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    Best Time For Gokyo Lake Trek

    Gokyo Lake Trek is like a magical journey through the captivating Himalayan landscapes. With several uphill and downhill walks, you will be crossing suspension and wooden bridges and taking breaks in cozy traditional teahouses. Traversing along the mesmerizing mountainous topographies, you can marvel at the stunning vistas of prominent mountain peaks like Everest, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, Makalu, etc. Finally, reaching and exploring the picture-perfect sparkling Gokyo Lake in the Gokyo Valley is a rewarding moment of your remarkable trekking journey. This pristine alpine Gokyo Lake, reflecting the towering peaks all around, is sacred to Hindus and Buddhists.

    The Gokyo Lake Trek Cost depends on the duration along with the services/facilities and logistics required during the trek. Eco Holidays Nepal offers a complete Gokyo Lake Trek package for an adventurous journey of exploring the pristine Gokyo Lake in the Himalayan core at just US$ 1,350. Also, you will be provided with a discounted rate from 16 Feb to 01 March, for which you have to pay only US$ 1,200. The total amount of the package cost covers the services/facilities provided during the trek, like permits, transportation, food, accommodation, a guide, etc.

    Our 15-day Gokyo Lake trekking journey provides an immersive trekking experience while traversing the off-the-beaten routes of the remote Himalayan regions. Booking with us will be the best decision you will make for this trek as we guarantee the quality of service and proper support throughout the journey.

    Why Breakdown the Cost?

    Planning your Gokyo Lake Trek involves a detailed breakdown of expenses to ensure a smooth and budget-friendly adventure. The cost breakdown will provide you with a detailed and closer look at particular expense heads. You can better prepare and manage your trekking budget by gaining valuable insights to plan your journey effectively.

    A more detailed breakdown allows you to understand where exactly and how much of your money will be spent. By considering each aspect of the trek thoroughly, you can make a total budget estimation and ensure that you have everything you need for an unforgettable Himalayan trekking journey.

    Gokyo Lake Trek Cost Includes

    Do You Need A Guide For Gokyo Lakes?

    Permits Costs

    Permits are the first and foremost cost of the trekking adventures, which are required for legal access to the trekking regions. Permit fees allow access to specific trekking destinations such as National Parks/Conservation Areas or restricted regions. The permits required for the Gokyo Lake Trek, with their cost, are:

    • Trekkers Information Management system card (TIMS) - NPR 2,000/15 UD$

    A TIMS card is a trekking permit for all Himalayan treks. You are mandatorily required to have a TIMS card for the high-altitude trekking activities. With the details of information on trekkers and their trekking destinations, the responsible authorities can trace the whereabouts of each trekker. They can follow up on your trekking conditions and provide necessary assistance if an emergency strikes during the trekking journey.

    • Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit - NPR 3,000/23 US$

    The Gokyo Lake Trek passes through the Sagarmatha National Park. This protected area in the Everest region is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The area is rich in an ecosystem with diverse plants, birds, and animal life. To access this protected park for trekking purposes, you need to acquire the Sagarmatha National Park Entry permit.

    • Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality Entrance Permit

    To access and trek in the particular regions of Khumbu, you need to obtain an additional permit. This is because some areas fall under restricted zones by the government of Nepal. These regions have pure and untampered natural resources and cultural heritages, which are vital to preserve for the generations to come. So, you need Khumbu Pasang Lahmu Rural Municipality Entrance Permit to trek in the controlled areas.

    The cost of this permit is 20 US$ for a single person per week, which is applicable only for the first four weeks. The costs increase to 25 US$ after exceeding four weeks.

    Note: All necessary paperwork to obtain the required trek permits is handled by the trekking agency. Eco Holidays Nepal arranges all the permits before the trekking journey starts. So, you can send us a copy of your passport and passport-size photographs.

    Transportation Costs

    In the Gokyo Lake package cost, the expenses on transportation to and from the trek starting point are included. The Gokyo Lake journey commences with a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. The cost of the Kathmandu-Lukla-Kathmandu flight is covered by the package cost, which includes all the airport taxes. The total flight fare of a round trip is approximately US$ 150 to US$ 200. Likewise, all the airport pickups and drop-offs are by private vehicle. Either for hotel transfers or international and domestic flights, the transportation costs around US$ 15 to US$ 20 each way.

    Furthermore, during the sightseeing day we will also arrange a private vehicle for your excrusion, which costs around 10 to 15 US$.

    Accommodation Costs

    Do You Need A Guide For Gokyo Lakes?

    Accommodation is vital for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation after every day of extensive trekking hours. You will have a simple teahouse accommodation during the Gokyo Lake Trek. Teahouses provide basic services like shared bedding systems, common toilets and bathrooms, and communal dining spaces. However, you can also have a private room for which you have to pay for the entire room, costing two to three people.

    The accommodation costs in teahouses range from approximately US$ 10 to US$15 per night. The cost greatly depends on the services/facilities provided by the teahouses and the location and altitude of the stay. Teahouses in remote and more difficult locations of the higher altitudes tend to charge higher price rates for accommodation. Also, the use of extra services like Wi-Fi, hot showers, charging devices, etc., requires additional costs.

    Likewise, the package costs include accommodation prices for three nights at a standard Hotel in Kathmandu. The cost can range from around US$ 35 to US$ 45 per night with twin-sharing rooms and breakfast services.

    Costs of Meals

    Meals are vital to refill the energy levels for sustaining the consecutive trekking. Teahouses along the trekking routes of the Gokyo Lake Trek provide you with meals throughout the journey. You will be served all three meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Meals prepared in the teahouses are a variety of traditional and Western cuisines.

    The staple meal in teahouses is a typical Nepali food, dal bhat (rice, lentil soup, and pickles). Items like fried/boiled/scrambled eggs, sel roti, Gundruk, yak steaks, momo, etc., are the breakfast items served in teahouses. Beyond local food items, you can taste some locally prepared popular international meals like burgers, pizza, sandwiches, spaghetti, etc. You can relish the taste of delicious dishes in teahouses offered with the genuine hospitality of the local owners.

    The cost of food differs for each particular item and is the day-to-day expense of the trekking journey. On average, each day's meal cost in the teahouse can range from around US$ 8 to US$ 12. The meal cost is greatly affected by the elevation, which is typically higher in higher altitudes. In addition, the remote location is another cause for the increase in food costs due to the challenges of goods transportation.

    Note: Only the cost of breakfast during your three-night hotel stay in Kathmandu is covered by the trek package. For Lunch and Dinner, you have to make your own payments, which can range from US$ 60 to US$ 80.

    Guide Fees

    Guides are of invaluable assistance in navigating unfamiliar mountainous trails. Their expertise and experience facilitate easy and safe travel over the rocky and rugged trails of the remote trekking region. For a soaking experience into the Himalayan nature and people’s culture, guides help you out, enhancing the overall trekking experience. They favor the interactive, instructive, and informative trekking journey.

    For the Gokyo Lake Trek, we will hire an experienced and professional local guide. He will be a government license holder and a well-trained guide. This guide is familiar with the region and its trekking trails due to his several years of operation experience in the region. Our guides are helpful and friendly, and have always received positive feedbacks from our previous clients. Our guides are proficient in the English language and also have deep knowledge of people and local languages. So, tehy can ensure your journey is interactive with the local communities and you wont miss out on the major highlight of the trek. Moreover, our guides will keep you informed about the hidden mysteries of the precious secluded region.

    The Gokyo Lake Trek cost of hiring a guide typically ranges from US$25 to US$30 per day. This cost includes his food, drinks, and accomodation, as well as insurance, transport, and daily wage. Also, you will have an assistant guide if the size of your group exceeds six people.

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    First Aid Kit Costs

    You will be trekking in remote mountainous regions during the Gokyo Lake Trek. You will be relatively far from the comfort of modern services and facilities. The trekking region has lagged behind in infrastructural and technological development owing to its remote locations and terrain difficulties. You cannot experience the quick medical services/facilities in case of injuries, accidents, or illness. Considering self-sufficiency/reliance on basic health care, you need to be equipped with a first aid kit.

    A first aid kit with comprehensive medical supplies will be provided to you for the Gokyo Lakes trekking journey. It is useful for the general treatment of accidental wounds and medications required to reduce the risk of altitude sickness and minor health complications. Moreover, an oximeter is provided for checking your pulse rate, oxygen saturation, and heartbeat rate twice a day. This device is also very helpful in checking altitude sickness symptoms. The Gokyo Lake Trek cost of a first-aid kit and oximeter is around US$ 40- 50.

    Other inclusions

    • We make necessary arrangements for the emergency helicopter service in case it is needed during the trek. But, the payment has to be made out of your travel insurance. It will be better to take evacuation coverage insurance when trekking in high-altitude remote locations.
    • We provide you with a sleeping bag, duffel bag, down jacket, and trekking poles if you do not have one. However, everything has to be returned after the accomplishment of the journey.
    • The T-shirt and cap provided by Eco Holidays Nepal.
    • All the government taxes and official expenses are included.
    • Route map for the Gokyo Lake Trek.

    The total miscellaneous inclusion costs, on average, are approximately US$250 TO US$300.

    What's Excluded in Gokyo Lakes Trek Cost?


    Drinks Costs.

    Staying hydrated is one of the key considerations for the high-altitude trekking journey. Drinks help to maintain hydration, regulate body temperatures, and keep you strong and focused throughout the trekking adventure. You can find several drink varieties in the teahouses along the trekking trail: tea, coffee, fruit and canned juice, milk, boiled/bottled water, etc.

    The cost of all alcoholic and non-alcoholic during the Gokyo Lake trekking journey is not included in the package cost. Likewise, all the desserts after meals and sweet items like chocolate, cake, pie, and pudding have to be paid for by yourself. The average teahouse cost for a cup of tea/coffee is US$2 - US$4, US$ 2/3 for juice, and US$1 to US$3 for bottled water. Similarly, the bar bills for per bottle of alcoholic drinks can cost around US$3 to US$5. However, hard drinks are not advisable during high-altitude adventures because they can lead to health complications and acclimatization impact.

    Note: The cost of all the hot and cold drinks increases with an elevation rise.

    Sightseeing Days Charges

    On day 2 of our Gokyo Lake Trek itinerary, you will be having an optional sightseeing tour at the Kathmandu Valley. To enter and visit different monuments in Kathmandu, you have to pay the necessary entrance fees. The general cost of visiting and exploring the historical and cultural monuments of the valley, including the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, costs you 30 US$ per person.

    Likewise, hiring a local guide who has in-depth knowledge of the architectural heritage, religions, and traditions of the place and can cost upto 15 to 20 US$.

    Travel and Medical Insurance Cost.

    Several unpredicted occurrences may be encountered on the remote trekking journey, for which travel insurance is necessary to compensate for the losses. It takes care of the cancellation of the trek due to valid reasons, baggage loss, and many other unforeseen happenings. Likewise, medical insurance covers the expenses of unfortunate accidents and sudden illness during the trekking journey. It helps you connect with immediate medical services in emergency cases. So, with the benefits of insurance, you can embark on a trekking journey more freely and safely.

    The cost of insurance depends on the duration, destination, and altitude of the trek, coverages like emergency evacuation, and the health/age of the trekker. The overall insurance cost for the Gokyo Lake Trek can range between US$150 to US$200.

    Your Personal Expenses Cost.

    You may make expenses for your preferred choices of interest during the trek. The cost of such personal nature expenses is to be paid on your own. Costs of shopping, laundry, personal hygiene and toiletry items, snacks, etc., generally come under this expense head.

    Your choice of items and desire for luxury and comfort define your personal expenses cost. So, it is advisable to carry adequate money converted to local currency to pay for the essential personal preferences during the Gokyo Lake Trek. To spend on your personal expenses during the entire trekking journey, you may need an extra US$ 500 to US$ 1,000.

    Hiring Porter Cost

    To take the burden of loads off your shoulders and back, hiring a porter is the ultimate option. Each day of harsh trekking in the rugged and uneven Himalayan surfaces is troublesome. But, the porters play a necessary role in enabling you to have a free and enjoyable trekking journey by carrying your gear and supplies. The porter cost is not covered by the Gokyo Lake Trek package, but you can hire one at an additional cost.

    You can hire porters according to your needs/comfortness. Usually, one porter is hired for the two trekkers. You can opt for a region-familiar local Sherpa porter. They have in-depth knowledge of the regional difficulties with a thorough understanding of the Himalayas and trails. They are resilient to mountains and can seamlessly perform at weather and altitude difficulties.

    The Gokyo Lake Trek cost of a porter for the entire journey is US$220. This cost is inclusive of accommodation, food, insurance, and daily wages.

    Cost of Tips

    gokyo lake trek

    The cost of tips for a guide, porter, and driver is not included in the Gokyo Lake Trek package. Tips is a thanksgiving practice for the supporting members during the journey. Although the tipping practice is not a mandatory rule, this is a common way of showing gratitude towards the people who made your journey easy and fruitful.

    After a successful trekking journey, guides, and porters can expect some reward. You can offer them some amount considering the duration and level of services received. Also, your driver, while transporting you to and from the trek starting point, expect some tips. As a whole, you may have to spend US$ 50 to US$ 80 as a tipping cost.

    Other Exclusions

    • Cost of the excess baggage of more than 15kg for and from the Lukla flight.
    • Cost of hot showers/bucket-full hot water, Wi-Fi services, and battery charging in the tea houses.
    • The cost of the Nepalese visa is not covered by the package.
    • The cost of an international flight ticket.
    • Expenses of uncertain circumstances such as natural disasters, political instability, etc.
    • Purchasing/renting trekking gear and equipment, and communication expenses.
    • Buying souvenirs, donations, etc.

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