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    Manaslu Circuit Trek is a remote trek in the pristine Himalayan landscapes. This spectacular adventure of a lifetime will pass through the serene natural diversities of the region. This incredible tour takes you through the naturally diverse terrains requiring basic fitness.

    You must go through numerous tricky trails before arriving at your destination. You will pass through high-altitude trails during this stunning trekking journey, including mountain passes, meadows, rivers, etc. The views of the snow-clad mountains and other natural landmarks are pretty enticing for all travelers.

    Since there are numerous challenges you need to traverse through, it would help if you prepared in advance. The packing list is one critical aspect or factor you must consider before going on this adventure. The Manaslu Circuit Trek packing list contains clothing, gear, trekking equipment, first aid kits, and other essential items.

    Headwear, footwear, toiletries, and important documents, are some of the other essential items. Moreover, the packing list should highly depend on the seasons of the trek. If you decide to walk in the peak season of Autumn and Spring, you can pack lightly. However, in the off-season treks, you should prepare with dense packing with warm and waterproof clothes.

    This article provides complete details about the Manaslu Circuit trek packing list. Read further about what to pack for the trek and related information.

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    Manaslu Circuit Trek Packing List

    Packing List for Manaslu Circuit Trek


    Clothing is an integral part of the packing list. Since you will be traveling through high-altitude conditions, you will experience extreme cold conditions and temperatures. Hence, it would help to pack warm clothes for the trek, irrespective of the trekking season.

    Cotton and wool clothes that can absorb moisture are ideal for the trek. The trekkers should also pack light clothes in layers and add or remove them quickly if necessary. The packing list should highly depend on the season of the trek.

    Inner layer

    The inner layers of the clothing should be of quick-drying and breathable materials. Numerous lists of innerwear are required for this trek in the remote region. The Manaslu Circuit Trek requires you to have comfortable innerwear. Female trekkers should wear and carry sports bras for comfort.

    The inner wears as are necessary for the Manaslu Circuit Trek are:

    • Underwear briefs
    • Thermals
    • Inner vest
    • Sports bra (for ladies)

    Lower body layer

    The lower body layer should also include quick-drying, comfortable clothing material. These clothes must be waterproof and sweatproof. The trekkers can either trek in shorts or full trousers. Moreover, wool or fleece trousers are ideal for the tour. There are also requirements for these various items:

    • Lightweight hiking pants
    • Hiking shorts/trousers
    • Thermal trousers
    • Waterproof shell pants
    • Fleece or wool trousers
    • Leggings

    Upper body layer

    The light synthetic materials are ideal for the upper layer of clothing. A quick wash and dry clothes are more popular for the trek. Your shirts should be lightweight, thin, and sweatproof. This will protect you from sunburns, harsh winds, and rain. The upper body layer required for the trek are:

    • Fleece Windstopper jacket
    • Waterproof jacket
    • Waterproof pants
    • Polypropylene shirts (half sleeves and long sleeves)
    • Half/Full sleeves shirt
    • Breathable fabric jacket
    • A down jacket

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    Footwears are essential for the trek as the Manaslu Circuit Trek’s remote and rugged landscapes. The beautiful trails must traverse the Himalayan foothills; therefore, quality footwear is essential. The hiking boots are necessary for the rugged landscape of the terrain.

    The rocky terrains pass through the various natural diversities of the region, including forested trails, glacial paths, water streams, etc. You can carry sandals/flip-flops in the teahouses after and before the trekking adventure. These slippers are also ideal for toilets, bathrooms, and teahouses.

    Another essential item on the packing list includes gaiters. These are waterproof protective footwear. They cover from ankle to calf and protect you along the trail from external things like water, stones, snow, dust, mud, and others.

    It would help if you got thermal socks to help tackle blisters along the trail. Socks are essential in winter, but you must ensure they are sweat-observing breathable socks. The list of footwear for the Manaslu Circuit Trek is:

    • Lightweight inner socks
    • Hiking boots with spare laces
    • Heavy poly or wool socks
    • Thin woolen lightweight socks
    • Heavy woolen socks
    • Lightweight hiking boots (broken-in and water-resistant)
    • Sandals
    • Sneakers or trainers

    Head and Hand Coverings

    Headwears are essential for the trek as it will save you from all the external elements. These include rainwater, harsh winds, and harsh sun rays. These headgears include headbands, hats, sunglasses, beanies, etc. Good quality sunglasses are essential to protect you from the bright Himalayan sun reflected from the silver mountains.

    You can wear a full-covering hat that shields your head and face to protect yourself from the harsh UV rays. They will also cover you from the fierce winds that frequently blow in the high-altitude region. Bandanas, beanies, masks, and scarves protect your face and nose in high-altitude areas.

    Gloves are another essential hand gear as they keep your hands warm and protect them from cold water, wind, and frostbite. Lightweight poly-liners, fleece, mittens, and wool gloves are ideal for the trek. The essential headwears and headgears list for the Manaslu Circuit Trek are:

    • Sunglasses with UV protection
    • Wool or synthetic hat
    • Headlamp with extra batteries and bulbs
    • Prescription sunglasses
    • Bandana or headscarf
    • Wide straw hat
    • Beanie
    • Poly liner gloves
    • Lightweight woolen gloves
    • Mittens

    First Aid

    First-Aid is another essential item you should not miss during the Manaslu Circuit Trek. You will need to traverse various challenges through the region to arrive at your destination. These landscapes can lead to multiple challenges, including injuries, accidents, etc.

    There are other factors like altitude sickness in this high altitude challenging trek. Trekkers taking this trek can be prone to various small or big injuries along the trail, including cramps, muscle sprains, blisters, etc.

    You are prone to the common cold and others since you will be traveling at a high altitude with highly frigid conditions. Therefore, a first aid kit containing all the Diamox tablets, Paracetamol tablets, etc., is necessary for the Manaslu Circuit Trek. Since no proper medical facilities exist, you should carry this first aid kit.

    The items required for the trek are:


    Diamox tablets will prevent any altitude sickness symptoms in the high-altitude region. You will remain protected from symptoms like nausea, headache, appetite, loss of sleep, etc. The trekkers should also carry colds and cough medicines as they will travel in the high-altitude region. The Manaslu region lies at a high altitude. Hence, you should take these medicines as well.

    Painkillers are another option to take on the high-altitude trekking journey for quick pain relief. You will likely face muscle cramps, strains, and pains in these demanding terrains. These conditions require the immediate help of painkillers. Alternatively, you can also carry pain-relieving ointments and sprays. Paracetamol is also good to have medicine for your first aid kid.

    The trekkers can also take any regular medicines that they consume daily. You can also consult the doctors or your physicians for the medication to take on the trek. The food and water quality can not be guaranteed in the region. Hence, anti-diarrhea and anti-dysentery pills are necessary along the trail. To keep you dehydrated along the route, you should also carry oral rehydration salts, glucose powders, etc.

    The antiseptic solution, bandages, and blister plasters

    Blister plasters will help you to cover and heal painful blisters. These painful blisters along the trail are pretty standard as you will pass through rugged terrains that move uphill and downhill. You can use them in minor wounds and injuries. Other antiseptic solutions like Dettol are essential to healing minor open cuts and injuries or damages. These are important to stop the infections from spreading around the wound area.

    Water Purification Tablets

    Water purification tablets are essential as they will purify the water. Since you will generally get water from the teahouses, this water hygiene and quality are not trustworthy. Therefore, you should carry water purification tablets or chlorine solutions. You can also boil the water or use these purification tablets to save you from water-borne diseases in the remote Manaslu region.

    Female hygiene products

    Female hygiene products like sanitary pads or tampons are essential if you are a female trekker. The female hygiene products in the first aid kit must include sanitary pads, menstrual cups, tampons, and others.


    The list of day to day list toiletries required for the Manaslu Circuit Trek is as follows:

    • Toothpaste
    • Soap
    • Toothbrush
    • Shampoo
    • Anti-bacterial handwash
    • Toilet paper
    • Nail clippers
    • Medium-sized towel
    • Wet wipes
    • Deodorants

     Trekking Gear and Equipment

    trekking gear and equipment

    The list of day-to-day trekking gear and equipment required for the Manaslu Circuit Trek must include the following items. An extensive hiking backpack is essential with waterproofing and must carry all your trekking gear and clothing.

    Moreover, a small bag is ideal for backpackers. Some essential first aid, documents, toiletries, etc., can get carried in these backpacks. The backpack should have a capacity of 50-70 liters with waterproofing covers. Trekking poles will help you traverse through steep, harsh terrains.

    Trekkers can trek with ease and reduce stress on their knees and legs. A headlamp is quite a help you to traverse through these terrains, especially in the early morning trails. Raincoats and rain covers for your backpacks will protect you and your stuff in an occasional downpour.

    Important Documents

    The necessary documents to carry along the trail include a passport, travel insurance, and trekking permits. There are various points in the trek where you need to show your passport as identification. Besides that, there is the necessity of travel insurance on the terrain.

    You will take these terrains that provide tough challenges through rough terrain. These come in handy if you get some injuries, accidents, or any medical emergency. The travel insurance must cover altitudes above 4000m and any necessary evacuations. Trekking permits for the Manaslu Circuit trek are also essential as they provide you with entry permits to the remote region.

    Gadgets in the Manaslu Circuit Trek Packing List

    Some of the electronic gadgets you should pack are:

    • Camera
    • A power bank
    • External battery charger
    • Headphones
    • Mobile phone with a Nepali SIM card
    • All charger cords and adapters

    Snacks List for the Manaslu Circuit Trek Packing List

    Snacks are also a part of the trekking journey. Although you will eat in the teahouses twice daily, you will require nutritious snacks to keep you going in the rough terrain. These snacks provide all the necessary protein and satisfy your hunger along the trail.

    Protein bars will provide the high protein content and energy required for the trek. They will keep you going in the region, especially if you cannot get your meal there. Besides that, granola and chocolate bars are high in sugar content, providing instant energy for the trek.

    Other snack varieties can include an instant coffee mix or tea bags. You can get your hot beverage for the trek whenever you like it. These dry fruits like almonds, cashews, walnuts, and provide you with the necessary vitamins, potassium, iron, magnesium, etc.

    Other Miscellaneous Items

    • Journal
    • Oximeters
    • Books
    • Maps
    • Neck rest
    • Pillowcase
    • Sleeping bags
    • Insect Repellent
    • Travel knife

    Packing Tips for the Manaslu Circuit Trek

    • For the trip, always carry a large backpack
    • Always pack and prepare for the journey based on the season
    • Pack your clothes in layers so that you can add or remove clothes based on your convenience
    • For the trip, only pack these necessary items
    • Since there are no facilities, female trekkers must carry their hygiene products for the trip
    • Break-in in your trekking shoes before the trek
    • The trekking gear and clothing should be of Quick-dry and absorbing material
    • Rent trekking gears and sleeping bags if you plan to use them only once
    • Return your waste products to yourself

    Things to Consider Before Packing for the Manaslu Circuit Trek

    Things to consider before Manaslu Circuit Trek

    Trekking Season

    The Manaslu Circuit Trek packing is dependent on the trekking season. There are peak seasons for the trek in the Autumn and Spring season. In these seasons, you should pack lightly with only those necessary items. You can pack lightly since there is stable weather and no weather-related challenges.

    Furthermore, you will need to pack waterproof and windproof clothes in the off-seasons properly. Warm clothes, a down jacket, and a sleeping bag are also required for the trek. The weather remains challenging in the monsoons with heavy rainfall. At the same time, the winters bring frigid extreme weather conditions. Hence, it would be best if you were careful in packing your items for trekking in these seasons.

    High-Quality Trekking gears

    Quality assurance of the trekking gear and equipment is essential for the Manaslu Circuit trek. Since there are numerous trekking shops around the country, there is a high chance that you will get sold subpar materials. Various shops sell knock-off brands as well. Hence, you should be careful when selecting the right trekking gear for your journey.

    If you do not plan to use these trekking gears and equipment in the future, you can also hire them. There are various shops in the Thamel area of the capital city where you can rent these trekking gear. The average cost of renting these gears ranges from $1 to $10. You can get all your trekking gear for $500 to $1000. However, you must ensure high quality before renting or buying these gear and equipment.

    Luggage Weight

    The luggage weight is an essential factor that demands consideration before trekking on the serene Manaslu Circuit trails. There are porters in the region that you can hire to carry your luggage. During the Manaslu Circuit trek, they will carry around 15-20 kgs on their back. Yaks and other animals are also generally used for transportation purposes. Hence, it would help to consider this aspect before making your way into the region.

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    The Manaslu Circuit Trek is a beautiful trekking journey in the remote Himalayan region. This incredible trek takes you through the rugged and remote landscapes of the area. Before the tour, you must prepare a proper trek packing list. These packing lists should contain various trekking gear, clothes, and equipment.

    Besides, toiletries, first aid, important documents, gadgets, snacks, and other miscellaneous items are also important. The season, trekking gear quality, and luggage weight are other factors for the packing list. This article provides a complete list of the Manaslu Circuit trek items you need for the trek. We hope it helps you with the Manaslu Circuit Trek packing list and other related aspects. Happy Traveling!

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