of view and attitude, high expectations after choosing the holidays.

    So the main thing in every trip  is that, guide or field staff should be attentive when required by the clients. These cases may be besides day walk on reaching overnight destination either in local lodge or camping.

    Office management and guides should pick and choose right local lodge as per the budget of the trip either in standard or luxury overnight accommodation during trekking. This makes sure that every lodge is clean and hygienic especially the rest-rooms and toilets with continue flow of water where available.

    If the client does not get good sleep due to disturbance with other unnecessary noise then guest will suffer its health to enjoy the whole trip that might lead to illness. Thus, guide should be well equipped with medical knowledge for minor sickness, injury and  consult the client with positive assurance.

    For a successful Trekking in Nepal, client and guides should be in good physical form and sound medical health. So, that visitors can enjoy the company of the friendly and smiley, cheerful guides and staff.

    The next important things is that staying healthy throughout the walk on trekking either short or long duration adventure. Drinking water for visitors are the main and major concern to shake the health condition. The responsibility goes to guide and management and inform the client of clean drinking water systems and process.

    On Lodge or in camping make sure that the client is consuming fluid or drinking water as needed altitude and  walking time. So that, they won’t suffer from dehydration and altitude sickness or AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness). Atleast learn the 7 Things that will Ruin your Long Distance Treks in Nepal before you departure for your trek.

    There are many ways to make Successful Trekking in Nepal. Creating itineraries days as season wise like spring and summer with longer days with sunlight’s where’s autumn and winter shorter days due to short sunlight’s. In some cases, many trekking company provides same itinerary for all seasons which makes a great different with walking days.

    The weather forecast can be unpredictable in Himalayan region(For e.g Everest region, Annapurna region, Langtang region et al) due to its different level of altitude and terrain. So, company should provide soothing data if the trekking needs compromisation due to bad weather.

    For this situation the administration and guide should be watchful. Educating about the day climate shrewd, which may prompts misconception and disarray at last with the customers. Great instructions are constantly vital and important to let know the customer of the nation about climate  and also with dos’ and don’t.

    Besides taking care of the clients, all should respect the areas of trekking in villages and towns. With supporting local people(their language and culture) as well protecting its healthy environment from destruction. Where some trekking company have started charity fund for the welfare of local rural villages children with education fund.This also includes maintaining good walking trails and providing safe drinking water for all.

    Summary for successful trekking in Nepal:
    Quality services and well qualified guides.
    Reasonable trip cost as per the itinerary.
    Company managements and their service.
    Guides with proper and humble manner.
    Staying healthy throughout the trip.
    Right local lodge as per the budget of the trip.
     Company taking care of welfare of staff, guides.
     Following planned trekking itinerary.
    Government Tourism policy.

    Eco-Tourism or Responsible Tourism rules.If anybody wants to learn more and do consult about trekking in Nepal and Nepal tour then contact us.

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