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    Being one of the rising trekking in Nepal, knowing the Mardi Himal trek cost helps to manage budget for your trip.

    Mardi Himal Trek takes us to the base camp of Mardi Himal (5587m). Mardi Himal is located between Machhapuchhre and Annapurna. What we are going to see in our Mardi Himal Trekking is Mardi Himal, Machhapuchhre and Annapurna massif. Among all, Machhapuchhre( Fishtail) will be the most astonishing.

    In fact, Mardi Himal is popular as hidden gem in Annapurna trekking region. It invites people to explore it since the Mardi Himal Trekking trail newly opened. It was opened in Nepal in 2008. Previously, few trekkers would make their camping trip to Mardi Himal Base Camp. But, these days, the availability of local lodges and guesthouses make this trekking more convenient.

    This trek is popular as less crowded and less beaten trekking trail in Nepal unlike Annapurna Base Camp trek and Everest Base Camp trek. This remote area trekking in Nepal offers us an absolute taste of freedom and wilderness into the wild nature which is far away from cities. The lush forest, natural water falls, picturesque traditional settlements, friendly people, terraced fields, winding rivers, virgin trails and astonishing mountain panorama are the major highlights of Mardi Himal Trek.

    Trek Route

    mardi himal trek

    Mardi Himal Trek begins either from Kande via Australian Camp or Phedi via Dhampus. To get Kande or Phedi, we take a drive of 1-2 hours from Pokhara. The trail then ascends via lush forest, traditional settlements and cascading waterfalls. For the first day, we follow the same trail as we follow Ghorepani Poonhill Trek. Then, the trail divides one for Mardi Himal Base Camp and the other for Ghandruk to Poonhill.

    We follow the trail that leads us to Mardi Himal Base Camp. Mardi Himal Trek route is exactly in between Poonhill Trek Route and Annapurna Base Camp Trek Route. We catch the trail for Mardi Himal Low Camp, Middle Camp and Base Camp respectively. On backtracking, we trek via Sidding village and finally drive to Pokhara.

    Every trekker who prefers Mardi Himal Trek requires obtaining two types of permits: Annapurna Conservation Area Entry Permit and TIMS Card (Trekkers Information Management System). There are two types of permits mandatory for every individual trekker not only for Mardi Himal Trek but for all trekking routes in Nepal.

    How to obtain Mardi Himal Trek Permit?

    How to obtain mardi himal trek permit

    It is difficult to obtain Mardi Himal Trek Permit for the new trekkers. Sometimes, it is difficult to navigate the location of Nepal Tourism Board. So, majority of the people book their Mardi Himal Trek with a trekking company which will assist you to obtain your Mardi Himal Permit. For this, you have to provide copy of your passport and two passport sized photographs. Or, alternatively, you can visit Tourism Board office in Kathmandu and collect your Mardi Himal Permit on your own. This is not an online form.

    Mardi Himal Trek Cost

    Mardi Himal Trek Cost

    Before doing any Nepal trekking, the mind stops at one point “How much does it cost ?”. Before  getting directly into this question, we are going to tell you why do you need to know the detail trekking cost.

    If you are a solo trekker and even want to go in group without help of agency then this will be helpful. Similarly, if you have tight budget and want to manage the  cost while dong trekking then this again will be a guide.Moreover, if you want book with an agency and want to bargain the cost with them this will be helpful.

    You might have seen different trekking cost for same package for same number of  days. The trekking agencies have actually lowered their package price, so that you will book with them. But you have to be aware of things what have been included in package. Have they included what you need?

    You have to check the services included and services excluded sections, so that you can identify your requirement and cost.This is how the total cost differs from one to another company. You can  also contact them before booking, if you want to change the services.So, through checking through packages is recommended.

    Actually, one cannot exactly determine how much Mardi Himal Trek Cost. But we have tried our best to tear down the the cost of Mardi Himal Trek:-

    A)TIMS Card

    TIMS Card is required to be obtained if you are making your Mardi Himal Trek. We can obtain TIMS Card from Tourism Board office located at Bhirkutimandap in Kathmandu. Tourism Board office is 15 minutes walk from Thamel. One TIMS Card costs USD 20. If you take a taxi, it is 10 minutes drive from central Thamel. Or if you are booking Mardi Himal Trekking via a trekking company, they will arrange it for you prior to the trek.

    B)Annapurna Conservation Area Entry Permit

    Annapurna Conservation Area Permit also can be obtained from Tourism Board located in Kathmandu. If you are making your Mardi Himal Trek via a trekking company located in Kathmandu, the team will help you to obtain it for you. One ACAEP costs USD 20.

    C)Food and Accommodation

    One item of food costs between USD 4-7 depending on what you eat. The food items are mentioned on the menu and you can choose the item you like. Regarding accommodation, one accommodation ( twin sharing) costs around USD 5. You will get very normal mountain accommodation for your Mardi Himal trek. The lodges and teahouses are run by local people and very ordinary.

    D)Guide and Porter

    Hiring Guide and Porter for Annapurna Base Camp Trek

    One guide can lead maximum 12-15 people in the mountain. So, the cost for the guide can be shared by all members of the group. The guide costs USD 25 per day and the porter costs USD 20. One porter can carry the stuffs of two people not exceeding than 25 kgs.

    E)Personal Expenses

    You may like to have something like drinks in the mountain. And also, you may like to buy some souvenirs on the mountain. For this you need to have some personal expenses. Additionally, you may like to donate some money for some community and restaurants too. Your personal expenses depend on how much generous you are.

    F)Tips to the porter and guide

    Normally, we allocate USD 4 each day for our guide and porter. We collect from each individual member and distribute to the guide and porters individually. Or, you can give it to the leader/ guide and he will give to the porters. Tipping is done at the end of Trip when you say goodbye to your team.

    Mardi Himal Trek Itinerary:-

    There are many itineraries found for Mardi Himal trek. Different companies design different itineraries with their own target. Some design itineraries with optional tours before and after trek while some attach other  short treks and hikes with the Mardi Himal trek. The standard Mardi Himal trek itinerary  we have designed is 12 days with an optional day in Kathmandu for a city tour  so that you can prepare for your next day trek. The itinerary goes like this:

    Day 01:    Reach Kathmandu via various international airline and transfer to hotel.
    Day 02:   In Kathmandu with optional sightseeing tour and preparation for the trek.
    Day 03:   Fly or drive to Pokhara 860 m 6 hrs ride (30 mins by air) and transfer to hotel.
    Day 04:   Drive to Dhampus 1,540 m – 02 hrs drive, trek to Potana 1,895 m – 03 hrs.
    Day 05:   Hike to Kokar Forest camp 2,515 m via Pitam Deurali 2, 050 m – 05 hrs.
    Day 06:   Trek to Low Camp 2,968 m – 05 hrs.
    Day 07:   Trek to High Camp 3,710 m – 05 hrs.
    Day 08:   At High Camp for hike to Mardi Himal base camp above 4,490 m.
    Day 09:   Trek to Siding village 1,680m  – 06 hrs.
    Day 10:   Get back to Pokhara 860 m short walk with 2 hrs rides.
    Day 11:    Drive or Fly back to Kathmandu and transfer to hotel – 06 hrs.
    Day 12:    Depart Kathmandu for international departure homeward bound.

    Why it’s getting popular in 2019/2020 ?

    Mardi Himal Trek is getting its popularity tremendously in recent few years. The Mardi Himal Trekking trail and the entire region are still unspoiled and virgin. So, those who have heard about Mardi Himal Trek really love to do next time in 2019/ 2020. In fact, less crowded trekking trail like Mardi Himal Trek has become buzzword among the global trekkers who come Nepal and love to do trekking in the mountain.Thus, trekking to Mardi Himal is a must do trekking for 2019/2020 and it worth’s doing too.

    Mardi Himal Trek Best Season

    Nearly all months of the year you can do this trek except the monsoon. Wet months  starts from mid June to mid September. March to May best time for clear views till afternoon where wild flowers like Rhododendron are in bloom with fantastic views of mountains. Moreover, a pleasant day with cooler morning and night time.

    Another best time for clear views of peaks is October to December . With short sunlight days can be freezing cold in the morning and night time, depending upon the altitude and overnight stop.

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    Mardi Himal Trek is an emerging trekking route in Annapurna region in Nepal.So, before booking this trekking, knowing cost would help you to manage your budget. I think the information given above will be enough to plan your budget before  doing trekking.

    This new and less crowded trekking is massively getting its popularity in coming years like 2019/2020. Thus, if you want to trek remote and less crowded trekking in Nepal, reserve your seat now. Otherwise, you may have to regret if you miss your Mardi Himal trekking in 2019/2020.

    Find a best trekking company and pack up the right gear. Next, board on Mardi Himal Trek and make it the trekking of your life.

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