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    Tengboche is a well-known tourist destination in Nepal, the land of best Himalayas. With the majestic mountains, distinct culture, snow-capped peaks, lip-smacking cuisine, scenic landscapes, and amazing hotels, this region personifies the beauty of an area that has robust traditions and maintains unique distinction. Due to the high altitude of this location in the foothills of the Himalayas, Tengboche enjoys a moderately cool temperature all year round. 

    All You Need To Know About Tengboche
    If you’re planning for Tengboche in Nepal, then here’s all you need to know about this place which will definitely help you in making your journey wonderful.

    Plan a Visit to Tengboche Monastery
    When it comes to the famous monasteries of Nepal, undoubtedly Tengboche Monastery remains at par as one of the most popular ones due to its unparalleled backdrop of Mt. Ama Dablam. This monastery is the foremost Buddhist centre in the Khumbu region of Nepal with a living Rinpoche that blesses the pilgrims, mountaineers, and visitors passing through.

    Every October, Tengboche Monastery crowds the colourful Mani Rimdu festival that is the finale of the Buddhist celebrations witnessing a large spiritual gathering, ritual dances, songs, and also the portrayals of the lives of the well-known figures. Guests are always welcomed to participate in the multiple festivities here and so do many trekkers book their trek to correspond with the festival for unlimited fun, adventure and spirituality going hand in hand. Tours of the monastery are directed every afternoon for the travellers. Tengboche lies on the very famous trek route to the Everest region thus remains in the centre of attraction. 

    Best Time to Visit Tengboche
     If you’re looking to visit Tengboche in Nepal, then the best time to make your visit plan would be during the months of October, November and December. These are the months when any Tengboche travel guide would tell you that just before and after the high seasons the weather is pleasant when travellers are comparatively less, and also hotel prices are at their lowest.

    How to Reach Tengboche?

    To reach Tengboche in Nepal, you can take a flight from Kathmandu Airport to Lukla which takes around 25-30 minutes. You can reach Phakding after trekking from Lukla that takes just 4-5 hours. Phakding is a small village located in the banks of the Dudh Koshi River just north of Lukla. Then, you are supposed to walk towards the steep slopes uphill to Namche Bazaar. You can also make a selection of road routes if willing to avoid air journey from Kathmandu to Lukla. An experienced travel planner will make your task easy to choose the best travel option and exploration guidance for you. 

    Things To Do Near Tengboche
    As a traveller, you will have many questions in mind. Little bit of research about the various things to do near Tengboche will save your time and energy. You will be able to explore the region more as a guided traveller with ample knowledge about the area. As a person with enough information handy, you will be able to even keep your guide in the loop that you have obtained some information about the place and what are the possible things to do. 

    There are several amazing things to do near Tengboche in Nepal but the most important and popular ones are listed below for you to explore and participate during a trip:


    With eight of the world’s highest mountains in the Himalayan nation Nepal, its Tengboche Nepal region remains a mountaineer’s paradise. The eventual glory of mountaineering would be reaching the summit of Mt. Everest(you may read: Where is mount Everest located?), but there are other difficulties you might have to face while climbing. So, you can take on any of the other 326 climbing peaks that are waiting for you! They are also the ultimate options to make you feel that adventure spirit of mountaineering while you are touring to Nepal. 

    These mountains within Nepal are open for mountaineering expeditions and so do they facilitate you more opportunities there due to easy availability there you can explore than in any other country in the world.

    2)Meet The People

    Nepal is an extremely diverse country and is famous for being home to numerous religions, tribes, races, and cultures that make its unity in diversity. This country has over 120 ethnic groups and practically remains a melting pot of several languages and cultures as well. Put your hands together and greet the common masses with a smile on your face as they return your gesture with the genuine smiles of acceptance that makes them towering hosts. Nepali people are some of the friendliest people in the world. Their hospitality is one of the main reasons that visitors keep coming back throughout the year.


    Nepal has been engrossing the trekkers from around the world. Trekking in Nepal remains one of the primary activities of travellers in Nepal thus hundreds of thousands of people trek to the Himalayas through the Himalayan nation. Two of the most common trekking regions here are the Everest and Annapurna where many diverse trails can be followed while the other famous treks are in the Langtang and Kanchenjunga regions.

    Out of these two, the most challenging is the Great Himalayan Trails. The variety of trekking tracks in Nepal cannot be found in any other part of the world. In fact, the highest point in Nepal is Everest, at an altitude of 8,848 meters above the sea-level. These two points being only 200 kilometres apart are as the crow flies.

    Places to Visit 
    Thinking of the places to visit around Tengboche in Nepal? Just have a look at some of the famous places to visit in the region during your trip. 

    a)Sagarmatha National Park

    Sagarmatha National Park is home to the highest peak in the world i.e. Mt. Everest. This area encompasses several other peaks above 6,000 meters and are mostly rugged terrains made up of deep gorges, glaciers, and massive rocks. 

    This park boasts of a wide variety of wildlife comprising of more than 118 species of birds amongst other fauna. While the forest is conquered by silver fir, rhododendron, birch, and juniper trees, animals such as musk deer, the Himalayan thar, serow, the ghoral, the wolf, and the Himalayan black bear may be spotted by the tourists in this famous Tengboche in Nepal.

    The best time to visit this park is during the autumn months of October to November and from March to May month in spring or summer seasons

    b)Gokyo Valley

    One of the most scenic places to visit around Tengboche, Gokyo Valley claims wide meadows for the yaks to graze during summers and also the untouched turquoise lakes of Gokyo are simply breath-taking to visit. The place can be visited after trekking up to Everest Base Camp by adding another five days to the itinerary.

    Two high passes are leading out of the Gokyo valley where the Cho La Pass remains most visited one and which are the points to the Khumbu Valley near Lobuche while the other is Renjo La Pass that joins the track between the Thame and Nangpa La Pass. Following the Everest trek route, you can take another exit route as far as Phortse for total exploration.

    c)Everest Base Camp

    Everest Base Camp trek is a moderate yet simply classic trek near Tengbochefor the travellers to explore. High in the priority list of trekkers, this Everest Base Camp is one of the most popular regions in the Himalayas. The two-week trek starts and finishes at Lukla – a runway to the south of the region which is also called the ‘Gateway to Everest’. 

    The route has an abundance of tea houses and also has a treacherous ground. You must walk through this area cautiously, as finding a route can be risky and there’s always the danger of falling on the slippery ice. Being at the Everest Base Camp is an out of this world experience(you may go through: Is Everest Base Camp Worth Visiting?).

    Best Tengboche Hotels
    To have a wonderful stay in this area, explore top accommodations in Everest Trekking as some of the finest hotels that make your stay memorable with offering exemplary hospitality.

    1)Hotel Khangri

    When it comes to hotels in Tengboche, this one serves both to budget and leisure travellers alike. This hotel is perfect for everyone. Consider staying at this place if you are searching for budget hotels in Tengboche yet seeking to enjoy luxuriousness. 

    Distance: 6.3 kilometres from Tengboche Monastery. 

    2)Yeti Mountain Home Namche

    One of the best hotel in Tengboche, it is definitely a nice place to spend a night or two, or even more if you please. The rooms are well-furnished which makes it a good choice to stay in the region. 

    Distance: 6.1 kilometres from Tengboche Monastery.

    3)Yeti Mountain Home Monjo

    For someone searching for a lovely hotel in Tengboche Hill Station and around, Yeti Mountain Home Monjo would be a perfect pick. Having cosy carpeted rooms that overlook the expansive mountain-scape this hotel has the spotlessly maintained clean rooms for a comfortable stay.

     Distance: 8.2 kilometres from Tengboche Monastery. 

    Foods to Eat 

    Daal Bhat Tarkari is the daily meal eaten by all the locals in Tengboche in Nepal and throughout the country. Daal is a soup made of spices and lentils which is provided with the boiled grains known as Bhat. Tarkari is a curry-a mash-up of various vegetables flavoured with curry powder and spices.

    Nevertheless, you find varieties of Nepalese foods(read: most popular Nepali Foods) other than Daal Bhat and may also find some western foods sometimes.

    All FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions) answered about Tengboche:
    If you have planned a trip to Tengboche, then it’s likely that you will have some questions to ask the professionals over there. So, here are some of the answers that can help you to travel to places without worries.

    How do I get to Tengboche Monastery?
    To reach Tengboche Monastery, you can take a flight from Kathmandu Airport to Lukla which takes around 25-30 minutes. You can reach Phakding after trekking from Lukla that will take you another 4-5 hours. Phakding is a small village located in the Dudh Koshi River just north of Lukla. Then, walk towards the steep slopes uphill to Namche Bazaar.

    Can I see the Everest from Tengboche?
    Yes, you can see the outstanding views of Mt. Everest from Tengboche in Nepal. From Tengboche, you can continue on to Pheriche, Kala Patthar and the hamlet of Gorakshep to reach Mt. Everest.

    How many people usually hike the Everest Base Camp?
    Every year, around 30,000 people are trekking to Everest Base Camp. It is a risky affair and the death rate is rare. Only trained hikers are advised for it. If you really want to hike the Everest Base Camp, then atleast you should read 13 things to know before Everest Base Camp Trek. It helps you a lot.

    Is Everest Base Camp trek hard?
    If you’re a trekking enthusiast, then Everest Base Camp trekking is a lifetime adventure for you. Yet, many find the trek to Everest Base Camp a challenging task on multiple stages(read: Why you might be failing at Everest Base Camp Trek?). This trek is certainly difficult for many( for details you may go through: Everest Base Camp difficulty level). It is not a tourist’s trek and needs a lot of training and preparations beforehand.

    How can I climb to Mount Everest?
    There are two main routes for climbing Mt. Everest including Southeast and Northeast. Southeast is the most common route because it is usually considered the safer one and so is it known for its easy accessibility. The hike via the southeast edge begins with a trek to the Base Camp on the southern side of Everest in Nepal. 

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