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    The Manaslu Circuit Trek is a spectacular trekking adventure in the serene landscapes of the Manalsu region. The beautiful region includes some of the most loved Himalayan foothills that are ideal for trekking. These naturally diverse terrains remain filled with immense beauty.

    Trekkers need to traverse through these beautiful terrains to complete this incredible trekking adventure. There are magnificent trails that offer fantastic wildlife exploration opportunities for endangered animals. You can also observe the diverse vegetation of the region.

    Manaslu Circuit Trek is an off-the-beaten path that is quite different from mainstream treks. These incredible tracks are ideal for trekking throughout the year. However, if you want a stable and scenic adventure, you should choose Spring and Autumn seasons. These seasons are generally known as the peak season for trekking.

    Moreover, towering mountains, serene waterfalls, large lakes, and fast-flowing rivers make the trek even more attractive. There is harsh weather in the off-seasons of Winter and Summer. Trekkers will need to trek with proper packing of gear and equipment for a safe and comfortable adventure.

    One of the essential factors you must consider before starting the trek is the weather conditions. Read more about the Manaslu Circuit Trek weather and other related information. This article will get to know more about the weather conditions in various seasons.

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    Manaslu Circuit Trek Weather and Temperature
    There are typically four seasons in Nepal: Spring, Autumn, Summer, and Winter. Summer and Winter are the off-season in Nepal. Autumn and Spring seasons, on the other hand, are the peak season. Travel and touring in the country are quite popular among trekkers.

    These seasons have different weather conditions and climates, making them unique from each other. They also have different weather patterns, temperatures, and precipitation levels. Therefore, you should know about the seasons in Nepal before making your plans to trek in the country.

    Trekking the beautiful Himalayan landscapes in these seasons is quite different from each other. The Autumn trekking adventure is quite different from the Spring, the Spring one from the Winter, etc. Read on to know more about these seasons in the Manaslu Circuit before traveling in the region.

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    Manaslu Circuit Trek Weather and Temperature in Spring
    March is the first month of the Spring season. This month, there are beautiful weather conditions, making it ideal for trekking in the region. Wildflowers are blooming all over the hills, making them colorful. The great weather with moderate temperatures adds to the adventure in the Manaslu area.

    The Manaslu Circuit Trek weather is stable, and it generally gets warmer as you move along the trail. The temperatures range from around 5 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius above 3000m. The nighttime temperatures are lower, as it is the first month after the winter season.

    The temperatures get warmer as you move along the trail. The beautiful terrains of the region look incredible in the season. Overall, trekkers taking this Manaslu circuit trek in the month will have a great time.

    April in the Spring season gets known for the best views of the entire region. The beautiful terrains get easier to traverse, making it quite an adventure. April gets known for its stable weather conditions. There are clear blue skies that provide you with sweeping views of the snow-capped mountains.

    Moreover, the trekkers will continue their journey on beautiful trails and on bright warm days. The high-altitude trail provides temperatures that range from around 4 degrees Celcius to 15 degrees Celsius. The nighttime temperatures drop below zero degrees Celsius in the region. There remain crowded trails in the area, with trekkers all over the region.

    There are clear, unobstructed views of the snow-clad mountains with no overcast conditions. Nature lovers will love this outstanding adventure in April. There are favorable conditions for trekking, and therefore, April is an ideal time for the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

    May is the ideal time as it is the last month of the Spring season. There are stable weather conditions with warm, moderate temperatures. However, the late part of the month can bring some early monsoon rains. Hence, you should travel and trek in the early parts of May as far as possible.

    There are clear blue skies with unobstructed views of the snow-clad mountains. In the higher altitude region, some temperatures range from 4°C to 15°C. Similarly, the lower part of the region experiences temperatures around 18°C to 22°C. May is also the hottest month, with record high temperatures.

    There is some rainfall in the latter parts, bringing other challenges like muddy and slippery trails. The trackers should prepare with light clothes and waterproof clothes. Hence, it is ideal if you trek in the early parts where there are clear visibility conditions with a soothing climate.

    Manaslu Circuit Trek Weather and Temperature in Autumn
    September is the starting month of autumn in the country. However, the monsoon weather is evident in the early parts of September. Hence, this factor is necessary to consider before traveling in the area. There are monsoon clouds and precipitation, especially in the afternoon in early September.

    However, you will experience less rainfall and a more stable climate as the month progresses. September is generally considered a month where the season transitions from monsoon to autumn. The temperatures start to typically increase in September.

    As the month passes, you can experience clear skies. The temperatures in the region range from around 17 degrees Celcius to 21 degrees Celsius in the lower region of the trails. You can expect about 5-10 degrees less in the altitude above 3000m, approximately 8 degrees Celsius to 12 degrees Celsius.

    You can also experience negative (sub-zero) temperatures as you reach your destination in Manaslu. You will experience Autumn conditions with clear and bright days. The environment also welcomes an extensive list of wild animals in the region as they come out of their hibernation.

    October is generally considered a peak month in the Autumn season. The beautiful trails of this trek will lead you through the challenging landscapes. However, that will become much easier to travel to in the peak season as the weather remains clear and stable. There are no weather-related delays and cancellations in October.

    It is generally considered the best time to travel in the country. There is clear weather with temperatures that are neither too hot nor too cold. There is no heavy precipitation or rainfall in the region. Various wildlife remains active, and vegetation grows significantly in the area.

    The temperatures in the region range around 15-20 degrees Celsius in the lower regions. On average, nighttime temperatures can drop to 5 to 10 degrees Celsius. The higher you move up the trail, the lesser the temperatures. In a region above 4000m, the temperatures can drop below -2 degrees Celsius. Therefore, you should prepare warm clothes and gear for the trip.

    You can experience crowded trails as most trekkers use this month for their adventure. There is a necessity to book all the accommodations in advance as houses can get packed. The clear mountain views are another fascinating aspect of the Manaslu Circuit Trek. Overall, you will experience great weather with perfect trekking conditions in October.

    November is the last month that falls in the Autumn season. This month, you can get a complete trekking experience with moderate temperatures along the trail. There are colder conditions in the upper region as you move closer to the latter part of the month.

    The temperature ranges from around 13 degrees Celsius to 17 degrees Celsius on average in the 3000m range of the Manaslu region. Nighttime temperatures can drop about 7 degrees to 8 degrees Celsius at night. As you move high along the trail, you can experience frigid conditions and significantly dropped temperatures.

    There are various other advantages of trekking this month, including general dry weather. There are beautiful snow-clad mountains that you can observe during the walk along the trail. The unobstructed views of the mountains in clear blue skies are a thing of beauty. However, you should be safe and travel in the early parts of the month if you can.

    Manaslu Circuit Trek Weather and Temperature in Winter
    The winter season in the Manalsu region starts in December. The journey to the Manaslu region provides you with an excellent winter atmosphere. You can observe the beautiful snowy mountain vista during December. The temperatures drop significantly from the previous month’s frigid conditions.

    Blue-colored skies and snow-capped mountains reflect the glorious Himalayan sun. There are dry trails which means you can trek in the region without any weather-related delays. However, there might be heavy snowfall, especially in the latter half of the month. In the early part of December, you can observe the transition of Autumn to Winter.

    The weather turns cold from Mid-December. Depending on the altitude, the temperatures drop around 10 degrees Celcius to 5 degrees Celsius from the previous month. The nighttime temperatures can drop below zero degrees Celsius to -5°C. There are snowy landscapes, with many areas in the high-altitude region covered in thick snow.

    January lies in the middle of the winter season, with the coldest temperatures. There is heavy snowfall in the high-altitude area during the month. The temperatures can drop from around 1 degrees Celcius to -10 degrees Celsius. There are icy conditions all around, with shorter days and minimal daylight.

    Since there are challenging conditions with thick snow all around. Hence, trekking is not ideal at a high altitude. With temperatures of 7 degrees Celsius to 12 degrees Celsius at a high altitude in the daytime, it is pretty challenging to traverse this harsh terrain. The trails become slippery with thick inches of snow.

    However, the beautiful landscapes in the Winter are extraordinary to admire. Hence, you can get a unique perspective of the region during this month. Overall, it is quite a tough task to travel in the region in the winters, and you should avoid it as much as possible.

    February is the end of the winter season in the country, with the transition from Winter to Spring. Hence, while the early part of the month is quite cold with freezing temperatures, the latter part of the month is warm and ideal for trekking. There are still chances of heavy snowfall in early February.

    However, with proper preparation, you can trek in the month. The temperatures can range from around -1 degrees Celsius to 5 degrees Celsius at a higher altitude in the daytime. The gradual change in the temperatures starts in the mid of February. The snow in the region begins to melt slowly with temperatures warming up.

    The vegetation grows by the end of the month, and the wildflowers like rhododendrons begin to bloom. The wildlife comes out of their hibernation slowly. Hence, the late-February is also a good time for the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

    Manaslu Circuit Trek Weather and Temperature in Monsoon
    June is the starting point of the Monsoon season that coincides with the summer season. There are hot and humid conditions, making the trek quite a challenge. Overcast conditions and rainy clouds remain throughout the season. There can be a heavy downpour at any time during this month.

    On the lower trail, the temperatures can range from around 16°C to 30°C. The high altitude trails will have temperatures around 5°C lower in comparison. June is the peak monsoon season, and hence, you can experience rainfall and other challenging aspects.

    The rain in these regions makes the beautiful trails muddy and slippery. These rugged terrains require proper waterproof gear and equipment. There are various challenges of the monsoon season, including landslides, avalanches, slippery and muddy trails, etc.

    There is no clear view of the snow-clad mountains with overcast conditions. This long-distance Manaslu Circuit trek is quite a challenge in June. Therefore, it is best if you avoid trekking this month.

    July is the peak monsoon season. There are various rainy conditions due to the monsoon cloud that flows in the country from the Bay of Bengal. There are high humid conditions, especially in the lower regions.

    The temperature in the regions ranges from around 18°C to 26°C, especially in the lower part. The overcast conditions with heavy rainfall and slippery muddy trails make the trek quite challenging.

    July also brings landslides and soil erosion. There are also leech-infested trails with mosquitos along the route. Hence, the Manaslu Circuit Trek is not ideal in these seasons.

    August is the last season of monsoon, which means you can experience the transition to the early autumn climate and weather. You will also observe the reduction in cloudy skies and heavy rainfall during this month. However, there is some rainfall this month, too, but not as much as in June and July.

    The temperatures in their region range around 19 to 23 degrees Celsius in the lower region. The sky gets clear with beautiful views of the snow-clad mountains as you progress along the trails. However, if you trek in the early part of the month, you will observe a heavy monsoon atmosphere.

    When is the Ideal Season for the Manaslu Circuit Trek?
    The best time for the trek is undoubtedly the Spring and Autumn seasons.

    This is the same as other tracks in the country as the Manaslu Circuit Trek weather and trekking conditions remain favorable in these seasons.

    Spring season
    The Spring season is ideal for trekking the beautiful Himalayan foothills of the region. You will have a great time exploring the area in a stable and favorable climate. Temperatures remain at moderate labels, which means that it is neither too hot nor too cold.

    Clear blue skies contrast with the silver snow-capped mountains. The Manaslu Circuit Trek weather remains favorable for all travelers. You will get colorful trails as natural vegetation, and wildlife flowers bloom throughout the path.

    Autumn is another essential trekking season in Nepal. Trekkers flock to the region to traverse this rugged terrain. The beautiful journey will pass through favorable weather conditions with minimal precipitation. There are no other weather-related challenges, delays, or cancellations.

    Besides that, you will also explore the region’s cultural aspects. Many festivals get celebrated by the locals in this season which makes the trip even more enchanting. Temperatures are mild in the area, range around 20 degrees during the day, and drop approximately 5 to 10 degrees at night.

    There are also opportunities for off-season trekking in this beautiful Manaslu region. You must be careful about the Manaslu Circuit Trek weather in these seasons as it can turn adverse. Heavy rainfalls in the summers bring in floods and landslides, and avalanches.

    Similarly, there are heavy snowfall, snowstorms, and freezing conditions in the Winter. If you decide to trek in the off-season Manaslu circuit, you must be careful about these aspects and pack and prepare well for the journey.

    Manaslu Circuit Trek is ideal throughout the year. However, if you want to trek in the best possible conditions, you should travel in the Spring and autumn. Spring and autumn provide stable weather and perfect temperatures for daytime trekking.

    Monsoon season comes with its challenges, including heavy rainfall and slippery trails. If you decide to trek in the peak season, you will have a safe and comfortable adventure. Trekking the beautiful landscapes in a pleasant and tranquil manner allows you not to face any challenges.

    We hope you learned in detail about the Manaslu Circuit Trek weather through this article. Contact us for other related information regarding this and other trips in the country.

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